Best Practices in Hiring & Recruiting Interns & College Grads


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The market for qualified and performing interns and recent college graduates is a competitive one. If you are starting or relaunching your college recruitment and recruiting program, we will show you best practices in engaging, reaching and recruiting interns and college grads.

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  • 91% of companies believe students should have 1-2 internships before graduation Millenial Branding Study 2012
  • Tips: Use an easy to use online application process. Use content rich social media to show “day in the life” and to stay in touch with candidates. Use a webinar to showcase your program benefits. Clearly articulate benefits such as meaningful project work and training/development opportunities.
  • Ideas to Consider : Invite interns to company meetings and events. Invite executives to speak to intern group or have a 1:1 meeting with a specific intern. Conduct a “business communications” class. Invite the college Career Services contact to your place of business for a tour and overview of program. Use social media and mobile for increased engagement of interns.
  • Ernst and Young: Had partners perform exit interviews and live recorded
  • Best Practices in Hiring & Recruiting Interns & College Grads

    1. 1. 7 Intern & College Recruiting ` Best Practices Presented by #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    2. 2. Get HRCI Recert Credits • Visit & register to get PHR, SPHR & GPHR cert credits free. #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    3. 3. Our Panelists Jessica Miller-Merrell @blogging4jobs Sandra Long @myinterncoach Nathan Parcells @nathanparcells #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    4. 4. Jessica, @blogging4jobs Jessica Miller-Merrell, @blogging4jobs #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    5. 5. Young Prof Labor Market #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    6. 6. Just the Facts Fun Fact: 60% of paid interns got job offers in 2012 #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    7. 7. Our Top 7 Recruiting Trends 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Know Your Audience Communication The Recruiting Mix Diversity Win Technology Mobile Video #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    8. 8. 1. Know Your Audience • Get Real: real work, real training, real opportunities • Know who you want and how to find them • Ask and learn Fun Fact: 73% of Ball State’s college students use cell phones while 83% of them dislike mobile advertising. #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    9. 9. 2. Communication During Recruiting • How: a.) Partner with College Career Services; b.) Employee and community based communications and c.) social media • When: Typically at least a few months in advance of start date. Will vary. • What to communicate: Position description, responsibilities and objectives; company overview; Qualifications; Logistics (dates, hours, location, housing); Compensation and benefits of program #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    10. 10. 2. Communication After Recruiting • Before First Day Logistics: parking, directions, attire, drug test, security • First Day Tour, Company overview, introductions, work process overview & expectations around work and communication methods. Lunch. • During Supervision, feedback, coaching, mentoring from hiring managers. Also try to have a manager with overall program responsibility. • End of Program Presentation of projects. Evaluations. Exit survey. #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    11. 11. 3. Recruiting Mix • Employment Branding • Relationship Recruiting • Targeted Communications • Candidate Courting #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    12. 12. 3. Recruiting Mix • Air War vs Ground War • Winning strategy combines tight knit campus relations, with strategic online branding efforts. • • Uni Relations, Job Boards, Social, and more! Leveraging Your Former Interns/Brand Ambassadors #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    13. 13. 4. Diversity Win • Key Categories: Race, Gender, LGBT, and Veterans. Conferences: Anita Borg, Out 4 Undergrad, etc. • Industry Challenges Start Early: African-American and Latino students make up 15% of AP physics takers (according to the LFPI) #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    14. 14. 4. Diversity Win • FB Pages offer fan search by language & location • FB Graph search by interests, keywords • FB Ads targeted groups #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    15. 15. 4. Diversity Win • Lessons From Career Fairs -Students are incredibly interested in companies that “Let them bring their whole self to work.” -University programs help rebuild diversity/ culture from the grown-up Fun Fact: Paid interns job responsibilities are 42% professional & 25% clerical. NACE 2012 Study #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    16. 16. 5. Technology • • • • • • Social Media Laptops Geolocation Multi-screen Usage Career Sites Talent Communities Fun Fact: 91% of companies believe students should have 1-2 internships before graduation Millenial Branding Study 2012 #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    17. 17. 5. Technology •And even Foursquare & other location based games & tools #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    18. 18. 5. Technology Social Media: Students are becoming more social and companies are taking advantage to reach new candidates. -Under Armour Ultimate Intern. Apply on their Facebook page with a 140 characters -Nestle Purina Facebook Sweepstakes: Dedicated effort to build FB audience. Re-designed Careers Pages: Square Launches new college hiring page with video, rotating slideshow and more. Mobile: 53% of students have smart phones, 92% use during school #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    19. 19. 6. Mobile • Includes Cell Phones, Mobile & Tablets • Text vs. Push Notifications • Rise of Mobile Search Fun Fact: The US sends over 187.7 billion text messages each month. #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    20. 20. 6. Mobile #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    21. 21. 6. Mobile • 26% of job seekers use mobile for careerrelated purposes • 13% of employers have mobile ready career sites #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    22. 22. 6. Mobile #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    23. 23. 7. Video • Job Postings with Video have 34% more applications • Average YouTube Visitor spends 15 min. watching every day #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    24. 24. 7. Video #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    25. 25. Questions? #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    26. 26. Get HRCI Recert Credits • Visit & register to get PHR, SPHR & GPHR cert credits free. #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    27. 27. Learn more about . . . • Sandra Long at • Nathan Parcells • Jessica Miller-Merrell at *2012 Graduates & Intern Study:, 2013 Mobile Study by Potential Park:, Heineken – The Candidate Video #hrsolutions #hrsolutions