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this is the blueprint for Blastbeat to become self sustaining and go global as the funding method is affordable, scalable,robust and gives very good ROI to corporations.

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Changemakers Brochure Web

  1. 1. www.blastbeat.orgChangemakersBe the change you want to seein the world of education 1
  2. 2. What is Blastbeat? What’s the appeal?Blastbeat is a fun, music & business programme for teenagers. Theprogramme features 2 competitions in 1 – a business competition foryoung social entrepreneurs, and a music competition for young, originalmusicians. Blastbeat is a registered UK Charity. • Students form their own Event Social Enterprise (ESE) and organise a concert. • Local, young musicians receive a chance to perform in a safe, alcohol & drug-free environment. • 25% of the profit made is donated to local charities or causes of their choice. • The best ESE wins £2000 seed capital, & £1000 for their school.This encourages development of business skills, social responsibility &musical talent. Blastbeat’s innovative and exciting format appeals to all stakeholders: • Blastbeat very effectively captures the attention of the student demographic, traditionally very difficult to engage… whilst teachers, Education parents, and all stakeholders appreciate its proven excellent learning experience. • Blastbeat is a life changing experience, but also fun, cool & very relevant to students - they learn a variety of life & work skills while growing in self-confidence. • The programme leverages teens’ key lifestyle interests of music & event promotion. • Has proven exceptional at engaging with otherwise disaffected Social Entrepeneurship Music teenagers in the learning process, helping to address the issue of teenage dropout in a concrete, sustainable way.2 3
  3. 3. Positive results and feedback “If organisations want to speak to, and connect with the youth generation these days, they need to finds way of incorporatingThe Head Teacher… music into their development projects” Carl J. Schramm, CEO, Kauffman Foundation “Blastbeat has helped our students come within the top 5% in the country. I strongly recommend Blastbeat - it serves a very important “The fact is that in the twenty first century, jobs and competitiveness part of the work related curriculum.” depend absolutely on the very qualities like creativity and Sue John, Head Teacher, Lampton School, Hounslow independent thinking that school systems are being forced to tramp down... Yet businesses everywhere are saying they need people who are creative and can think independently.”The Student… Sir Ken Robinson - 2009 “It has been my main reason for getting up at 7am every day to be at Blastbeat’s reach school on time… Blastbeat is the best thing that has ever happened Since its launch in 2003, Blastbeat’s reach has extended significantly and to the school and I wholeheartedly hope that it carries on the good is set to expand further. Robert Stephenson, music industry veteran & work of teaching kids how to make a step up in life.” award winning social entrepreneur, founded Blastbeat in 2003. Dan Goss, CEO of Hi-Fi ESE, Leytonstone School • Produced the UK gig leading to U2’s record deal, March 1980. • Gave many young and successful artists and bands their start.The Success Story To date, Blastbeat has engaged over 10,000 students in Ireland, the UK, South Africa, the United States, Slovakia, Belgium and Japan. Blastbeat reached 250 Greater London schools and colleges in 2010, aiming to “Blastbeat has much more credibility among students as being increase to 1,200 by July 2012. a ticket to their own future. It is leadership training through the universal language and enterprise of music. Blastbeat gave me a Last year’s finals were held at the O2 Arena, July 2010: start in the music industry and I now have a real and blossoming • Over 12,000 students participated. career at the age of 22.” • Guest performances by The Saturdays, Tinchy Stryder, The Wanted, Blastbeat alumnus Charlie Arme Elisa Doolittle, Twenty Twenty, and 8 Blastbeat winning acts. Senior A&R Manager, B-Unique Records (Kaiser Chiefs, etc.) • Plans are in place for a Blastbeat Rocks TV / IPTV series to be broadcast nationally in 2011/12.4 5
  4. 4. Corporate mentoring Volunteering and costsIn order to achieve our mission, we are seeking to build links withcorporate mentorsBlastbeat is The BIG SOCIETY In ACTION. Our mission is to: • Develop new and exciting education programmes for young people, helping them to learn necessary life, social & business skills in ways that are fun & relevant to their interests. • Form a sustainable social entrepreneur youth movement & community of young Changemakers united for common good in a fun, cool way. • Empower youth communities to tackle social, educational and environmental issues. • Make a real improvement in students’ learning abilities, school attendance, application & results. The volunteering requirement is only for 2 hours a month, for 3 months, with travel times to the school – plus some optional after-hoursThe next step: attendance at a gig or two.Link students with corporate mentors & companies to help them intheir journey to become creative social entrepreneurs and/or exemplary The cost of Changemakers is £7k per school, per year, before a charitableemployees. tax deduction. One company can elect to mentor and sponsor as many schools as they like to run Blastbeat, or share costs with other businesses in the community as part of our Co-operative Sponsorship model.6 7
  5. 5. Participation and sponsorship Benefits for Participating CompaniesBlastbeat Changemakers will comprise of participation and sponsorship: Involvement in Changemakers will be hugely beneficial for4 key reasons…Mentoring 1. Employee engagementCompanies can select a partner school of their choice, or Blastbeat will • Mentoring Schemes boost corporate morale.match them up. • According to the team-based employee volunteering survey • We will provide free training for those who wish to take part, as well published in Business in the Community (BITC) last year, 97% of as a Blastbeat mentor throughout the programme. staff feel it is important that their employer supports volunteering • Employees visit the school for 1 hour a fortnight and engage in during working hours. mentoring sessions over 3 months. “You can see children changing in front of your eyes, you can see them doing something that they enjoy, and you can see our consultants as they work with the children doing something that they enjoy.”Sponsorship - Richard Verity, Partner & VP, Booz & Co, Oct 2010. • Participating companies each donate £7,000 for one year, either individually or as a co-operative. • This sum covers the cost of running the programme in one school and helps to fund the music competition. 2. New skills Mentoring students is an ideal way for employees to develop skills relevant to their workplace, including team building, inspiring and leading, motivating, empowering and communicating.Event - the Concert • Employees can organise a fundraising inter-company battle of the bands (optional). • Money raised can go towards the sponsorship fee… • … or they can use the money to fund additional engagement with their partner school. • All mentors can also attend the students’ UK final at the end of the year.8 9
  6. 6. Benefits (cont’d) Are you interested? Blastbeat now seeks host companies for Blastbeat Changemakers.3. Fostering the next generation of workers • With your help, Blastbeat aims to help local businesses become • Active, results-orientated involvement in preparing young people for involved with schools, colleges and youth groups in your community. the workplace. • We will seek to engage with host companies through a series of • Bringing CSR to life in an innovative, exciting way. Blastbeat presentations and discussions. • Building bridges between schools and the corporate world. • Together, we can redefine the way young people learn about • Deep integration into the local community. business and enterprise. • There is great ROI for businesseses from excellent HR, PR, & CSR opportunities.4. Brand building and public image • Involvement in a scheme like Blastbeat will be a differentiating, valuable HR resource when recruiting, e.g. graduates. • Enhanced PR, marketing and client relationship opportunities through participation. • Blastbeat provides good media coverage and brand awareness on TV, radio, press, and all social media.10 11
  7. 7. TestimonialsI confirm that the programme that Blastbeat offer is extremely high- Having first heard about Blastbeat at a presentation in the House, I amquality. The programme is also educationally robust, and a great deal of wholeheartedly supporting this initiative, initially by introducingthought has been put into how a number of aspects of the curriculum Blastbeat to the commercial and academic communities in myare being delivered in schools through the programme. This makes constituency, which I trust will draw attention to the value to thisit attractive to teachers too, as they can easily plug Blastbeat into a excellent programme and initiative and encourage uptake.number of areas of the curriculum. The primary version of the programme,Blastbeat Prime, whilst relatively new, also looks very exciting; it had Mr. Nick Hurd MP,clearly made a significant impact on pupils’ attitude to school and they Minister of State for Civil Society,were clearly extremely impressed. Feb 2011I have found Robert and his team great to work with. Their passion forBlastbeat is infectious and their flexible, ‘can do’ attitude means thatBlastbeat is excellent for re-engaging young people who may be at risk Engaging with a school through Blastbeat is tremendously entertaining,of dropping out of education. Robert and his team have worked in some you can see children changing in front of your eyes... it really matters tovery deprived wards across London, and because Blastbeat reaches out the quality of our own working existence that we have engagements liketo young people and engages them on their own terms about things that Blastbeat... we are a much more cohesive office as a result of workinginterest them, it channels their enthusiasm with Highbury Grove School and ways that other areas of the curriculum are less able to do. Thetestimony from the students that have been on the programme is really Mr Richard Verityquite moving – in some cases, it really does seem to have been a life- Vice President & Partnerchanging event. Booz & Company LondonDr Jim Magee – Dept for EducationEducation Strategy and Improvement Group2nd Floor, Sanctuary Buildings12 13
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  9. 9. ContactRobert StephensonEmail: robert@blastbeat.orgPhone: +44 (0) 786 312 2230Dan MorganEmail: dan@blastbeat.orgPhone: +44 (0) 790 534 9313Blastbeat is a registered charityCharity number: 113612116