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Rebecca Braglio: Monetization 101 - Can I make money off this thing?


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Rebecca Braglio's breakout session at BlogPaws 2012: Monetization 101 - Can I make money off this thing?

Published in: Lifestyle, Technology, Business
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Rebecca Braglio: Monetization 101 - Can I make money off this thing?

  1. 1. Can I M ak e M oney Off T hi s T hi ng? A fter all – I ’m wor k i ng my tai l off! R ebecca B r agli o T heP hi ll yD 1
  2. 2. The Reality• Don’t quit your day job• Limited financial gain• Hustle• Dedication
  3. 3. H ow much tr affi c? •Page rank •Social media following •Email list – open rate •Bounce rate •Page views •Community engagement •Influence •Geographic traffic Sippanont Samchai
  4. 4. T r eat Your B log L i k e a B USI NE SS•Actual business entity•Logo•Tax ID•Checking account/paypal•Professional look
  5. 5. A d A venues•Affliate links•Google/adsense•Blog networks•Amazon store•Ebook•Banner/text ads - various sizes
  6. 6. A d A venues•Featured posts/advertorial•Email newsletter spots•Events•Giveaways•Guest posts•Social media consulting
  7. 7. G o L OCA L• Phone book• Yelp• Google searches• Twitter/facebook• Magazine ads
  8. 8. M edi a K i t•About section •Services •stats •editorials •demographics •promotions •consulting•Packages•Testimonials•Contact us What makes your blog distinctive?
  9. 9. H ow to D eter mi ne P r i ci ng
  10. 10. Compar e, Compar e, Compar e•Print ads•Other websites•Educated guess•Cost per click v. Cost per impression•Bundle discounts•Bartering
  11. 11. Sample P ack ages•125x125 pixel ad above fold•Newsletter shout-out, facebook/twittermentions, featured article•Host contest, giveaway, twitter party•250x500 pixel ad, happy hour event,facebook/twitter mentions•Determine length of package
  12. 12. No Follow•Paid links can violate page rank guidelines•Add rel=“no follow” attribute to the <a> tag•“Advertisement”
  13. 13. If you have a paid advertising model on your websitewhere you sell ad space those ads should alwayshave a no follow tag on them. Since Google hascome out and said paid links are bad and veryfrowned upon you want to make sure you don’t runthe risk of receiving a penalty by selling links,because a paid advertising spot with a do follow tagon it is nothing more than a paid link in the eyes ofthe search engines. <a href="" rel=“nofollow">My blog</a>
  14. 14. Banner adFeatured 300x250 ad article 125x125 ad
  15. 15. R ecommended P r oducts