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Tom Collins, co-founder of BlogPaws, gave a workshop on blogging via the TypePad platform at the BlogPaws 2010 West pet blogging and social media conference in Denver on September 9-11, 2010.

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BlogPaws 2010 West - Blogging Tools - TypePad - Tom Collins

  1. 1. Denver, CO • September 9-11, 2010<br /> Tom’s<br />Tips & Tricks<br />Tom Collins,<br />Co-Founder of BlogPaws<br />My “other job”: <br />VP Production at<br />
  2. 2. Making it work for you: what do you want help with?<br /> • Choosing or customizing a design? • RSS, CSS, SEO, your favorite letters?<br /> • Creating or displaying content? • Connecting to your social sites? <br />Let’s make a list …<br />
  3. 3. Tom’s Top 10<br />TypePad Design Tips<br />Learn a little HTML – it’s an essential “digital literacy” skill<br />Learn a little CSS – ditto<br />… and here’s a place where copying ain’t plagiarism, it’s research!<br /> Your TypePad blog’s CSS style sheet is at:<br />Create a “Test” blog in your TypePad account (your design playground)<br />Find a Theme you like in the TypePad Design section (to use or “imitate”)<br />Copy and Save style sheets from other blogs with design features you like (view page source “.css” file)<br />Do try “Theme Builder” – Avoid Advanced Templates<br />Create and upload your own custom header image<br />Find your favorite image sources • MS Office – editable clip art!! • Wikipedia Commons • Creative Commons • government created images<br />Learn to manipulate digital images (your own, stock photos, clip art, …)MS Office tools; Photoshop Elements;<br />Use custom color codes to personalize your design (HTML hex code to RGB converter)<br />
  4. 4. Tom’s Top 10<br />TypePad “Built-ins”<br />Domain Mapping (more than “pointing”)<br />Feedburner RSS connection<br />“Publicize” checkbox – search engine and blog directory pinging<br />Google sitemap checkbox<br />Google Analytics connection<br /> “reading list” (automatic cover thumbnails; affiliate commissions)<br />Twitter, Facebook, “other accounts” connection<br />TweetThis, Reblog, etc. – in post footer<br />WYSIWIG Post & Page editor – (front page setting; featured post setting)<br />Drag & Drop Content arrangement tool<br />Custom CSS editor<br />
  5. 5. Tom’s Top 10<br />TypePad-friendly “Add-ons”<br />Twitter Search Widget <br /> form builder<br />YouTube videos (learn to re-size them; Hint: use ALGEBRA - cross-multiply, then divide) Ex. YouTube player size: 640W by 505H (pixels), but your blog post column is only 570 pixels wide –640570 505 H a) 570 x 505 = 288,420 and 640 x H = 640H, so 288,420 = 640H b) To find out the H for your post, divide both sides by 640 c) 640H ÷ 640 = H and 288,420 ÷640 = 450.56, so H = 450.56, or 451<br /> and (fundraising widgets)<br /> audio and video streaming host<br />Facebook Social Plugin app<br />Eventbrite(how you registered for BlogPaws)<br /><br />Feedburner’s RSS tools<br />FDA Pet Health & Safety widget<br /> <br />=<br />570<br />451<br />
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  7. 7. CSS<br />“Cheat sheet” <br />sources<br />
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  9. 9. Denver, CO • September 9-11, 2010<br />Tom’s<br />Q & A<br />Tips & Tricks<br />Tom Collins,<br />Co-Founder of BlogPaws<br />My “other job”: <br />VP Production at<br />Contact:<br />or <br /><br />