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Move Beyond Your Conservative Passion into

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Voteregsgp2010 ii

  1. 1. Smart Girl PoliticsVoter Registration 101Bridget Geegan Blanton
  2. 2. Defend and Expand Freedom
  3. 3. Can we keep this republic? Moving from the Tea Parties and into Grassroots Activism Stay informed and engaged National re-awakening to our founding principles The Momentum is real Roll up your sleeves and fight for Freedom If not now…then when? If not us…then who will engage politically?
  4. 4. Never Underestimate the Power of the Individual To inform, educate and change hearts and minds To empower fellow Americans with truth To preserve our way of life by promoting freedom To expand membership by promoting Conservative groups
  5. 5. From Passion into Action
  6. 6. We Believe… Our truths are self-evident Liberty is given to us by God not Government Prosperity is derived from the Private Sector not the Public Sector Peace through Strength
  7. 7. Uphold and Defend the Constitution
  8. 8. Boots on the Ground
  9. 9. Essential to Success: Voter Registration
  10. 10. Illegal Voter Registration – A Threat to Democracy
  11. 11. ACORN Thugs for hire
  12. 12. ACORN is a bad seed Felony Indictment of Voter Fraud Fraudulent Voter Registration Forms Criminal abuse of absentee/provisional ballots Determined to take over the system from within Ruthless, corrupt, illegal, intimidation tactics such as “Direct Action” Central figure in mortgage meltdown Funded with billions of tax dollars for partisan politics Founded to promote entitlement and radical change
  13. 13. Vote early, Vote often, Vote Dead or Alive
  14. 14. Election Day Plan of Action•Become a Poll Worker / Become a Poll Watcher•Become a Precinct Captain•Report illegal electioneering outside a Polling Place•Report incidents of voter intimidation•Report people handing out provisional ballots•Call a vote fraud hot line with location•Document fraud by video, photo and in writing inaccordance with your State‟s Election Laws•Approach disenfranchised voters to requeststatements
  15. 15. Casting a Ballot: A duty and a privilege
  16. 16. Getting Started in Voter Registration Visit the web-site of your Secretary of State View Eligibility Requirements of Registrants View Laws & Guidelines on Voter Registration Drives Visit County Clerk/Registrar of Voters web-site Locate additional county Guidelines or Laws Some Counties require that you take a course Obtain Registration Cards from the County Office Request a Line-by-Line Instruction sheet
  17. 17. The Voter Registration Table
  18. 18. Susan B. Anthony SGP Voter Registration Event
  19. 19. Tea Party Voter Registration Table
  20. 20. SGP Voter Registration Table
  21. 21. A Nashville Convention Inspired Table
  22. 22. Engaging the Public at the Frontline Portable Powerful Grassroots Activism Tool Educate the Public on a Specific Issue Expose the Media mis-information Lay out the facts Reveal the Truth behind the Issues Promote Club Membership/Collect Contact Info Gather Signatures on Important Petitions Register Voters
  23. 23. Voter Registration Venues Tea Parties Nationalization Ceremonies Door to Door Registration via organized Precinct Walks Grocery Stores / Shopping Malls Wal-Mart / Target / Home Depot / Candidate Forums Your Neighborhood (keep a few forms in your car) Churches Gun Shows/ Drop off forms at Gun Stores Farmer‟s Markets Outdoor Fairs / Events
  24. 24. Community-based Voter Registration Create a Consistent Presence in your Community Person-to-Person exchange is authentic/powerful You are providing a solution for Voters who… Need to re-register after moving Don‟t know where to find a Registration Card Conservatives new to Political Engagement are looking for you
  25. 25. Group-sponsored Voter Registration Voter Registration is Vital to elect Candidates who Champion our Cause Create a Voter Registration Team and delegate tasks Recruit Volunteers / Secure High Traffic Voter Registration Venues Keep the issue of Voter Registration „front & center‟ at meetings Keep members regularly informed on Voter Registration opportunities Become a Self-Starter/Self-Sufficient/Independent Unit
  26. 26. Attracting people over to your table
  27. 27. A well-supplied voter registration table
  28. 28. Take up the Cause of Liberty!
  29. 29. Contact Information Bridget Geegan Blanton / Facebook: Bridget Blanton Twitter: chicago2cali Recommended reading: How the Obama Administration Threatens to Undermine our Elections by John Fund Subversion by Matthew Vadum ve