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HemaBlock PowerPoint Presentation

  1. 1. A proven Absorbable Sterile Hemostatic Powder to Control Bleeders During All Types of Surgeries and Dental Procedures
  2. 2. • Experiencing bleeders during surgery is very common • Some bleeders are difficult to control
  3. 3. • Fabric pads • Gauzes • Sponges • Sutures • Lasers • Powders
  4. 4. • Trim to fit in the bleeding area  Difficult to use trimmings for non-sterile area • Some are absorbable  Weeks to be absorbed • Should remove when applied in sensitive areas  Could also remove the clot if proper procedure is not followed • Most are of animal origin (bovine or porcine)  Could result in allergic reaction  Regulatory concern • Some are of Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose (Wood Pulp) • Weeks to be absorbed
  5. 5. • Use on severed arteries and blood vessels • Catgut supply becoming limited due to BSE issues • Synthetic suture not always absorbable • Some synthetic suture knots could lose tension resulting in seepage • Hemostasis use limited to type of bleeders
  6. 6. • Generated coagulation by generation of heat • Limited use • Equipment could be very expensive
  7. 7. • Over the counter Blood Stop Powders Non-sterile Use only on topical wounds • Sterile Hemostatic Powders used in surgery Oxidized Cellulose (OC) • Cotton Fiber
  8. 8. Vetspon / Gelfoam Superstat Vet Collagen + Ca Celox Vet Chitosan granules HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder Bio Absorbable 4-6 weeks 4-6 weeks Do not leave in site > 1 week Stops Bleeding 5+ minutes 3+ minutes 5+ minutes 1-2 minutes Indication Oozing only Mild bleeding only Topical only Profuse & Diffuse- Use anywhere Packaging Sponge Strips or cubes- Sterile Sponge Disk Sterile Non-sterile packet Sterile foil pak in re- sealable tube + filled syringe Comparison of Hemostats
  9. 9. • Bleed-X Vet is the trade name used for Sales in the United States, Canada and Territories of the United States • HemaBlock is the trade name used for Sales in all other countries
  10. 10. HemaBlock/Bleed-X Vet • 100% plant origin • Contains two ingredients 50% Microporous Polysaccharide Hemopheres (MPH) • Derived from potato starch  50% Oxidized Cellulose (OC) • Derived from cotton fiber
  11. 11. • MPH the primary clotting agent • Safe MPH has been used successfully in over 2,000,000 human applications Over 50 published abstracts on safety and efficacy of MPH
  12. 12. • Combination of MPH and OC Increases the clotting capability of either alone Increases the strength of the clot and HemaBlock
  13. 13. HemaBlock for use to control bleeders during surgery and dental procedures in: • Companion animals (cats & dogs) • Horses • Exotic species
  14. 14. • Safe • Mammals • Birds • Reptiles • Other exotic species
  15. 15. • Fast acting • Sterile absorbable hemostatic agent • Absorbed in just a few days • Pain free • Uniquely Safe
  16. 16. • Sterile powder ready to use • No pre-mixing before use • No additional components need to be added • No special storage conditions • Easy to apply
  17. 17. • Instant clotting (1 to 2 minutes) • Promotes rapid healing • Non-toxic • Lickable
  18. 18. Packaging: • Foil sachet in resealable tube for use in most surgical procedures • Syringe type applicator for hemostasis in small difficult to reach areas • The two types of packaging allow easy and versatile application for all types of surgeries • Left over HemaBlock powder can be used in non-sterile applications Dental Procedures Topical wounds Nail trimmings
  19. 19. • The clot formed with HemaBlock does not need to be removed after Hemostasis • The clot formed with HemaBlock will not continue to expand after enclosed in the wound • The clot will start being absorbed almost immediately after enclosed in the wound
  20. 20. • Hemablock could reduce cost in surgical and dental procedures • Faster hemostasis (clotting) • Less time patient on the operating table • Less time patient under anesthesia
  21. 21. • HemaBlock powder is excellent for control seepage along suture line • Sterile HemaBlock powder for control bleeding with all types of surgery
  22. 22. Types of Surgery • Nueter • Spay • Suture Line • Tail Docks
  23. 23. Types of Surgery (conti.) • General Surgery • Arterial or Venous Bleeding • Mass/Tumor Removal • Joint Replacement • Trauma
  24. 24. Types of Surgery (conti.) • Biopsies (Liver, Pancreas, etc.) • Lobectomy (Removal part of body organ) • Amputations (Mass removals) • Orthopedic (Sketetal deformity, Disorder, Injury, etc.)
  25. 25. Types of Surgery (conti.) • HemaBlock can be used in sensitive areas like: • Eye Enucleations (Removal of an eye) • Neuro-surgery (Do not enclose in the spinal area)
  26. 26. Types of Surgery (conti.) • Dewclaw (Removal) • De-claw • Periodontal (Dental Procedures)
  27. 27. R.A.P.I.D. For successful results with HemaBlock the five R.A.P.I.D. steps should be followed.
  28. 28. R.A.P.I.D. Remove excess blood to easily identify bleeders and allow applying HemaBlock Powder directly on the active bleeder.
  29. 29. R.A.P.I.D. Applyplenty of HemaBlock Powder on the bleeder. • Be sure to completely cover the bleeding area
  30. 30. R.A.P.I.D. Pressure Enough pressure needs to be applied to stop the flow of the bleeders for approximately 1 to 2 minutes to allow time for HemaBlock Powder to create the clot.
  31. 31. R.A.P.I.D. Irrigatethe wound area with saline solution to remove excess powder to check for bleeders might have missed.
  32. 32. R.A.P.I.D. Deliveredhemostasis (clotting) is evident after irrigation and the wound site is ready for traditional closure methods.