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Blog her style_study


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Blog her style_study

  1. 1. WOMEN •SHOPPING •STYLE HOW, WHY AND WHERE WOMEN BUY The Year in @BlogHerResearch THE GOLDEN RULE: INSPIRATION + INFORMATION = ACTION WHAT SHE LOVES SOCIAL GOOD STARTS SOCIAL SHARING 46% of the BlogHer community will tell their friends and family when a brand supports a cause they care about. SHOES SIZZLE, STARS FIZZLE 77% of women like to talk about clothes and shoes online—but only 35% want to talk about celebrity style. READY TO STRIKE A POSE 33% of BlogHers want a makeover to unleash the “style princess inside.” HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS 67% of BlogHers like to read online about interior design and DIY crafts. A LITTLE HELP FROM HER FRIENDS A WHOPPING 87 PERCENT of BlogHer community members have made a purchase based on a blog recommedation. SHE GOES WHERE HER FRIENDS GO User reviews (70%) and Advice from Familiar Bloggers (60%) are most likely to draw a woman into style and beauty sites. BLOGS BUILD HER UP 60% of BlogHers say blogs help them build confidence in their own style decisions. MAKING THE SALE WOMEN DO MORE SHOPPING ONLINE In 2010, 55% of women preferred to buy beauty products in person, at a store. Today, the majority (60%) buy online. MOBILE IS MAJOR, ESPECIALLY FOR MOMS In 2012, mobile devices overtook computers as the most used screen for 75% of moms. EXTRAS CLOSE THE DEAL Free shipping (93%) and coupons and sales (82%) help convince women to buy online instead of offline. But only 48% of us identify ourselves to be “sale shoppers”. JOIN WOMEN where they already are, in the conversations that matter most. BlogHer reaches more than 50 million women a month and works with the right influencers to tell your story in her own authentic voice. Make it easy, make it social, make it mobile—make it a deal. Sources: 2012 BlogHer Women & Social Media Annual Study, 2012 BlogHer Style & Beauty Study, 2010 BlogHer Beauty is in the Eye of the Blog Holder Study, 2012 BlogHer eMoms Study.