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#TheFWord: A SheKnows Media Study on Feminism


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A study on women's perspectives on and identification with the word "feminist". Includes assessment by demographics, and a look at how women benefit from past feminist advocacy, and where work still needs to be done.

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#TheFWord: A SheKnows Media Study on Feminism

  1. 1. # T H E F W O R D A Study on Feminism A S H E K N O W S M E D I A S T U D Y i n p a r t n e r s h i p w i t h R e s e a r c h N a r r a t i v e M a r c h 2 0 1 6
  2. 2. @ s h e k n o w s m e d i a # T h e F W o r d 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 F E M I N I S M I N A N E L E C T I O N Y E A R 3 A S E L E C T I O N O F P E R S P E C T I V E S O N F E M I N I S M 1 M E T H O D O L O G Y & E X E C U T I V E S U M M A R Y 2 I D E N T I F Y I N G F E M I N I S T A R C H E T Y P E S 5 F E M I N I S M ’ S W A Y F O R W A R D
  3. 3. PART ONE methodology & executive summary
  4. 4. @ s h e k n o w s m e d i a # T h e F W o r d UNDERSTANDING WOMEN’S RELATIONSHIP TO FEMINISM TODAY: • Understand how women define and identify with Feminism across lifestyle and demographic categories • Reveal what sources influence a woman’s perspectives on Feminism • Identify if women have benefitted from Feminism, and what work remains to be done RESEARCH OBJECTIVE
  5. 5. @ s h e k n o w s m e d i a # T h e F W o r d M E T H O D O L O G Y In December 2015 – January 2016,SheKnows Media fielded a custom study to its researchpanel of 7,600 members and to its online audience, generating 1,622 responses,98% of which were fromwomen. This data has been third-party validated and analyzed by ResearchNarrative. 5 RESEARCH METHODOLO G Y F O R M A T : Online Survey I N - F I E L D : 12.28.15 – 01.07.16 B Y R A C EB Y A G E B Y E M P L O Y M E N T • 78% Employed Full or Part Time • 12% Managinga Household • 4% Retired • 3% Student • 2% Unemployed • 77% White • 9% African American • 8% Hispanic • 4% Asian • 2% Native American • 31% Millennial (1985-1998) • 43% Generation X (1965-1984) • 24% Baby Boomer (1946-1964) • 2% Silent Generation (1945+)
  6. 6. @ s h e k n o w s m e d i a # T h e F W o r d 6 1 F E M I N I S M ’ S S T A T E D P U R P O S E I S C L E A R Whether appreciated or not, people understand Feminism to mean gender equality, and older Millennials, not GenXers, have taken up the Feminism torch fromBoomers. 2 F E M I N I S M ’ S A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S A R E N O T A S C L E A R The vast majority of respondents have leveraged the gains of the Feminist movement…perhaps without realizing it. 3 N O N - F E M I N I S T S F E E L E X C L U D E D Non-moms are super Feminist, women of color and conservative moms feel alienated by Feminism due to their identity or chosen lifestyle. 4 T E L E V I S I O N T E A R S D O W N F E M I N I S M TV and celebrity influences create a dividing factor among Feminists and Non-Feminists. The more TV influences you, #TheLessYouKnow. 5 W E A L L P A Y T H E # F E M A L E T A X Feminist or not, we feel dismissed, criticized, even harassedto a startling degree. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: 5 KEY FINDINGS
  7. 7. PART TWO feminists, non-feminists, and women on the fence
  8. 8. @ s h e k n o w s m e d i a # T h e F W o r d 8SOURCE: #TheFWord, A SheKnows Media Study on Feminism, March 2016; Q. Do you currently identify as “feminist”? Base: Women 18+ IDENTIFICATION WITH FEMINISM IS SPLIT one-third of women aren’t committed either way D O Y O U I D E N T I F Y A S A F E M I N I S T ? 46% Y E S 32% I T D E P E N D S / N O T S U R E 22% N O B R E A K D O W N B Y A G E Yes 53% No 15% It depends 25% Not sure 7% 2 5 - 2 9 Yes 44% No 23% It depends 27% Not sure 6% 3 0 - 5 4 Yes 54% No 17% It depends 24% Not sure 5% 5 5 - 6 4
  9. 9. @ s h e k n o w s m e d i a # T h e F W o r d REQUEST THE FULL DECK TO REVIEW: • 7 PERSONAE: THE FEMINISTS THE NON-FEMINISTS AND THE ON-THE-FENCE - Their demographic commonalities - The psychology and life stages that feeds into perspectives FEMINISTS, NON-FEMINISTS AND THE ON-THE-FENC E
  10. 10. PART THREE a selection of perspectives on feminism
  11. 11. @ s h e k n o w s m e d i a # T h e F W o r d F E M . I . N I S M ( N O U N ) The belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. 11 EMBRACING A UNIVERSAL DEFINITION F O R A L L The dictionary definition is understood by feminists (72%) & non- feminists (42%) alike F O R N O N F E M I N I S T S F O R M E N F O R W O R K I N G W O M E N #1 #2 The next most popular definition is “rejects traditional values” (40%) Feminists believe equality doesn’t have to be at men’s expense, and in fact may benefit them. Feminists don’t hate or want to be men As women enter the workforce and focus on careers,feminism’s importance is more acute SOURCE: #TheFWord, A SheKnows Media Study on Feminism, March 2016 Q. Which of following definitions matches your definition(s) of “feminism” (if any)? N=1,329
  12. 12. @ s h e k n o w s m e d i a # T h e F W o r d 12SOURCE: #TheFWord, A SheKnows Media Study on Feminism, March 2016 Q. Which of the following have you done? Select all that apply. Base: Women 18+ N=1,089 ALL WOMEN BENEFIT FROM FEMINISM regardless of affiliation, women take similar advantage of the movement’srights W H I C H O F T H E F O L L O W I N G H A V E Y O U D O N E ? 96% 95% 92% 65% 20% 91% 90% 89% 63% 17% Voted Gotten credit in your name Used birth control Started your own biz Terminated a pregnancy Feminists Non-Feminists
  13. 13. @ s h e k n o w s m e d i a # T h e F W o r d REQUEST THE FULL DECK TO REVIEW: • The familiar monetary price women pay in the workplace. • The less familiar emotional price we pay at work, and also in the world at large. 13 WE ALL PAY THE #FEMALETAX
  14. 14. PART FOUR feminism in an election year
  15. 15. @ s h e k n o w s m e d i a # T h e F W o r d The Millennial Vote • It has been widely reported that Bernie Sanders is sailing past Hillary Clinton as the youth favorite • Our study shows Young Millennials (25- to 29- year old women) lean towards Sanders • Older Millennials (30- to 34-year old women) lean towards Clinton Race Adds A More Significant Gap • White millennials heavily support Sanders, while African American millennials heavily support Clinton1 • Important, because African American millennial women are the most likely millennial demographic to turn out to vote come Election Day2 REQUEST THE FULL DECK FOR MORE… MILLENIALS AND THE ELECTION SOURCE: #TheFWord, A SheKnows Media Study on Feminism, March 2016 1. Source: NBC News, ”Clinton Maintains National Lead Over Sanders, 02/15/16 2. Source: The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement
  16. 16. PART FIVE feminism’s way forward
  17. 17. @ s h e k n o w s m e d i a # T h e F W o r d 17 1 G O B E Y O N D # W O R K I N G M O M P R O B L E M S A N D C H O I C E Growing the movement will require convincing women that Feminism is inclusive of women outside the workplace.#EqualPay and #Choice are two key Feminist issues, but not the only ones. 2 I N C L U D E M E N The majority of women believe men can (and should) benefit from Feminism too. Helping families helps all members of those families. 3 W O M E N M U S T S E E I T T O B E I T As frequent primary breadwinners, African American women have a lot to gain from Feminism’s fight. If white women forget about their sistrenof color when fighting, however,they leave women of color, particularly African American women feeling excluded. 4 G O D I G I T A L Reach women where they are online to offset television’s negative effect – especially younger women at the critical lifestage of being early in career and considering starting or growing a family, and African American women. 4 GO-FORWARD TACTICS FOR THE FEMINIST MOVEMEN T