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Bellacor Case Study


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Case study of BloomReach customer Bellacor.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Bellacor Case Study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY | BELLACOR 01Profile ProductBellacor is a one-stop showroom that promises a new way to shop the BloomSearchentire lighting and home furnishings industry from the comfort of yourhome by providing superior personal service and access to the largest Impactcollection of lighting and home furnishings on the web. The company Significant year-over-yearoffers access to over 350,000 products from 700 manufacturers. increase in natural search traffic has continued a two-year trend of profitable growthBusiness ChallengeBecause lighting and home furnishings are products with relatively longuseful lives, new customer acquisition is critically important to Bellacor.“We are constantly looking for new ways to get traffic to our site and to “When we look at theconvert shoppers into customers,” says Chris Fowler, the company’s number of keywords thatDirector of Marketing. have driven orders for us,Over the last several years, Bellacor has shifted its priority from paid BloomReach has createdsearch, comparison shopping engines, and advertising channels to more opportunities innatural search. “Natural search was a huge initiative for us,” Fowler just two years than paidstates. “Costs are always a challenge with paid channels, and we search has in more thanrecognized that we needed to look at other opportunities for profitablegrowth. With natural search, we were able to do a great job optimizing eight years.”for head and torso terms. However, we needed a better way to reach — Chris Fowlersearchers in the long tail.” Director of Marketing BellacorSolutionBloomReach’s cloud marketing platform introduced a different mindsetat Bellacor. “The BloomReach Web Relevance Engine sounded and feltfundamentally different in the way that it targeted the long tail,” Fowlercontinues. “The problems that it solves are otherwise very labor-intensive and require a lot of knowledge and sophistication to do right,if at all.”
  2. 2. CASE STUDY | BELLACOR 02The Long Tail Has a Big Impacton Revenue and ProfitabilitySince implementing BloomSearch in 2009, Bellacor has come to seethe long tail of natural search as an important source of growth for itsbusiness. “We look at the long tail as a much deeper opportunity thanwe would have otherwise,” Fowler comments. In the last year alone,Bellacor achieved a huge increase in the number of phrases drivingconversions. Now beingNatural search is now the largest source of traffic to,and BloomReach is driving a significant proportion of the site’s total discovered ontraffic – all in the non-branded (terms that don’t represent brandnames) long tail. Furthermore, the vast majority of this traffic represents customers. “leopard print bathroomFowler has dedicated his team’s resources to making sure that he accessories”“colored minigets the most benefit from BloomSearch. “Since BloomSearch is a big bedroom chandeliers”part of our business, we’re constantly monitoring it to see what’s mostprofitable, what’s driving a lot of profitable order activity, and what’s “Texas star knobs” “neonnot,” he reports. wall hangings” “mission mica hanging lamp”Thematic Pages Improve the User ExperienceVisitors also benefit from targeted search result pages that curate andpresent the most relevant products from Bellacor’s catalog. “Being ableto send people to a page that fits the specific phrase they typed is avery good thing,” Fowler remarks. “The thematic pages have helpedimprove conversion, and they continue to get better over time.”Bellacor is currently evaluating BloomLift, which creates dynamiclanding pages for paid search campaigns. According to Fowler, “Weare always interested in finding new ways to increase margins, andbetter conversion rates are the most dependable way.”
  3. 3. CASE STUDY | BELLACOR 03The Bottom Line: BloomReach Helps BellacorBeat the CompetitionIn summarizing the value of BloomReach, Fowler says, “BloomReachhas allowed us to become much more competitive by focusing on thelong tail of natural search without having a lot of resources on staff.The team at BloomReach is incredibly knowledgeable, and they areproactive about looking for ways to improve our business.”Fowler has used third-party tools to analyze trends in the number ofkeywords for which Bellacor is ranking, compared to its competitors.Bellacor exposes relevant content for almost twice as many keywordsas its closest competitor. “That statistic is a direct testament toBloomReach,” he concludes.BloomSearch has made the long tail of natural search a key driver of Bellacor’s business. BloomReach created the world’s first Web Relevance Engine dedicated to exposing the best content on the internet to the right consumers seeking it on search engines and social platforms. BloomReach, Inc. 399 West El Camino Real, Suite 100, Mountain View, CA 94040