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Diversity: Unpacking the Supply & Demand


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Presented at multiple venues, including Blogging While Brown.

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Diversity: Unpacking the Supply & Demand

  1. 1. BlogHer Diversity: Unpacking the supply & demand Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer Co-founder @ElisaC
  2. 2. BlogHer 22 1. My Diversity Mantra 2. Provide the Supply 3. Make the Demand 4. Myths and Response 5. Metrics and Methodology Agenda .
  3. 3. BlogHer 1. MY DIVERSITY MANTRA 3 Value Diversity Prioritize Diversity Ask for Help If You Need To Source: “Notorious” via wikimedia commons
  4. 4. BlogHer We value diversity 4 •Representation = power •We can’t ask for some representation and ignore others •Diversity of life experience brings diversity of perspective brings a more interesting creative conversation Source: “Notorious” via wikimedia commons
  5. 5. BlogHer The data supports the theory 5Source: “Notorious” via wikimedia commons
  6. 6. BlogHer We prioritize diversity 6 •We don’t rely on good intentions or magic •We establish metrics •We are transparent Source: “Notorious” via wikimedia commons
  7. 7. BlogHer We ask for help 7 •Outreach at every step •Establish your outposts •Put diverse people in positions of power…committees, judging panels, etc.
  8. 8. BlogHer 2. PROVIDE THE SUPPLY 8 • Put yourself out there, again and again • Suggest other people: And especially, don’t say “no” without providing alternate
  9. 9. BlogHer 3. BE THE DEMAND 9 • Let organizers know you want it • Don’t give ‘em your money • Respond to surveys, questionnaires, and even PR pitches with your questions and comments about it
  10. 10. BlogHer 4. MYTHS AND RESPONSES 10 Myth: “I won’t sacrifice quality for diversity” Response: No one is asking anyone to hire, invite or otherwise promote UNQUALIFIED people. We re suggesting you don’t know all the QUALIFIED people. Source: “Notorious” via wikimedia commons
  11. 11. BlogHer 4. MYTHS AND RESPONSES 11 Myth: “Nobody diverse submitted” Response: Are you saying everyone speaking, judging, selected did so via your formal submission process? Are you charging money? Then it is *your* job to source and deliver quality
  12. 12. BlogHer 4. MYTHS AND RESPONSES 12 Myth: “Everybody diverse said ‘no’” Response: See above But. Also. Don’t be that person who says “no” without giving them another option
  13. 13. BlogHer 4. MYTHS AND RESPONSES 13 Myth: “This just represents the real world in xx space/industry.” Response: And is that OK with you? Knowing the data? Knowing that women are half the workforce, likely more than half your user base and drive the vast majority of household purchasing?
  14. 14. BlogHer 4. MYTHS AND RESPONSES 14 Knowing that people of color are huge early adopters and demographically rising in the U.S.? Knowing that the Boomers are a large and more financially stable generation? Knowing that the LGBT market is affluent and brand-loyal to those who are loyal to them?
  15. 15. BlogHer 4. MYTHS AND RESPONSES 15 Who are these people who can afford to turn away: Users Customers Workers Leaders ??
  16. 16. BlogHer 4. MYTHS AND RESPONSES 16 Myth: “I don’t want to be a token” Response: Do you believe you are a token…unworthy of taking that stage? No? Then go. Kick ass. Shatter a bias or two while you’re at it.
  17. 17. BlogHer 5. METRICS & METHODOLOGY 17 •Yes, we keep track, starting with NEW voices •That eliminates tokenism right there…you require yourself to create an ever-expanding Rolodex of diverse contacts •It goes beyond race…or gender, sexual orientation, age, ideology, geography, income level, marital/parental status…
  18. 18. BlogHer 5. METRICS & METHODOLOGY 18 •How do you model to your community? •How do you eradicate “pattern matching”? •How do you convey opportunity and inclusiveness?
  19. 19. BlogHer Images matter
  20. 20. BlogHer 20 Images Matter
  21. 21. BlogHer 21 Images Matter
  22. 22. BlogHer BECAUSE IT IS MY MANTRA 22 Value Diversity Prioritize Diversity Ask for Help If You Need To Source: “Notorious” via wikimedia commons
  23. 23. BlogHer Thank you ELISA CAMAHORT PAGE @ElisaC