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Sc Dg Prb At A Glance


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Blended Learning Course - Mentor Training

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Sc Dg Prb At A Glance

  1. 1. At a glance module map Team: Date: Module title and key details: Information & experience Characteristics of module (using Mentor Training Physical components keywords): Focused reading materials Developing skills, confidence Discussions; seminars; presentations Constructivist approach to and competencies of teaching learning coaching/mentoring/counselling Collaborative/exploratory study Assessment: demonstration of Online Self-directed learning Case studies to extend taught elements, explore individual competence responding to individual own thinking/learning/experience experience and need Podcasts Video materials – examples of practice VLE: U-Link Communication & interaction Guidance & support Thinking & reflection Physical components Physical components Physical components Initial induction for cohort (getting to know you) Group and individual tutorials Discussion groups Key face-to-face teaching sessions whole cohort Set up self support groups Seminars (guest presenters) Collaborative activity design based on meta- Group taught sessions – role play; seminars cognition Online Online Online VLE Timetable Wiki – collaborative reflection on learning U-Link Handbooks Blog – individual reflection on learning – including Blogging Study guide tutor evaluation and drawing out of key issues from Wiki Set up self-support groups previous week Evidence & demonstration Please note that this proforma has been Physical components Simulation; presentation – demonstrate competence created in Word. and knowledge and understanding Please save a copy of just this page to your USB key and upload it to the Online Slideshare account. Portfolio of evidence – Pebble pad - including case study evidence and self-assesment