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Interprofessional Ethics At A Glance Proforma


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Interprofessional Ethics At A Glance Proforma

  1. 1. At a glance module map Team: MSB Date:09.11.2009 Module title and key details: Information & experience Characteristics of module (using Physical components keywords): Title: INTERPROFESSIONAL Course handbook, core texts, books, professional ETHICS code of conduct, journal articles -Inter-professional practice - Ethical reflexivity Key Details: - Morality, law, ethics Online 20 credit module over 12 weeks -Theory to practice linkages Masters Level 1 Youtube, podcasts, blogging, iPlayer, audio-visual (research and citizenship) links, student generated discussion on podcasts -Global ethics frameworks Communication & interaction Guidance & support Thinking & reflection Physical components Physical components Physical components -Presenting controversial audio-visual links and Multi-disciplinary learning groups, key input from Introductory workshop to use e-resources generating discussion around application of theory experts, cultural learning groups, group discussion Tutorial support (face-to-face) and on-line (e.g. to practice blogging) -Critical incidence Group representatives in e-discussion groups -Diarizing Online Online Online e-discussion groups and blogging, student Technical support, advisory team, APDU, u-link Notebook, blog, e-portfolio (including critical profile and sharing of interests, looking at compatability incidence), linkage with workbooks different e-modules from other universities Evidence & demonstration Please note that this proforma has been Physical components created in Word. Poster presentation/Group Workshop (25%) Critical Essay (70%) Please save a copy of just this page to Class/e-participation (5%) your USB key and upload it to the Online Slideshare account. None