Power point game for allison


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Power point game for allison

  1. 1. By Martyn Dawes
  2. 2.  What can you do with your voice to communite effectivly?Speak loudly andclearly Speak quietly Speak extremly loudly Don’t bother speaking at all
  3. 3.  Speaking loudly and clearly can very much help the Audience if you do this, because if you spoeak loudly, they can hear you better, and clearly would help so they know Excatly what your saying.
  4. 4.  How would you engage your audience more when speaking? Scream at them to listen. Pull out a weapon and threaten them. Use other ways to Play extremly loud music. present your info.
  5. 5.  Using other ways to present your information would be very helpful to the audiecne as it woul,d keep the audience interested, and not just lose focus.
  6. 6.  What can you do to help people to understand the presentation better? Asking a rhetorical question and seeing if Yell at them repeatedly. the audience think of it themselves. Threaten to hurt them. Sit down and ignore them.
  7. 7.  Asking rhetorical questions would be very good for the audience as it would require the Audience to think for themselves and agree with the preseneter.
  8. 8.  What was the answer to Question Two? Use other ways to present Cry in a corner. your info. Threaten their family. Stare at them.
  9. 9.  Using other ways to present your information would be very helpful to the audiecne as it woul,d keep the audience interested, and not just lose focus.
  10. 10.  In what other way could you help the audience understand you? Use hand Laugh uncontrolably. guesters. Annoy everyone. Hope they go away.
  11. 11.  Using hand gestures make the presentation and the presenter seem more interesting and interactive. It also shows that the presenter has spirit and likes what he’s doing.
  12. 12.  What could you do towards the end to help the audience understand? Cry in the corner Buy a fish Summerise Get a talking kebab
  13. 13.  Summarising helps very much, in the way that it gives the audience a brief overview of the presentation, in case they missed something throughout the presentation itself.
  14. 14.  Which of these is a Barrier to Communication? Pop ‘n’ Fresh! No-one QuietBackgroundNoise
  15. 15.  Background Noise is quite a major factor to Barriers of Information, as the background noise would cause a distraction, and would cause the presenter or the person speaking to concentrate on other things than the subject at hand.
  16. 16.  What type of question could you use to help the Audience understand? Closed Angry Open ended Scream
  17. 17.  Open ended questions are a good idea to use in a presentation, as it allows expansion on the subject, and you can branch out in different subjects to get a better understanding of the subject.
  18. 18.  What could you use to help you split up the presentation? Machine Guns Guidelines Pop ‘n’ Fresh Skyrim Giants
  19. 19.  Guidelines would be a great idea to write up before the person actually presentments so if you get stuck half way through a presentation, you could see where you got up to along the guidelines, and continue from there.
  20. 20.  What image could you use to make the Audience seem more friendly? A smiley face A dead body Pop ‘n’ Fresh Throw axes at everyone
  21. 21.  A emoticon such as a Smiley Face, would be good to include in the presentation to show across happiness and would allow the audience to feel relaxed and would allow the audience to relate to the presentation.
  22. 22.  What use of English would help the Audience understand the presentation? Grammar Indian Accent Pop ‘n’ Fresh Elder Scrolls
  23. 23.  Grammar is very important so thats the audience can understand you when you speak, so that they don’t get annoyed or bored very easily when they cant understand the speaker.
  24. 24.  What would be good for the presentation to have? Kebabs Correct Spellings Pop ‘n’ Fresh Have explosion sounds
  25. 25.  Correct spellings are very important as when you show your presentation to hear people, they would be able to see and hear the presentation which would be very good so they can understand from all the aspects of the presentation.
  26. 26.  What is vital for a presenation? Structure Explict Pictures Pop ‘n’ Fresh World of Warcraft Screenshots
  27. 27.  A clear structure for the presentation is very important so that a speaker would be able to know what he/she is talking about so that they don’t get confused half way through the presentation and don’t bugger it up completely.
  28. 28.  What would be a good idea for the presenation to follow? RelevancePop ‘n’ Confusing Fresh Animations Computer Games
  29. 29.  Relevance is a very good idea, pretty much common sense, for if you go off track it would confuse the audience, and most likely yourself in the process. If you wanted to go back, you would probely forget where you were.
  30. 30.  What would be a good idea before you show the presentation to the audience? Pop ‘n’ Make it pretty Fresh Get high on drugs Proof reading
  31. 31.  Proof Reading would be a very good idea to do, as you may have made mistakes, and if the audience saw the mistakes they would probably lost interest or just get annoyed and call it bad.
  32. 32.  What type of viewpoints should you use? Ginger Alternative Pop ‘n’ Fresh Foreign
  33. 33.  Alternative Viewpoints would be very helpful, as it allows criticism towards the presentation and that the presentation could be viewed by different people and improved upon the opinions of them.
  34. 34.  What should you do when the presentation is finished? Make faces Go to sleep Pop ‘n’ Fresh Note take
  35. 35.  Note taking when the presentation is finished would be very good so that when you present it again, it would have improvements from the people that said it would be improved by doing certain things.
  36. 36.  What should you do at the start of every slide for neatness? Use Have Taylor Wearns facecapitals pictures of kebabs Pop ‘n’ Fresh and Superwoman
  37. 37.  Usage of Capitals would be very good so that is brings across a very formal approach to the presentation, and makes it look professional and to a good quality to the audience.
  38. 38.  Congratulations! You must have awesomeskillz to have done this quiz.. Well done!