Rfid for patient tracking by blaze automation 2010


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Rfid for patient tracking by blaze automation 2010

  1. 1. www.blazeautomation.comReal Time Tracking of Aarogyasri Patients -- Improved Clinical Care Quality -- Increased Efficiency and Patient Throughput -- Improved Billing Consistency for care Provided www.blazeautomation.com
  2. 2. Introduction• Aarogyasri is a unique health insurance scheme being implemented by Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) to assist the BPL families to meet the catastrophic health needs.• This is a public private partnership promoted between the Insurance Company, the private sector hospitals and the State agencies.• In 2009 - 2010, around 3,50,000 patients got benefited out of this scheme. www.blazeautomation.com
  3. 3. Process Flow of the Beneficiary Treatment in theNetwork HospitalStep 1Beneficiaries approach nearby PHC/Area Hospitals/District Hospital/Network Hospital.Aarogyamithras placed in the above hospitals facilitate the beneficiary. If beneficiary visitsany other PHC/Government hospital other than the Network Hospital, he/she will be givena referral card to the Network Hospital after preliminary diagnosis by the doctors. TheBeneficiary may also attend the Health Camps being conducted by the Network Hospital inthe Villages and can get the referral card based on the diagnosis.Step 2The Aarogyamithras at the Network Hospital examines the referral card and healthcard/BPL ration card and facilitates the beneficiary to undergo preliminary diagnosis andbasic tests.Step 3The Network Hospital, based on the diagnosis, admits the patient and sendspreauthorization request to the Insurance company and the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust. www.blazeautomation.com
  4. 4. Process Flow of the Beneficiary Treatment in theNetwork Hospital (continued)Step 4Specialists of the Insurance Company and the Trust examine the preauthorizationrequest and approve preauthorization if all the conditions are satisfied within 12 workinghours.Step 5The Network Hospital extends cashless treatment and surgery/therapy to thebeneficiary.Step 6Network Hospital after performing the surgery/therapy forwards the original bills,diagnostic reports, case sheet, and satisfactory letter from patient, discharge summaryduly signed by the patient and other relevant documents to Insurance Company forsettlement of the claim.Step 7Insurance Company scrutinizes the bills and gives approval for the sanction of the billand shall make the payment within agreed period www.blazeautomation.com
  5. 5. Drawbacks of the Existing System and solutionto improvise the same Lack of Patient Tracking from the time of Enrolment till the Discharge Possibilities for Duplication of Patients and there is lot of scope for such other malpractices Completely Manual System with no proper Real time auditing and many more of this kind…Consequences Increased Burden on the Government Decrease in the number of BeneficiariesProposed SolutionIntroduction of Automation for “Real Time Patient Tracking” in theDesignated Hospitals through the Central Monitoring Facility. www.blazeautomation.com
  6. 6. What is Real Time Patient Tracking ? “Real Time Patient Tracking is a subset of Context-Aware Healthcare Solution where the Patient movement is tracked and Recorded for the entire treatment cycle for improved Customer Satisfaction and Enhanced Resource utilization in a typical hospital environment” www.blazeautomation.com
  7. 7. Real Time Patient Tracking - Overview Active RFID TAG www.blazeautomation.com
  8. 8. Real Time Patient Tracking - Components involvedActive RFID TAG Wireless RTLS Infrastructure Standalone Application Software www.blazeautomation.com
  9. 9. Active RFID TAG (Wrist Band Type) – FeaturesThis active wristband RFID tag operates at the frequency of 2.45GHz ISM. Its output power is 0dBm, the read ranges from 0 to 100m. It alerts the authorities when the strap is tampered. Encapsulated within a soft, durable and waterproof housing, the tag is very comfortable to wear. In addition, this wristband RFID tag features low power consumption and long battery life more than 4 years. www.blazeautomation.com
  10. 10. Real Time Patient Tracking – Infrastructure in Hospital Localization/ Patient Location detection Real Time TrackingWireless Receiver Tagged Tagged Patient Patient RTLS Engine along with Standalone Application software www.blazeautomation.com
  11. 11. Real Time Patient Tracking – Application software www.blazeautomation.com
  12. 12. Real Time Patient Tracking– Proposed Layout for Aarogyasri Project (overview) Hospital 1 This server is Located at a Central location where the entire patient Tracking can be done in Real Time. Hospital 2 WAN / Server For Real Time LAN/GSM/ Patient Tracking for all the GPRS hospitals. Hospital 3 www.blazeautomation.com
  13. 13. Real Time Patient Tracking – Benefits• Increased Efficiency and Patient Throughput.• Improved billing consistency for care provided.• Monitoring the Staff Allocation for individual patients is possible in Real Time.• Enhanced Billing and Record Keeping.• Customer Satisfaction – Responsiveness, Lower Wait times. www.blazeautomation.com
  14. 14. Implementation – Financials• Very Affordable• Requires very less additional Infrastructure• Does not harm the operation of any Equipment in the Hospital environment.• Patient Friendly system• Can operate even under power failure through battery backup. Blaze Automation is willing to take up this project for a period of 5 years on BOOT (Built, Own, Operate and Transfer) basis by charging 2% of the amount spent on Each patient as service fee. www.blazeautomation.com
  15. 15. Thank you Sridhar Ponugupaticeo@blazeautomation.com Tel: +91 40 6457 2220 www.blazeautomation.com