“New” Rules for “New” Tools


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“New” Rules for “New” Tools

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“New” Rules for “New” Tools

  1. 1. BLOGGING FUNDAMENTALS“Ne w” Rules for “New” Tools
  2. 2. “New” Rules for “New” Tools Moderator: Betty Cahill // Delishytown // @Betty_Cahill Speakers: Charlie Capen // HowToBeADad.com // @howtobeadad Chrissy Watson // Outlaw Mom // @TheOutlawMom Cynthia Sanchez // Oh So Pinteresting // @OSPInteresting BLOGGING FUNDAMENTALS
  3. 3. “New” Rules for “New” Tools Betty Cahill // Delishytown // @Betty_Cahill BLOGGING FUNDAMENTALS
  4. 4. This is the Tumblr Dashboard This is where you scroll down to see all the tumblogs blogs you follow, which tumblrs follow you. It’s also where you go to make a new blog post, see your activity, check messages, track tags, find new blogs to follow, and work on perfecting all those drafts that you’ve been saving.
  5. 5. Here’s my blog, Delishytown.tumblr.com
  6. 6. Tracked Tags Click the “search tumblr” drop down to see tags that you are tracking.
  7. 7. Activity Log Check this area to see if and when your blog is blowing up! It’s fun!
  8. 8. Tumblr Spotlight, aka “Find Blogs” on your Dashboard There are a lot of categories of blogs on Tumblr! (I’m featured in the Food and Drink Category.) (Whaaaat?) p.s. Thanks to the Tumblr staff for featuring me!, Especially the Goddess of Scrumptiousness, Jeannie Maristrela)
  9. 9. Featured Tags There are many editors at Tumblr. Tumblr editors are encouraged to feature blog posts that they like. When a tumblr editor features one of your posts, the tracked tag shows up with a blue box around it and is put in that particular category. Being featured brings a lot of folks to your blog!
  10. 10. “New” Rules for “New” Tools Charlie Capen // HowToBeADad.com // @howtobeadad BLOGGING FUNDAMENTALS
  11. 11. Instagram • Great tool for personalizing your platform • Powerful visual showcase • Storytelling and branding tool • Not most effective tool for traffic building and pageviews • Community size drive by inbound linking, tagging & visual motivators • Changes in “Explore” area with curated content make it worthwhile for exploration
  12. 12. “New” Rules for “New” Tools Chrissy Watson // TheOutlawMom.com // @TheOutlawMom Bloggylaw.com// @BloggerEsq BLOGGING FUNDAMENTALS
  13. 13. Giveaways – Pinterest Don’ts • Require readers to Pin from certain Boards • Make Pins, Boards, likes, or follows an Entry • Ask readers to comment as part of the contest • Have a voting contest with Pins, Boards, or likes • Set a minimum number of Pins
  14. 14. Giveaways – Pinterest Don’ts DON’T BE SPAMMY
  15. 15. Giveaways – Pinterest Do’s • Set a theme • Let Readers Pin what they want • Use a hashtag to track entries
  16. 16. Giveaways – Instagram Do’s • Release: “You agree to a complete release of Instagram....” • Acknowledgement: “This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.”
  17. 17. Giveaways – Tumblr Don’ts Don’t participate in “Non-Genuine Social Gesture Schemes”
  18. 18. Giveaways – Tumblr Don’ts $1,000
  19. 19. Giveaways – Tumblr Do’s 1. Release 2. Acknowledgement 3. Consent
  20. 20. Sponsored Content Disclosures • Photo • Comment
  21. 21. TAKEAWAYS • Consult the Community Guidelines • Don’t forget your Disclosures
  22. 22. “New” Rules for “New” Tools Cynthia Sanchez // Oh So Pinteresting // @OSPInteresting BLOGGING FUNDAMENTALS
  23. 23. Pinterest is one cool traffic tool •39% of active users choose Pinterest over search engines • 59% of Pinterest users click through pins to blogs/photos/articles, 27% click through to brand or shopping sites (Ahology Pinterest Media consumption Study 2014)
  24. 24. Growing Your Pinterest Following •Collaboration through group boards •Network with existing community •Seek out new connections on other social networks •PinGroupie- Group board directory ? ? ?
  25. 25. Monetization of Your Pinterest Account •Read acceptable use policy! •Affiliate links do not work http://about.pinterest.com/en/acceptable-use- policy#compensates-pinning