Blaze automation gps tracking solution


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Blaze automation gps tracking solution

  1. 1. A Presentation onGPS based TrackingBlaze AutomationIndia
  2. 2. IntroductionGPS based Location Tracker management system ensures substantialproductivity, gains including greater efficiency of fleet operations, higherfield workforce productivity, lower fleet operating costs and better customerservice
  3. 3. Features • Real Time Tracking • Online Alerts on exceeding the limits set for various parameters like speed, route and time. • Reliable, Accurate and Cost Efficient. • Reports to analyze trip wise and vehicle wise details like stoppage, over speed etc. • Easy to install and easy to use. • Scalable Solution. • Tamper Proof. • Can be easily incorporated for Tracking manpower / police patrol and have all the above features.
  4. 4. Advantages • Wireless tracking system delivers detailed fleet tracking. • Reduces time spent at unauthorized locations. • Allows monitoring of field staff or vehicles with assurance and confidence. • Enhance customer service with up-to-the-minute information and service. • Monitor safety of persons or goods in transit. • Extra peace-of-mind through real time ability to track.
  5. 5. Advantages contd.. • Value for investment. • Allows complete transparency in operation. • Ensure safety of vehicles and goods by monitoring vehicle speed, driving patterns and location. • Historic vehicle data availability for fleet performance analysis. • Monitor goods or field staff on move for maximum efficiency.
  6. 6. Online GPS Software The online edition is a GPS based tracking system which is capable to send the location details to a centralized location, to facilitate online tracking of goods, vehicles or persons in transit.
  7. 7. Online GPS Tracking system Architecture
  8. 8. Tracking of the route online Detailed list of locations travelled at a predefined intervals of time
  9. 9. Components used in online edition • Blaze Location tracker device with GPS antenna. • In-built GSM modem to facilitate the data transfer through SMS. • Location tracker device with GPS antenna. • Cellapps server software installed at central location with GSM modem to receive the data online and to update the locationtracker database. • access rights to view the location or route data received online.
  10. 10. How the online edition works? • The location details provided by the GPS antenna will be sent through SMS / GPRS Data with the help if in-built GSM cum GPRS modem to a centralized location. • The tracker application configured at centralized location will receive the details and it will be updated in the centralized database of Blaze or Customer. • The web interface [] will facilitate the user to view the location or route details through the map.
  11. 11. Usage Scenarios • Fleet Management • Track Sales/Field Force • Track Goods in Transit • Track Fishing Boats • Can be integrated into LED Torch Light / any other systems and track using our Online Tracker software.
  12. 12. Fleet Management • A total solution to track vehicles on move. • Handles fleets of any size. • To monitor routes. • Audit driver safety. • Enhance the goods/passenger safety through real time monitoring.
  13. 13. Track sales/field force• Track your sales/field force irrespective of time and place.• Avoid faulty visit reports by tracking the locations they have been visited. Patrol Police
  14. 14. Mobile Asset Tracking • Keep track of your valuable mobile assets. • Keep a check that where it is being used. • Improves bottom-line by controlling the incidents of lost, wasted and stolen assets.
  15. 15. Track Goods in Transit • Track goods in transit like containers, transfers of valuable assets like gold, silver and currency from financial institutions. • Enhance customer satisfaction by providing real time information about the location of goods in transit. • Gain confidence of insurance companies by keeping the log of goods in movement.
  16. 16. Track Fishing boats at high seas • Track fishing boats at high seas from the remote location. • Prevent boats from entering foreign waters.
  17. 17. Add-on Modules Available • Digital Locking A lock which can be opened on sending an SMS, suitable to prevent thefts in between the transfer of goods like Petrol, Milk etc.
  18. 18. Add-on Modules Available • Data Logger Data logger module will keep the history of important parameters like pressure in the tank, Temperature in a refrigerated van, Speed limit exceeded with time stamp.
  19. 19. Thank you