Beaucoup Case Study


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Case study of BloomReach customer Beaucoup.

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Beaucoup Case Study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY | BEAU-COUP 01Profile ProductBeau-coup is an innovative and leading company in the online favors BloomSearchand gifts industry. The company is made up of a professional teamof merchandising gurus, customer support experts, savvy marketers, Impactfulfillment specialists, technology whizzes, design mavens, entrepreneurs M eaningful increases in site trafficand seasoned business managers who have been working hard since and revenue, with the majority2002 to offer the best shopping experience for favors and gifts you can coming from new customersfind on the web. 7Business ChallengeBeau-coup sells a broad selection of gifts and favors that help theircustomers celebrate life events. Because many of these 2,500+products are hard to find online or in brick-and-mortar stores,Beau-coup has learned that a lot of their customers discover itsproducts via natural search. Furthermore, a significant amount of usersuse less common, or “long tail,” phrases to find these products. Thecompany finds it hard to structure its site in a way that maximizesdiscoverability for these varied consumer needs. “Over the last year, days to achieve awe have seen a trend towards people using a wider variety of phrasesand more words to describe the products they want,” says Tom Cole, measurable impactChief Executive Officer of Beau-coup. “It isn’t very economical to from BloomSearchmeet their needs using traditional marketing methods.” “BloomSearch allowsSolution businesses to pursue theBloomReach’s cloud marketing platform gives Beau-coup an effective long tail in a way that’sway to generate more business from the long tail. Beau-coup is usingthe BloomSearch product from BloomReach. “We now get visits from turnkey and very easy tocustomers with very specific requirements,” Cole states. He references implement. Their solutions“engraveable yo-yo” as an example. “It is certainly a product for should have a place inwhich we didn’t have much natural search exposure before we hadBloomSearch,” he notes. every Internet marketer’s tool bag.” — Tom Cole CEO, Beau-coup
  2. 2. CASE STUDY | BEAU-COUP 02BloomReach Offers a Winning FormulaDuring their BloomSearch evaluation, Cole and his team recognizedseveral advantages that made it easy for them to move forward withthe solution. First, they thought that the on-site implementation wouldbe quick. This turned out to be the case. Furthermore, Beau-coup sawBloomSearch as a technology that would enhance the user experiencerather than detract from it. “It was something that I felt good aboutputting on the site,” Cole remarks.Finally, Cole was persuaded by the fact that he could track the impactof BloomSearch easily. The results were compelling. “You can seeall this traffic from customer needs that previously did not lead themto Beau-coup,” he says. “What surprised me was that we saw ameasurable impact within a week of going live. Typically, this simplyisn’t the case when trying to improve natural search, which generallyrequires a very long time to see results.” Now beingAfter a 90-day pilot, Beau-coup committed to BloomSearch as a core discovered oncomponent of its customer acquisition strategy. The company’s searchanalyst now spends a few days per month monitoring and managing the used by the BloomSearch product. “engraveable yo-yo” “golf “hot theme bottle stoppers”The Long Tail Fosters New Customer Relationships sauce as favors” “cupcakeThe majority of BloomSearch-generated visits are from new customers. “measuring towel bridal showers”Attracting these customers is a critical element of Beau-coup’sbusiness strategy, which focuses on engaging customers early in tape bridal favor” “candytheir lifecycle of key milestones (weddings, births, first communions, scoops for wedding”bar mitzvahs, graduations, etc.) and building a life-long customerrelationship. According to Cole, “Our strategy is to become the firstplace that people go when they celebrate life events.”Moving the Revenue NeedleBloomSearch generated immediate, meaningful increases inincremental visits from natural search. “In terms of revenue,BloomSearch moves the needle for us,” Cole reports.In summarizing its value of BloomReach solutions, Cole says,“BloomSearch allows businesses to pursue the long tail in a waythat’s turnkey and very easy to implement. BloomReach solutionsshould have a place in every Internet marketer’s toolbag.” BloomReach created the world’s first Web Relevance Engine dedicated to exposing the best content on the internet to the right consumers seeking it on search engines and social platforms. BloomReach, Inc. 399 West El Camino Real, Suite 100, Mountain View, CA 94040