Sweet victory!


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This is for my clan Dragon Knightz.

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Sweet victory!

  1. 1. It feels great, you know, I always wanted to get this achievement. When I had my final battle in getting it, I was lucky to get a person who had his Town Hall out in the open, I can’t remember his name, but thank you whoever he is. I think he was a level 64 that had level 7 walls all over his base. Anyway here are some photos I took to commemorate this celebration. I will still keep talking though. Zim learning his Japanese (あなたの日本語のレッスンで頑張って) Yes, I looked this one upFailure, yet still a win.
  2. 2. Our conversation about the spellYes read upwards Thanks for giving me Good Luck Tye! :D Could you please read upwards and stop complaining?!?!?
  3. 3. I have my own personal goals, but you will see them in the nextslide, but I have a bunch of random stuff I would like to put. When I mean by stuff, I mean my village and my flags :D What’s weird is when I enlarge or shrink the pictures, they don’t get blurry.
  4. 4. 1. Learn how to spell Failed2. Make a Clan Completed3. Reach 1250 trophies Completed4. Defeat Zim in reaching 1250 trophies Completed5. Get a Level 9 Town Hall In Progress6. Defeat the highest player in my friends list In Progress7. Grab an X-Bow In Progress8. Become Funny Failed9.
  5. 5. And what I mean by near is, really really far aheadBring the clan up here! ->Kick this guy out, and bring myself up there->
  6. 6. So? I don’t care, I’m farming right now. My clan is in the top 14000, SUCK IT! Wait...why are you putting this in?My Response:Thank you guys for supporting me. Hi Moka & RMF, good luck on getting up in the clanranks and try your best in English! What were you thanking me for Kenm? Thanks Zimfor being my rival.....BUT I WON!!! Lulz. Maybe in my next COC game, Hammer. I hateyou fag, but I love you at the same time . Always be the fag.
  7. 7. At this point for the next 6 slides, just click, so you are able to be given a chance to read yours at will & others if you wish!Sorry, I might have covered your amount of trophies, but who cares you can look it up.
  8. 8. You are an excellent player, and Thanks for being one of the first an amazing part of the team. members in this clan, it was nice being your rival during our pursuit to 1250 trophies, even though we didn’t even settle it. Pro guy right here, lulz, I’m not that BBBBBLLLLLAAAARRRRGGGHH! pro...yet. XD Thanks for joining my clan & not join Tan’s :D Sup Moka, just responding to your comment to me  Hey Hammer, thanks for being the first member of my clan and being a helpful Elder/Moderator, best of luck in HS!
  9. 9. Thanks for ditching Tan’s clan, even Hey, even if I don’t know though you got kicked, and joined you that well, thanks for Hey, just saying a few, mine! :D I love you! joining! thanks for joining my clan. Well you recently joined the clan, so I’ve don’t have much to say, but thank you for joining my clan. Thanks forjoining my clan & Thanks for being one offor enjoying it.  the first to join my clan, it’s swell! Lulz, but seriously thanks. Hey Kenm, thanks for joining my clan and he word you sent me. I’ve got a question for you, if you are so good in your other account, why aren’t you good as well in this account? Wouldn’t you be like 1400+ trophies already? Thanks for joining my clan .
  10. 10. Hey buddy, thanks for joining my clan, and who do you think is going to win the Hey, thanks for Hey, thanks for Australian Open this year? For me, it’;sjoining my clan. joining my clan. either: Dimitrov, Djokovic & Federer Hey, old Baylee, I’m going to talk to your new self later ok? Hey haven’t heard from you lately what happened? Thanks for joining my clan! Your not an active person are ya? Hey, thanks for being a witness to my accomplishment.
  11. 11. Thanks for joining my clan,Hey Trial, Thanks for joining and congratulations on my clan, keep fighting! getting Elder in the last tournament, you were lucky NoFear left. Hey, you recently joined my clan too, so thanks for joining my clan. Hey Illu, Good luck in school! Isn’t SARS a disease? Thanks or joining my clan Hey thanks for joining my clan! Hey, thanks for joining my clan. I don’t know you that well, so thanks for joining my clan!
  12. 12. Well, we haven’t been Hello new Baylee, was just chatting to each other a talking to old Baylee up therelot, but thanks for joining in the ranks. Thanks for my clan. joining my clan. Well you’re currently in a trip in Ethiopia, so no point telling you anything, but thanks for joining my clan! Hey, thanks for joining my clan. Sup bro... Another non-active person eh? Thanks for joining my clan. Thanks for joining my clan. Hey Nathan, thanks for joining my clan.
  13. 13. Just joking, try your bestin getting trophies! Thank you for joining my clan! Thanks for joining my clan, you didn’t need to make that speech just to join. You just need the requirements, which is easy to get. I guess you 3 are always inactive eh? What am I gonna do with you?
  14. 14. I have snotcoming out of mymouth yay! Is that a record? Supercell abbreviation: SUP-Sup ERC-Errrrr....Create ELL-Ehh...something...
  15. 15. Simply just grab a text box in the Insert tab and type something! Need more space to write? Just use the next slide, if there still isn’t any space make another slide!