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Insights offerings

  1. 1. helping create brands for the future All content copyright
  2. 2. Market stage Modules Description Pre-launch:  Position your product optimally  Decide the best messaging for your product  Get a buy in from stakeholders at the time of launch Meant for:  Head of strategy  Top leadership  Communications department  Public relations  Digital head Market Map An extensive analysis of online conversations to assess the consumer mood in your product category, emerging themes and sentiment to help evaluate the need of the market Competition Map Gauge the market to assess the mood around your competitors’ products and their strengths and weaknesses, including their marketing initiatives FAQ Map Proactive listening to anticipate common consumer queries, FAQ building, map additional opportunities, and devise interventions to further strengthen the launch campaigns People Map - Industry Influence consumer opinion and purchase by mapping friends and influencers to amplify your launch activities. Also identify your brand detractors, understand their impact to prevent their posts from going viral, through timely interventions. Crisis Map Identify and anticipate a potential crisis, proactively map issues and build scenarios. Take learnings from prior crises in the past in your product category Track conversations, break them into key topics, to understand key issues (product led or messaging led), stakeholders involved. Create response protocol and mechanism
  3. 3. Market stage Modules Description Launch:  Asses how is your product doing  track the progress of conversations through the prism of sales funnel, demography and geography  Evaluate success and learnings and create new opportunities Meant for:  Marketing head  Communications head  Brand managers  Product managers Mood Map Monitor the progress of conversations around your product through the prism of consumers (brand, product and community), sentiment, channels, stakeholders and purchase stage (awareness, consideration, purchase, post purchase) Lead gen Map Identify potential leads through proactive listening and engagement Generate leads and increase footfalls
  4. 4. Market stage Modules Description Post-launch: Rich insights to shape the future strategy for your product Meant for:  Brand managers  Community managers  Marketing managers  Product managers Blogworks Perception Map Focus on analysing consumer reactions to the product, identifying themes and the probable issues (communication or product led, associations made with the brand People Map – Brand Analyse online conversations to segment them basis stakeholder type - product owners, prospects, experts, influencers, spectators, etc. Map authors to channel behaviour through the prism of sales funnel (awareness, consideration, preference, purchase, post purchase) Competitor Benchmarking Evaluate how your product launch campaign, programmes or marketing initiatives faired viz a viz competition. A long term view, this will also analyse the affect of online conversations on your and the competitor’s brand reputation and how deeply your consumers are engaged with you.
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