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BlockShow Asia 2017 Official Presentation


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BlockShow Asia 2017 powered by Cointelegraph is one of the largest platforms showcasing Blockchain solutions, bringing the hottest startups, ICOs, and unconventional sensations.

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BlockShow Asia 2017 Official Presentation

  2. 2. is one of the largest platforms showcasing Blockchain solutions, bringing the hottest startups, ICOs, and unconventional sensations. BlockShow Asia 2017 powered by Cointelegraph
  3. 3. to demonstrate multiple new solutions for implementation and enhancement of the Blockchain and is designed to provide an exclusive look into exciting projects and ICOs, inspiration to get into the Blockchain world. It aims The team’s aspiration is to exhibit the industry’s most groundbreaking solutions and bring businesses together with the Blockchain.
  4. 4. BlockShow attracts plenty of investors, venture funds and entrepreneurs from all over the world who are searching for new projects and business perspectives. Participants enjoy a unique opportunity to grow their companies and attract new clients. Additionally, the event provides a platform for businesses to reveal their new products, get feedback on their new solutions and share their thoughts in a panel discussion and on the stage. As an international platform, What is BlockShow?
  5. 5. Singapore in Singapore with thousands of people and many companies that have already discovered the show. Singapore is a prime location since the country has taken many steps to implement Blockchain technology. BlockShow Asia will take place November 29-30, 2017
  6. 6. Currently, Singapore’s central bank will implement a tokenized version of the Singapore dollar (SGD) on an Ethereum-based Blockchain. While, the IBM Center for Blockchain Innovation has nourished local talent by working with government authorities, academics and other industries to Blockchain innovation is not the only reason for the choice of venue. Singapore will provide a melting pot of cultures, exquisite food and charming neighborhoods to fuel unforgettable moments. make Singapore a pioneer in fintech innovation.
  7. 7. of BlockShow Asia is to reveal Blockchain sensations. Key industry players, as well as some of the most influential Blockchain personalities, will provide detailed insights on how Blockchain is being implemented in different parts of the world and what significant impact it already brought the global market. The main aim Blockchain technology is radically changing the industry with new innovations every day. The technology provides an anonymous exchange of digital assets, opens the door for ICO use and the mechanics are novel, highly disruptive. that you should keep your eye out for, including ICOs, upcoming projects, current trends and contemporary Blockchain implementation. The conference will reveal all the Blockchain sensations Why participate?
  8. 8. In addition, a special ICOscar competition will be held with up to 15 best Blockchain startups planning to do an ICO. Startups will compete for the main prize provided by our sponsors. Status and Bancor and offer exclusive conditions for the BlockShow community. Carefully selected ICOs will be launched right at BlockShow Asia have won the previous competition, raising over $200 mln during their ICOs.
  9. 9. Managing Partner of Newtown Partners, a venture capital in Capetown founded together with Vinny Lingham, is a confirmed advisor. He is a technology startup go- to-market strategist with great expertise in designing, building, merchandising and marketing Online & Mobile software products and services. The impressive Llew’s advice on project management skills, geographic location and emerging markets experience will add value to any startup. He told Cointelegraph that while it is intimidating and confusing for newcomers to find timely, trusted information about what's happening in cryptocurrencies and the underlying Blockchain technology, a high-quality conference series provides an easy on-ramp for more people to be exposed to the latest thinking in the space, in a non-threatening environment. He is excited to participate at the BlockShow and offer his input. Llew Claasen
  10. 10. founder and CEO of Waves, has raised $17 mln during the crowdfunding round for his new project. He will be joined by Waves is a platform on the Blockchain, which allows its users to raise money in a completely decentralized and secure way. His knowledge and expertise on tokens, legal ways to do ICOs and issuing equity on the Blockchain will provide knowledge on legal and technological implementations of the technology. Alexander Ivanov,
  11. 11. from Bitnation joining as an advisor as well, along with many more to provide their expert opinion that will be announced shortly. They will not be alone with However, the event is not simply about revealing Blockchain sensations. The conference is a show after all, in addition to an informative event there will be plenty of entertainment with musical guests, local foods and culture. The team is dedicated to creating an atmosphere inducing a good mood, inspiration and passion for the Blockchain. Susanne Tarkowski
  12. 12. The event provides the opportunity to engage with top experts in the field, build a brand and showcase your startup, learn how other companies have successfully implemented Blockchain solutions and a chance to win the main prize in the competition for startups. The competition is created specifically to allow emerging startups to introduce their solutions by delivering a pitch to compete for the main prize. In addition, a Business Networking Lounge will be provided, which is a unique networking zone with mobile application scheduling. The program will be packed with This time the conference is coming to Asia because this continent has a great impact on the Blockchain community. BlockShow Asia will unveil along with many startups, companies from across the globe, and much more. ATTENDEES 1000+ EXHIBITORS 40+ SPEAKERS 50+ showcases, exhibitions, a competition and an inspiring environment to launch a new product or fundraising campaign. The program
  13. 13. The participants of Blockshow Europe left with new opportunities and new information to move forward with their Blockchain goals. For Deloitte, Steemit, Changelly and many other companies, the conference has been a successful event for networking and they were eagerly looking forward to more. Even those simply looking for more insight had a great experience in making the most out of the information learned and following their passions. BlockShow is not new to the industry. Attendee feedback
  14. 14. “BlockShow is really great. I’ve been to a bunch of events in the US and this was my first trip outside of the US in the last four years and had to pick a good event. Cointelegraph is not new to the industry, you guys have been around for many years. So it’s not like there are a few events funded by these new entities that do not really understand what the vision was. Of course, you have to know where you came from to know where you are going. So it is a great choice for you guys to organize the BlockShow 2017. It was super awesome and exciting.” Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, BizDev at Changelly - Charlie Shrem
  15. 15. “I personally think that, in the end, it really turned out to be a great show about Blockchain, and you were great in getting everyone in the right mood. Both speakers and attendees came from a variety of backgrounds, which had undoubtedly enriched the conference and it also allowed precious occasions for networking. The organization was absolutely efficient, as well. I pay my compliments for your success and I can just provide a sincere positive feedback about BlockShow Europe 2017.” Executive Director at UCL Center for Blockchain Technologies - Paolo Tasca
  16. 16. “BlockShow Europe 2017 was a successful event with interesting presentations and panels, and it provided good opportunities to network. We hope to be back next year.” Partner at Deloitte, Technology Sector Head - Milan Sallaba
  17. 17. Get engaged by becoming a speaker, exhibitor, sponsor or partner. We look forward to working with you! If you want to be a part of sensational Blockshow Asia 2017 contact us