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At A Glance Proforma E Learning


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Published in: Education, Technology
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At A Glance Proforma E Learning

  1. 1. At a glance module map Team: Date: Module title and key details: Information & experience Characteristics of module (using Introducing ePortfolios for Physical components keywords): PCs with internet access, handouts on PebblePAD, Lecturers interactive whiteboard, flipcharts Portfolio Practice related – 1.5-2hr To develop an understanding of physical face to face workshop the PebblePAD system and how Teaching students reflective Online this may be embedded in PebblePAD website – useful demos of eportfolios learning student learning. and tools Academic / Academic support staff Communication & interaction Guidance & support Thinking & reflection Physical components Physical components Physical components Facilitator asks questions Course overview sheet Paired peer review of an aspect of ePortfolio tools / PebblePAD Manuals features via Proforma Copyright manual Accessibility support Online Online Online Survey Monkey - evaluation feedback Copyright guidance online/PPT PebblePAD proforma to fill out Built in exercise using Comments feature to Preparatory exercise in PebblePAD environment collaborate and experience tool first hand Evidence & demonstration Please note that this proforma has been Physical components Post workshop evaluation of embedded portfolio – created in Word. in use. Please save a copy of just this page to your USB key and upload it to the Online Slideshare account. Share each other’s ‘Webfolio’ for review.