Best Practices for Healthcare Recruitment and Recruiting


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Healthcare is a hot field that is extremely competitive. Our experts share best practices and trends in healthcare recruiting and how employers can gain a competitive advantage to fill positions quickly, lower turnover and spend

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  • Oct. 2010
  • The rise of social media and mobile technology is a hot topic among recruiters. Some experts say that mobile is proving more significant in the healthcare staffing space, with clients and talent being slow to adopt social media.  Those jobseekers who adapt and adopt will have the upper hand in gaining employment, as will the hospitals and healthcare organizations fill their openings, quality hires quickly.
  • Best Practices for Healthcare Recruitment and Recruiting

    1. 1. Blogging4Jobs presents #hrsolutions
    2. 2. Get HRCI Recert Credits • Visit & register to get PHR, SPHR & GPHR cert credits free. #hrsolutions
    3. 3. Our Panelists Jessica Miller-Merrell @blogging4jobs Jay Kuhns, SPHR @jrkuhns Rayanne Thorn @ray_anne #hrsolutions
    4. 4. Session Overview Our Hot Trends will address the following topics: Quality-of-Hire Retention The Job Mix Social Media and Mobile Technology #hrsolutions
    5. 5. Healthcare Staffing Outlook Source: Wanted Analytics #hrsolutions
    6. 6. Staffing Outlook • 5 Most Advertised Healthcare Job Titles – Physical Therapist – Occupational Therapist – Registered Nurse – Pharmacist – Speech Language Pathologist #hrsolutions
    7. 7. Trend 1:Quality of Hire Refining the Quality-of-Hire Healthcare continues to be one or the fastest-growing industries, providing jobs for about 15 million people in the US alone -- a number that is projected to grow by 3.2 million new jobs by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Half of the 20 fastest-growing occupations are healthcare-related; they include such diverse positions as physicians, dentists, registered nurses, physical therapists, medical records and health information technicians, radiologic technologists, dental hygienists and nursing aides. The challenge for recruiters? Filling those jobs with people who have the right balance of education, technical savvy, and customer service skills to appropriately meet the needs of millions of patients while also minding the budget constraints. #hrsolutions
    8. 8. Trend 1: Quality of Hire • Quality hires are a direct result of effective relationships – Between HR and the hiring manager – Between HR and the talent pipeline – And ultimately between HR and the candidate Via CERP #hrsolutions
    9. 9. Trend 1: Quality of Hire #hrsolutions
    10. 10. Trend 1: Quality-of-Hire The 3 Fs • The Filter • The Fit • The Fan #hrsolutions
    11. 11. Trend 2: Retention Increasingly Sophisticated Retention Efforts Fifteen years ago, a severe nursing shortage was identified. Healthcare Recruiters became busier and busier as the shortage increased and the number of available physicians, pharmacists, and nurse managers decreased. Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations failed to recognize what this meant: loss of loyalty and the ability for recruiters and hiring managers to easily lure away quality employees. Healthcare recruiters are going to find themselves working even harder to pry top talent from their current positions as employers increase their focus on retention. And recruiters are extending their mission into keeping their new hires satisfied and sticking around. Gone are the days of recruiting and booting. Recruiters will recruit with a retention mindset built into the process. #hrsolutions
    12. 12. Trend 2: Retention • Supply and Demand – Physicians • Differentiate the organization • CV driven: academics, research options – Staff • Career development (certification, tuition, research, mentors, promotions) • Incentives lure staff away from the bedside • RN => ARNP, CRNA #hrsolutions
    13. 13. Trend 2: Retention • Recruiting on the front-end must match the sophistication of services provided to patients • Integrating video, multiple social channels, talent communities, and a user-friendly ATS are tools of the trade #hrsolutions
    14. 14. Trend 3: The Job Mix The Healthcare Job Mix is Shifting! The Job Mix for Healthcare Professionals is evolving as the patient population is changing and how healthcare is dispensed has been radically altered by the economy. We’ll look at this change and its effects on healthcare recruiting. A combination of demographic, economic, and regulatory changes is driving a reshuffling of the positions that need to be filled most urgently. In some cases, it is creating specialties that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. While this is good for patients in need, it changes up available positions and how to recruit. #hrsolutions
    15. 15. Trend 3: The Job Mix • External Forces – 10,000 baby-boomers turn 65 each day! • The health care hockey stick • Reimbursement pressure to keep patients out of the hospital #hrsolutions
    16. 16. Trend 3: The Job Mix • Specialized Needs Dominate • Why? – Patients are changing/aging – Medicine continues to be more specialized – Skills of leaders and staff must adapt to these changing forces #hrsolutions
    17. 17. Trend 4: Social Media The Rise of Social Media & Mobile There are currently 500 million registered users on Twitter and over 950 million users on Facebook. These numbers are not insignificant; they represent the whole world embrace of social media and internet. Consider that over half of the active users in social media access their social networks via their mobile device or smartphone. Social media is not going away. It will NOT fade into the sunset. #hrsolutions
    18. 18. Trend 4: Social Media #hrsolutions
    19. 19. Trend 4: Social Media #hrsolutions
    20. 20. Trend 5: Technology Capitalizing on Technology Software tools, like Applicant Tracking Systems , are consistently improving and now even more innovative tech companies are stepping in to integrate seamlessly with ATSs and CRMs in order to combine outside processes and simplify the complicated practices that have been the tedious recruiting norm for far too long. This push toward automation makes it easier for recruiters to maximize the value of the data they are collecting about their efforts. Online recruitment efforts can now be measured and working with marketing is more important than ever in your recruiting and branding efforts. #hrsolutions
    21. 21. Trend 5: Technology Achieving QHQ Quality Hires Quickly Technology changes how we do business and Recruiting is a business process. #hrsolutions
    22. 22. Trend 5: Technology DON’T be <= this guy… #hrsolutions
    23. 23. Trend 5: Technology -Big Data is BIGGER -Cloud Computing -Tech Partners The new Frontier! photo – FPMI Solutions #hrsolutions
    24. 24. The Final Word • Evolution in the relationship between marketing and human resources. • Social Media is a conversation whether or not you are ready to listen or are listening. • Cloak and dagger approach is no more. #hrsolutions
    25. 25. Questions? #hrsolutions
    26. 26. Get HRCI Recert Credits • Visit & register to get PHR, SPHR & GPHR cert credits free. #hrsolutions
    27. 27. Learn more about . . . • Jay Kuhns at • Jessica Miller-Merrell at • Rayanne Thorn at #hrsolutions