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How to Build a Strategic Talent Pipeline


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Learn how to access passive talent to build a talent pipeline, network or community and build a pool of job seekers to source and build relationships long before your job opening.

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How to Build a Strategic Talent Pipeline

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  8. 8. #hrsolutions •  Top 5 Sites Most Important to Candidate – Career Site – LinkedIn Company Page – Facebook Company Page – Career Site Notifications – Twitter Feeds Source: 2012 Candidate Experience Awards
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  14. 14. #hrsolutions #PubJobs In Action In addition to “#nprlife,” NPR started a second hashtag, “#pubjobs,” that is designed to be a collaborative recruiting effort across all public media organizations. The theory is that if many groups in this community utilize it, they can help each other spread the word about job opportunities in the field. [Teresa Gorman] came to NPR about six months ago as a digital news specialist after finding out about a job opening on Twitter via the “#pubjobs” hashtag. “I was at a full-time job already, so I wasn’t actively looking,” Gorman said. From Washington Post article, “For non-profit NPR, Social Media is a ‘great equalizer’ when it comes to hiring”
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