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Social Media Marketing and Management Tool by Mint Social


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Our new social media marketing management tool allows you to easily manage your social media marketing by giving you the tools to:

* Publish to multiple blogs, status update sites, and profiles with one click
* Monitor your brand, product or service and respond to messages right from the tool
* Track the growth of your social networking communities
* Analyze the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns
* Build your network with our built in lead capture tools
* Laser target messages to your network by choosing to send social network connections specific messages to places like their facebook wall or linkedin private messages
* Much More!

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Social Media Marketing and Management Tool by Mint Social

  1. 1. Overview of the Mint Social Media Management Tool<br />Our Social Media Management tool assists companies with managing their entire online presence. The browser based dashboard looks very much like an email box, yet it monitors your brand, products and social mentions across the entire internet and publishes content to all your social networks from one place. <br />The Message Box<br />It starts with the message box, you create your message in the html editor, then you select the places you want to publish and hit send. Your message is distributed to all the places you selected. The platform provides the power to manage and control everything from one place. <br />The Inbox <br />From here the tool monitors your brand, products, services and people across the entire internet. The Message Box also has a place to respond directly to direct messages from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. If someone sends you a message it lands in your inbox. Click on it and it automatically pulls it into the message box for you to reply. This feature enables companies to get through massive amounts of social media efficiently. <br /> <br />The Bookmarklet<br />When browsing the web, bookmarklets automatically pull any page, content, article, video, broadcast, event or other social media for you to send out to your social networks. This bookmarklet allows you to use the tool when surfing the web to capture things you want to share now or in the future with your networks. <br />Brand Monitoring<br />Monitor what's being said about your brand on blogs, microblogs, social networks and in comments.<br />Social Streams<br />We have built functionality to stream your feeds from any social network including Facebook and Twitter. <br />This allows you to follow multiple Twitter and other social media accounts from one place. You can also respond to them from here. <br />The Social CRM<br />We have a Social CRM, meaning you can send direct messages to all your fans and followers in any social network. <br />Messaging Services<br />We have over 50 social networks, microblogging, link sharing, bookmarking sites, blogs, location based services, photo sharing, brand monitoring, Automatic RSS feeds and is able to import contacts from email. This dashboard becomes your complete partner in managing your SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing. We have also integrated SMS for mobile campaigns. <br />Social Media Analytics<br />The tool provides you with ROI metrics. This feature will help you monitor the growth of your fan base and allows you to compare it to your growing profits online. <br />Lead Capture Tools<br />Do you have a email newsletter or an email marketing campaign that is proven to convert leads to closed deals? Our tool has a highly customizable lead capture widget that is embeddable in a variety of places online including your website, blog or facebook fan page. <br />The Ultimate Social Media Marketing & Management Tool<br />We know you have lots of options. Yet, we have built software that we stand behind and will help you succeed in developing your strategy, social media policy and getting full leverage of our system. <br />Companies that engage with us on average triple their traffic to their website within 6 months and increase leads by 4.7 times. <br />This social media tool was built for startups to divisional presidents in Fortune 500 companies; we can make an impact on your business guaranteed. <br />