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BloomReach Customer Success Stories


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Here's how BloomReached helped ecommerce sites with their search marketing ROI. Examples include Neiman Marcus, Guess, (Wayfair), Beau coup, Bellacor,, Modcloth, and Only Natural Pet.

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BloomReach Customer Success Stories

  3. 3. WAYFAIR’S CHALLENGE: ALLMODERN.COM• 4.5 million products• + different fabrics and finishes• More than 1 billion unique items for consumers to find
  4. 4. SUCCESS SUMMARYChallenge Now being discovered on• 4.5 million products “modern free standing towel rack"• Many fabrics and finishes “ghost chairs with dining table” “medicine cabinet made in Italy”• More than 1 billion unique items “modern glider chair” “contemporary lighting fixtures"Product• BloomSearch “BloomReach’s cloud marketing platform delivered measurable results. TheResults technology really works to help more consumers find more of• Grew site visits during first 90 days our products.”• Increased revenues and profits• Increase volume of natural search traffic Ed Macri coming from uncommon phrases Vice President, Marketing and Business Intelligence• Expansion to additional Wayfair LLC Wayfair LLC sites, including
  6. 6. AMPUSH MEDIA’S CHALLENGE: CAPTURE AMORE HIGH-INTENT VISITORS• Bid on more than 40,000 search terms in the last three- month period• Maintains aggressive conversion goals
  7. 7. SUCCESS SUMMARYChallenge• 40,000 search terms being bid on• Find “reservoirs of intent” that drive higher conversion rates “Being data-driven is in our DNA as a company.Product Because BloomLift allows us to use more of our data• BloomLift to our advantage, it has helped us take a big stepResults forward.”• 15% higher conversion rates on Chris Amos landing pages created by BloomLift Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer than on other landing pages Ampush Media• 6% lower bounce rates• 17% higher click-through rates to the next stage in the conversion funnel
  9. 9. BEAU-COUP: HARD-TO-FIND FAVORS ANDGIFTS• 2,500+ products that are hard to find online or in brick-and- mortar stores• Many less common, long tail phrases used “Over the last year, we have seen a trend towards people using a wider variety of phrases and more words to describe the products they want.” Tom Cole CEO Beau-coup
  10. 10. SUCCESS SUMMARYChallenge Now being discovered on• 2,500+ products that are hard to find “engraveable yo-yo”• Customers who use uncommon or long “golf theme bottle stoppers” tail terms “hot sauce as favors” “cupcake towel bridal showers” “measuring tape bridal favor” “candy scoops for wedding”Product• BloomSearch “BloomSearch allows businesses to pursue the long tail in a way that’s turnkey andResults very easy to implement. Their• <7 days to achieve a measurable solutions should have a place in every Internet marketer’s impact from BloomSearch tool bag.”• Majority of BloomSearch-generated visits from new customers Tom Cole CEO Beau-coup
  12. 12. KEY FOCUS FOR BELLACOR: CUSTOMERACQUISITION• Products with long useful lives• Focus shifted from paid channels to natural search• Needed a way to reach potential customers in the long tail
  13. 13. Thematicpage
  15. 15. SUCCESS SUMMARYChallenge Now being discovered on• Products with long useful lives drives “leopard print bathroom accessories” “colored focus on customer acquisition mini bedroom chandeliers” “Texas star knobs”• Shift to natural search channel “neon wall hangings”• Needed to reach customers in long tail “mission mica hanging lamp”Product “The BloomReach Web Relevance• BloomSearch Engine sounded and felt fundamentally different in the wayResults that it targeted the long tail. The problems that it solves are• Natural search now largest source of otherwise very labor-intensive and require a lot of knowledge and traffic to sophistication to do right, if at all.”• Huge increase the number of phrases driving conversions Chris Fowler• Vast majority of BloomSearch- Director of Marketing Bellacor generated traffic represents new customers
  17. 17. DRUGSTORE.COMTM: GETTING UNCOMMONMERCHANDISE FOUND• Huge depth of merchandise across diverse categories• Custom content helped products get found in specific segments targeted for growth• Too time-intensive to deploy on a broad scale
  18. 18. SUCCESS SUMMARYChallenge Now being discovered on• Large assortment of uncommon “captain america toothbrush” merchandise “body wash containing salicylic acid” “skin tight toning serum”• Custom content gets products found but “vitamin water lip balm” doesn’t scale “power crunch protein energy bar” “best nail polish remover”Product• BloomSearch “BloomSearch allows us to operate at scale – something we just can’t do withResults people alone. It offers us a data-centric approach to• Increases in site traffic and number of connect our products with what products being discovered through users want.” natural search• Many conversions from BloomSearch- Colin Veach generated traffic come from new Director of Online Marketing customers
  20. 20. GUESS?, INC.: STRONG BRAND WITHCOMPLEX CHANNEL STRATEGY• 18% of visits come through natural search• Budget focused heavily on selective group of paid search terms
  21. 21. “BloomSearch helps us get found in long tail searches, which are very focused. These visitors have converted at much higher rates once they reach our site.”Thematic page Michael Relich Executive Vice President and CIO Guess?, Inc.
  22. 22. SUCCESS SUMMARYChallenge Now being discovered on• Budget focused on select paid search “cotton flare jeans” terms “red skinny jeans for women” “charm necklace heart key”• Complex channel strategy limits site “long sleeve sweater dress” “women’s over the knee boots” optimization resources “gold evening shoes”Products• BloomSearch, BloomLift “BloomReach has given us opportunities to engage customers whom we would notResults normally be able to engage and• Up to 24% year-over-year increases in immerse them in our brand experience.” natural search traffic• 50% higher conversion rates from Michael Relich BloomSearch-generated traffic Executive Vice President and CIO• BloomReach-generated visits now drive Guess?, Inc. approximately 25% of non-branded natural search revenue
  24. 24. MODCLOTH’S CHALLENGE: MERCHANDISECURATED TO A VINTAGE-INSPIRED AESTHETIC• Tens of thousands of products carried in limited supply• Highly distinctive product names don’t map to how people search for products Criterion for Karaoke Dress = “Black polka-dot dress with spaghetti straps”
  25. 25. SUCCESS SUMMARYChallenge Now being discovered on• Large and constantly growing inventory “cream prom dress”• Distinctive product names that don’t “red and orange a-line sundress” necessarily map to the way customers “hot pink knit beach dress” “high-waisted bikinis” searchProduct• BloomSearch “BloomSearch helps our customers find the unique andResults specific items they are looking for – and makes their shopping• 13% increase in non-branded natural experience more relevant.” search visits• 40% increase in visits to pages other Hema Padhu Vice President of Marketing than the home page• Conversion rates on par with paid search and slightly higher than overall natural search conversion rates
  27. 27. NEIMAN MARCUS DIRECT: REDUCINGFRICTION ACROSS THE MARKETING FUNNEL• Majority of natural search traffic came from: • Trademarked terms (terms that include the words “Neiman Marcus”) • Terms associated with a designer• Problem: reach potential customers with focused but less specific intent “black patent leather pumps”
  28. 28. Now being discovered on “red silk ruffle blouse” “white leather handbag with brown handle” “cap sleeved ruffled lace white dress” “gold cuff bracelet”“BloomSearch is helping us reach someone that we would not have reachedbefore. It has helped us to acquire new customers because it touches peoplewho might not know to search for our name, and who are using phrases thatwe wouldn’t purchase through paid search.” Aaron Shockey Vice President of Digital Marketing and Advertising Neiman Marcus Direct
  29. 29. SUCCESS SUMMARYChallenge Now being discovered on• Reach customers with focused needs but who don’t necessarily think to “red silk ruffle blouse” search on the Neiman Marcus or a “white leather handbag with brown handle” “cap sleeved ruffled lace white dress” designer’s name “gold cuff bracelet”Product “BloomSearch is helping us reach• BloomSearch someone that we would not have reached before. It has helped us to acquire new customers because itResults touches people who might not know• Natural non-navigational search to search for our name, and who are using phrases that we wouldn’t among top three fastest growing purchase through paid search.” areas in terms of year-over-year Aaron Shockey growth in site traffic Vice President of Digital• Reaches new customers Marketing and Advertising Neiman Marcus Direct• Puts better assortment in front of customers
  31. 31. ONLY NATURAL PET STORE GETS NATURALPET PRODUCTS FOUND• Goal: reach passionate pet owners who are interested in healthy, non-toxic products More than 95% of phrases driving traffic to Only Natural Pet’s site fall outside of the company’s top 1,000 search terms.
  32. 32. SUCCESS SUMMARYChallenge Now being discovered• Reach passionate pet owners interested on in healthy, non-toxic products “cranberry supplement for cats” “hemp seed for dogs”Product “potato free grain free raw dehydrated dog food” “fish dog food for allergies”• BloomSearch “dog treat advent calendars”Results• 37% year-over-year increase in natural search traffic “BloomSearch has worked exactly like the people at BloomReach said• 40% increase in the number of phrases it would. It has been easy, and it has for which ONP products get found been successful. You really can’t• 70% of visitors finding site through non- ask for more.” branded natural search are new Bob Dodge customers Vice President Marketing• Conversion rates comparable to Only Natural Pet Store previous natural search conversion rates, if not better