BlogPaws 2010 - Leveraging Social Media: Robin Olson


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  • CAN I CHANGE THE LAYOUT as long as I include all these elements???
  • Three important things to keep in mind if you want to take advantage of social media
  • Otherwise known as….
  • How many of you are using any sort of analytics so you can track the effectiveness of your blog posts? If you’re not running Analytics, you can’t know if your blog posts are reaching anyone and which ones worked better than others. Thisshows you how my Blog was doing a year ago. As you can see, it wasn’t doing so well with a whopping 34 visitors in a day. Nine months later, you can see a dramatic difference. Let’s take a look at how I got there.
  • My passion is doing cat rescue and my blog focuses on the story of each cat as it arrives into foster care and ends with the cat being adopted. There’s always something to write about and with this group-who I called “the Masters of Mayhem,” was no different…
  • Or was it? One of the kittens I took in was named,Tweetie. He was semi-feral and skittsh.
  • And he liked to fear bite, so I wrote about my struggles trying to socialize a cat I didn’t even like-it’s hard to like a cat that almost sent you to the hospital, twice.
  • That was when I found Twitter. I started to send out Tweets, linking my blog posts to my tweet-feed. I also made sure my Blog URL was on my Twitter profile.
  • Then I met this cat on Twitter. Does anyone know who this is? Yes, this is Sockington, “The Internet’s Most Famous Cat.” If you want to see the power of leveraging social media, check out Sock’s page. His owner, Jason Scott , is a marketing whiz.
  • 1.5 milliion followers. Jason Scott, Sock’s Owner is doin’ it RiTE!
  • So Sockington’s got the goods. He has a consistent message, keeps at it and has feedback/analytics by seeing the number of followers grow. Then something struck me…my rotten foster cat looked like Sockington.
  • So I Tweeted about it. I didn’t even use proper tweeting by adding the @ sign before Sockington’s screen name, so he never saw it from me.
  • What began as a simple Tweet, ended up netting over 8000 hits in less than a week.
  • Then, I saw this…
  • Here’s the analytics from that day.
  • The huge response to one little joke was overwhelming. You can see my web server stats show my hits were over 166,000 AND the important thing is AFTER that big spike, although the numbers went down, the did not go as low as they had in the past. Because I was writing every day and sending out tweets, my follower list grew and I really started to see good traffic on my blog.
  • To further support Tweetie’s story and his odds of finding a forever home-because that’s my ultimate goal-to get this cat adopted…I created a specific Tweetie page on Twitter. I always linked back to my Blog and at the time, I also linked back to the url of the rescue group I volunteer with.
  • I also created a special set of photos on my Flickr page, again, linking back to my Blog, Tweetie’s twitter page and I gave a nod to Sock’s too. It’s always a good netiquette to link back to folks who have helped you.
  • Behind the scenes, some really wonderful things were happening. Two people were following what had now grown in to “The Tweetie Chronicles” on my Blog. One was Jason Scott, Sock’s owner, and his wife, Nicole. They were so moved by my stories that they wanted to meet Tweetie and possibly adopt him.
  • Due to the big response we were getting about this story, I decided to create some materials for the Group I volunteer who originally rescued Tweetie I created a Press Release that we sent out to the media, a teaser ad for our web site and we started doing fundraising. Jason gave me the OK to use Sock’s image and also to do another Tweet to help us raise money for our Foster Cat Program. Again, I kept tracking my analytics and was constantly tweeting, updating status on Facebook, my blog and our rescue group’s web site .
  • Jason sent out ONE Tweet and the resulting effect on my server was impressive. Also notice that even though the numbers fell afterwards, they didn’t fall as far. Another indication that I was on the right track with my blog content.
  • After all was said and done. Tweetie turned out to be a very loving and charming cat. Jason, his wife and Socks adore their new family member.
  • So looking back, you can see that I made the most out of an opportunity to increase my readership and visitors, not to mention I got Tweetie a fantastic home.
  • Tweetie’s nickname is Sockleganger. As soon as he was adopted, Jason created a Twitter account for him.
  • Here’s Tweetie & Socks.
  • Tweetie all grown up.
  • Recap
  • BlogPaws 2010 - Leveraging Social Media: Robin Olson

    1. 1. April 10, 2010<br />Robin A.F. Olson<br />Covered in Cat Hair<br /><br />Leveraging Social Media<br />
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    7. 7. “I may have to go to the ER. Sucker got me good.”<br />“He already bit me twice. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to safely put him up for adoption.”<br />“Tweetie may have to be released outdoors if I can’t socialize him soon.”<br />
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