Blaze automation careers 2012


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Blaze automation careers 2012

  1. 1.
  2. 2. IntroductionEstablished in 2007 (Hyderabad, India)Fields of Specialization : > Home Automation Equipment(Security Gateway, Lighting Gateway etc..) > Home Security Sensors and Gateways Development & Manufacturing > Analog Front End Design for Industrial, Scientific and Medical Applications > Mobile / Handheld Computing Application Development > Virtual Instrumentation based Instrument and Application Development > High Efficiency LED Electronics and Battery management > Solar PV array Test Facility, MPPT Techniques etc.. > Power management Electronics for High Efficiency DC-DC conversion > Zigbee, Bluetooth and Proprietary ISM band Wireless Technologies > Smart Card, Finger Print, Face Recognition and RFID application development > Automotive Immobilizers, Tracking and Navigation Hardware Manufacturing > Solar Power Fencing Equipment Manufacturing
  3. 3. Our Product LineHome Automation CCTV Surveillance solutions
  4. 4. Our Product Line (contd…)Vehicle Tracking and Navigation
  5. 5. Career Opportunities with Blaze Automation So, you’ve got your degree—or you will soon enough. Now it’s time to take on the working world. We know deciding where to start your career can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want to do. Blaze has lots of options for you
  6. 6. Have you always wanted to work with the latest cool technologies? Do you have a passion for embedded development? Are you interested in Real Time IT applications ? Want to be a part of Growing Business Development Team ?If you answered yes, Blaze wants to talk to you
  7. 7. Go Ahead …..dream bigExplore our opportunities for current studentsand recent graduatesWhere do you want to go ?
  8. 8. We have immediate openings for people who want to be part of a world class team and who are proud of their accomplishments in embedded development, wireless telephony and/or mobile software, IT Application Development. Current Openings at Blaze automationEmbedded systems Engineer IT Application Developer IT Application DeveloperEligibility: Eligibility: Eligibility:B.Tech 3rd / 4th Year in ECE, EEE, B.Tech 3rd / 4th Year in CSE, CSIT, ECE, B.Tech 3rd / 4th Year in CSE, CSIT,Biomedical Engg EEE, Biomedical Engg ECE, EEE, Biomedical Engg, Mech,With atleast 70 % aggregate in all With atleast 65% aggregate in all the CIVILthe examinations till date examinations till date With atleast 60% aggregate in all the examinations till date
  9. 9. Action Points – Placement Cell• Please go though the presentation thoroughly• Please pass on the information related to students from various departments as per the Excel sheet attached with this Email to the below mentioned Email ID.• Contact Blaze Office if there is any clarification required: HR Cell Phone: +91 40 6457 2220 Alt Phone: +91 40 65965140 Email:,• We will sooner get back to you with the placement date and Time if we are ok with the details received.• Please send the profile of your University / College in pdf format along with the students details.