Développements récents en droit des technologies 8 novembre 2011


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In this presentation, members of our technology law practice will touch briefly on a variety of recent legal issues and changes that we expect will have an impact on doing business in Quebec and in Canada in the next few months, including copyright reform, anti-spam legislation, domain names, privacy, lawful access, online contracting and the impact of the Hurt Locker case.

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Développements récents en droit des technologies 8 novembre 2011

  1. 1. Un coup d’œil vers l’avenir : développements récents en droit des technologies Looking ahead: New developments in Technology Law Présentation de / Presented by: Sunny Handa Marie-Hélène Constantin Hélène Deschamps Marquis Joanna MyszkaLe mardi 8 novembre 2011Tuesday, November 8, 2011MONTRÉAL OTTAWA TORONTO CALGARY VANCOUVER NEW YORK CHICAGO LONDRES BAHREIN AL-KHOBAR* BEIJING SHANGHAI* blakes.com*Bureau associé Blake, Cassels & Graydon S.E.N.C.R.L./s.r.l.
  2. 2. LOOKING AHEAD: NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN TECHNOLOGY LAW Presented by Sunny Handa, Marie-Hélène Constantin, Hélène Deschamps Marquis and Joanna Myszka November 8, 2011TODAY’S TOPICS• Amendments to PIPEDA• French Language and trade-marks• Enforceability of Browse-wrap Agreements• Defamation and Hyperlink• New Anti-Spam Legislation• Domain Names• The Hurt Locker Case• Lawful Access• Copyright Modernization Act 2 AMENDMENTS AND PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION AND ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS ACT
  3. 3. AMENDMENTS TO PIPEDAHistorical Background• Changes are being made to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) to reflect new “Anti-Spam” Legislation• Another previous bill (C-29) contained other changes to PIPEDA but failed to pass due to Federal elections• A similar Bill is being reintroduced• Aims to implement the Government Response to the Report of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics on the statutory review of PIPEDA 4PROPOSED CHANGES TO PIPEDAAmong the amendments will be:• Notification requirements in the event of data breaches• Certain changes to accommodate business needs; e.g. – business contact information – information produced for work purposes – information necessary for the management of the employment relationship – information needed to consider and complete business transactions• Changes to the consent provisions in relation to the personal information of minors• Requirement for the designation of investigative bodies would be repealed 5FRENCH LANGUAGE LEGISLATION AND TRADE-MARKS
  4. 4. FRENCH LANGUAGE ANDTRADE-MARKSNotices received by retailers re: use of English languagetrade-marks on their store front signsUnder the Charter of the French Language and itsRegulations:• Public signs must be in French (may be in both French and another language if French is markedly prominent)• An expression may be exclusively in a language other than French if it is a “recognized trademark”, unless a French version has been registered• The name of an enterprise must be in French; non-French terms may appear in a firm name if accompanied by a generic term in French 7FRENCH LANGUAGE ANDTRADE-MARKS The Office québécois de la langue française is requesting the addition of one or more Frenchgeneric terms to store front signs on the basis that the trade-mark functions as a “firm name” 8 ENFORCEABILITY OF BROWSE-WRAP AGREEMENTS
  5. 5. ENFORCEABILITY OF BROWSE-WRAPAGREEMENTSCentury 21 Canada Limited Partnership v. RogersCommunications Inc.:• B.C. court decision• Unauthorized website scraping and linking• Terms of Use were not “click-wrap”, no express acceptance• Claims of: i. breach of contract ii. trespass to chattels iii. copyright infringement 10CENTURY 21 CANADA LIMITED PARTNERSHIPV. ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC.The Century 21 Terms of Use:• Were posted at the bottom of the home page of the Century 21 website• Were not drawn to the attention of users in any active way• Did not require that the user acknowledge reading or agreeing to the Terms before accessing the website• Expressly prohibited screen scraping, database scraping or similar activities• Stated that linking to the site is only permitted with Century 21’s prior written consent 11CENTURY 21 CANADA LIMITED PARTNERSHIPV. ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC.The Court:• Upheld the claim for breach of Century 21’s website terms of use• Upheld the claim for copyright infringement• Dismissed the claim for trespass to chattels (third party service provider) 12
  6. 6. CENTURY 21 CANADA LIMITED PARTNERSHIPV. ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC.Remedies:• Permanent injunction granted in favour of Century 21, restraining Zoocasa from accessing the Century 21 website in contravention of the Terms of Use• Damages awarded to Century 21 for breach of contract ($1,000)• Statutory damages for copyright infringement in the sum of $250 per infringement ($32,000 total) granted in favour of the agents (authors of the works) 13CENTURY 21 CANADA LIMITED PARTNERSHIPV. ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC.For a contract to be formed:• an offer and its terms must be brought to the attention of the user• they must be available for review• they must be in some manner accepted by the userOn a Website:• If use of the site is deemed acceptance, the user must have the opportunity to read the terms before using the website• If there is sufficient notice of the terms of use and knowledge that use is deemed agreement, there is acceptance sufficient to form a contract 14CENTURY 21 CANADA LIMITED PARTNERSHIPV. ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC.Some factors considered:• The agreement is displayed prominently on the website• The user is a commercial entity• The user is a frequent visitor• The user operates a website that has its own browse- wrap agreement• The terms of the agreement are reasonable 15
  7. 7. CENTURY 21 CANADA LIMITED PARTNERSHIPV. ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC.Other issue raised by this decision:• “Authorizing” a violation of copyright• When should the corporate veil be lifted when dealing with a wholly owned subsidiary 16 DEFAMATION AND HYPERLINKSDEFAMATION AND HYPERLINKSCrookes v. Newton (Supreme Court of Canada, October 19, 2011)• Claim for damages for publication of defamatory statements• The defendant included hyperlinks to another web site which allegedly included defamatory statements• Test to determine whether there was publication of defamatory statements: i. transmission of defamatory statements ii. receipt by a third party 18
  8. 8. DEFAMATION AND HYPERLINKSThe majority (6 judges) of the Supreme Courtfound that:• Hyperlinks can be assimilated to references• They signal the existence of information, but are content neutral• The hyperlink itself is not assimilated to a “publication” of information• However, if the context of the hyperlink presents the statements in a manner that effectively repeats the defamatory statements, this can constitute a publication 19DEFAMATION AND HYPERLINKS Two other judges added that: • Hyperlink can be a publication if it appears from the text containing the hyperlink, in its context, that the author adopts or adheres to the content to which the link refers 20 NEW ANTI-SPAM LEGISLATION
  9. 9. NEW ANTI-SPAM LEGISLATION• Bill C-28 – Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (FISA) introduced in May 2010, Royal Assent in December 2010• Coming into force expected in early 2012• Stated Purpose: – To promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy by regulating commercial conduct that discourages the use of e-commerce 22NEW ANTI-SPAM LEGISLATIONKey prohibitions1. Sending unsolicited commercial e-messages to an e-address (s. 6)2. Altering transmission data without express consent (s. 7)3. Installing computer programs without express consent (s. 8)4. Making false and misleading representations in e-messages (s. 77)5. Collecting e-addresses using computer programs without consent (s. 82)6. Collecting personal information through unauthorized access to a computer system (s. 82) 23NEW ANTI-SPAM LEGISLATIONA “commercial electronic message” is:• A message sent by any means of telecommunication (e.g. text, sound, voice or image) that has as its purpose, or one of its purposes, to encourage the participation in a commercial activity (s.1(2))  Commercial activity: a transaction, act or conduct of a commercial character, whether or not in the expectation of profit• An e-message that requests consent (s.1(3)) 24
  10. 10. NEW ANTI-SPAM LEGISLATION• In short: – The legislation applies to all commercial e-messages (not just e-mail) – In most cases, it requires express “opt-in” consent – Certain exemptions are set out in the Act• Several elements of the legislation require to be clarified by Regulations• Draft regulations were published at end of June and beginning of July 2011 25 DOMAIN NAMESDOMAIN NAMES ARE PROPERTY• Tucows.com Co. v. Lojas Renner S.A – Ontario Court of Appeal decision – Dispute between Tucows.com Co. and Lojas Renner S.A. about renner.com – Issue: jurisdiction of Ontario Court? – Is a domain name “personal property in Ontario”? 27
  11. 11. IMPLICATIONS OF TUCOWS? – Circumvention of UDRP – Application in Quebec • Analysis based on common law principles • CSPCS v. Barnoti (Quebec Superior Court, 2009) – Enforcement of security against a domain name – Application to a broader range of virtual property 28NEW GENERIC TLD’S – CURRENT DNS• ICANN – manages and coordinates the Domain Name System (DNS)• First come, first serve basis – no vetting by registrar• Minimal costs• Two main types of Top-Level Domains (TLD’s) • Generic TLD’s (.com, .net, .org) • Country code TLD’s (.ca) 29NEW GENERIC TLD’S• New generic TLD’s (.shoes, .pepsi, .montreal)• January - April 2012: first round of applications• Eligibility: corporations, institutions, cities• Initial filing fee: $185,000• Timeline: 9-20 months (complex application process) 30
  12. 12. NEW GENERIC TLD’S• Implications: – Trade-mark infringement, consumer confusion and cybersquatting – Rights protection mechanisms• Practical Suggestions: – Audit your trade-mark portfolio – Monitor posting of applications 31 L’AFFAIRE THE HURT LOCKERL’AFFAIRE THE HURT LOCKER• Piratage et partage du film The Hurt Locker (« Démineur »), ainsi que d’autres films• Aux Etats-Unis : – Création du United States Copyright Group (USGC) – Environ 100 000 utilisateurs de BitTorrent poursuivis pour avoir téléchargé des copies illégales, dont 25 000 pour le film The Hurt Locker – La Cour a ordonné aux fournisseurs d’accès Internet d’identifier leurs clients avec les adresses IP (Internet Protocol) – Offrait de régler à 2 500 $. – Payant : 17 M$ au Box-Office, et si 10 000 utilisateurs règlent à 2 000 $, 20 M$ – 10 000 charges abandonnées en mars dernier 33
  13. 13. L’AFFAIRE THE HURT LOCKER• Au Canada – Voltage Pictures LLC (le studio du film The Hurt Locker) c. Untel, 29 août 2011, Cour fédérale, Montréal • Concerne des personnes ayant téléchargé le film • Voltage Pictures a identifié 30 adresses IP de personnes copiant et distribuant le film sur Internet • La Cour a ordonné aux fournisseurs l’identification des utilisateurs par leur noms et adresses 34L’AFFAIRE THE HURT LOCKER• Dommages statutaires (Loi sur le droit d’auteur) de 500 $ à 20 000 $ pour les violations relatives à une œuvre donnée (art. 38.1(1)a)), sous réserve d’un certain ajustement à la baisse si le montant devient disproportionnel à la violation 35L’AFFAIRE THE HURT LOCKER• Problèmes rencontrés : – Identification des vrais coupables • Fournisseurs d’accès publics • Colocations, famille en visite, amis, piratage, réseaux sans-fil sécurisés – Opinion publique – Coûts de la défense – Procédures complexes 36
  14. 14. L’AFFAIRE THE HURT LOCKER• Projet de loi C-11 (anciennement C-32) : Loi sur la modernisation du droit d’auteur – Prévoit, aux articles 41.25 à 41.27, une procédure de repérage – Prévoit la réduction du montant des dommages dans le cas des violations commises à des fins non commerciales à un montant de 100 $ à 5000 $, en un seul recours, pour toutes les œuvres en cause (art. 38.1(1)b)) 37 L’ACCÈS LÉGALL’ACCÈS LÉGAL• Moyen légal d’accéder aux données et aux communications, par exemple par l’écoute électronique : – Pour la police, la Gendarmerie Royale du Canada (GRC) et le Service Canadien du Renseignement de Sécurité (SCRS) – Pour prévenir les crimes graves, (par exemple le blanchiment d’argent, la contrebande, le terrorisme) – Dernière mise à jour (mineure) dans les années 90. Le Code Criminel fait encore référence au télégraphe comme moyen de communication 39
  15. 15. L’ACCÈS LÉGAL• Depuis octobre 2000, consultations et travail aboutissant aux : – Projets de loi 2005-2006 : C-74, 2009 : C-46 et C-47 – Projets de loi C-50, C-51 et C-52 au printemps 2011 – Loi omnibus 2011 en automne 2011 – À la suite d’une pétition de plus de 70 000 signataires : Retiré du projet de loi omnibus, critiqué mais bientôt de retour, nous assure le Parti conservateur • Critiques importantes de la part du Commissariat à la protection de la vie privée du Canada, de la Ligue des Droits et Libertés, et Openmedia 40L’ACCÈS LÉGAL• Types d’accès : – Accès aux informations d’abonnés en tout temps • Nom, adresse, numéro de téléphone, courriel, adresse IP, numéro d’identification mobile, numéro de série électronique, identité du fournisseur et numéros d’identité internationale – Jurisprudence récente divisée sur la question du caractère confidentiel et du degré d’expectative de confidentialité de ces renseignements 41L’ACCÈS LÉGAL – Accès aux données informatiques • Sur ordre d’un agent « désigné », conservation des données durant 21 jours. Sur ordonnance de la Cour sur la base de l’existence de motifs raisonnables de soupçonner, 90 jours • Avec un mandat, obtenir la communication des données, sur la base de motifs raisonnables de croire qu’une infraction a été commise (ordonnance générale), incluant le contenu des données transmises – Inclus donc les transactions bancaires en ligne, les achats, les messages, les sites visités, les recherches faites sur un moteur de recherche, etc. 42
  16. 16. L’ACCÈS LÉGAL – Accès aux nœuds de réseau, aux données de transmissions et aux données de localisation, sur simple existence de motifs raisonnables de soupçonner • Les données incluent l’origine, la date et l’heure, la durée, le type et le volume de la télécommunication mais pas son contenu – Accès et activation à distance des GPS • D’une chose (ex. : voiture) sur simple motifs raisonnables de soupçonner • D’une personne (ex. : avec son cellulaire) sur la base de motifs raisonnables de croire 43L’ACCÈS LÉGAL• Projet de Loi C-29, Loi modifiant la Loi sur la protection des renseignements personnels et les documents électroniques – Limite grandement les cas où la personne a le droit d’apprendre qu’elle a été surveillée 44 SELECTED TOPICS UNDER BILL C-11: THE COPYRIGHT MODERNIZATION ACT
  17. 17. RECENT ATTEMPTS AT COPYRIGHTREFORM• Canada has attempted to comply with the World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) treaties and to bring its copyright legislation in line with other industrialized countries – Bill C-60 (2005) - Liberal Government – Bill C-61 (2008) - Conservative Government – Bill C-32 (2010) - Conservative Government – Bill C-11 (2011) - Conservative Government 46TECHNOLOGICAL PROTECTIONMEASURES• A TPM (“digital lock”) is defined as an effective technology, device or component that, in the ordinary course of its operation, controls access to a work or restricts doing to a work anything which the copyright owner has the exclusive right to doExplicit prohibitions – Circumventing TPMs – Providing service to circumvent – Manufacturing, selling and importing circumvention devices 47TECHNOLOGICAL PROTECTIONMEASURESExceptions – Law enforcement and national security – Interoperability of computer programs – Encryption research – Personal information – Security – Persons with perceptual disabilities – Temporary recordings by broadcast undertakings – Unlocking wireless devices – Prescribed by regulation 48
  18. 18. ISP, SEARCH ENGINE AND HOSTINGLIABILITY• ISPs and search engines do not infringe copyright when they act strictly as intermediaries in communication, caching and hosting activities for their customers• Hosts do not infringe copyright when they provide digital memory which another person might use to store an infringing copy of a work – Exception: person providing digital memory knows of a court decision to the effect that the person storing the work is infringing copyright 49ISP, SEARCH ENGINE AND HOSTINGLIABILITY• Formalized “notice and notice” regime – ISPs and hosts must forward any notice of infringement received from copyright owners to the subscriber who is engaging in infringing activities – ISPs must retain records of notification, or be held liable to a fine of up to $10,000 – Identity of the subscriber may be released with a court order 50STATUTORY DAMAGES• Non-commercial infringement – Statutory damages limited to $5,000 per legal proceeding (as opposed to per work) – “First to file and elect”  collection of statutory damages limited to the first copyright holder to file a proceeding and elect for statutory damages – Proportionality  Damage award limited by hardship suffered by the defendant and lack of knowledge of the infringement 51
  19. 19. STATUTORY DAMAGES• Commercial infringement – No change from previous statutory damage regime – Statutory damages of no less than $500 and no more than $20,000 per work infringed 52FORMAT SHIFTING AND TIME SHIFTING• Format shifting: Copies of works of any kind may be transferred from one format to another, as long as the original copy of the work does not infringe copyright, and as long as the individual: – receives the work legally – does not give the reproduction away – uses the reproduction for private purposes 53FORMAT SHIFTING AND TIME SHIFTING• Time shifting: Broadcast television, radio, or Internet programs may be recorded for later viewing, as long as the individual: – receives the program legally – makes no more than one copy – keeps the recording “no longer than necessary in order to listen to or view the program at a more convenient time” – does not give away the recording – uses the recording for private purposes• TPMs may not be circumvented for these purposes 54
  20. 20. FAIR DEALING• Fair dealing for the purpose of education, parody and satire does not infringe copyright• Non-commercial user-generated content (e.g. mash-ups) – Individuals may incorporate existing copyrighted work into new works if: • it is for a non-commercial purpose • the source of the existing work is mentioned (if it is reasonable to do so) • the individual reasonably believed that the existing work was not infringing copyright • the dissemination of the new work does not have adverse effects on the existing work 55OWNERSHIP OF PHOTOGRAPHS• Photographers are first owners of copyright in their photographs• Copyright in photograph protected for 50 years after the death of the photographer• Individuals who have commissioned a photograph may make personal or non-commercial use of the photos unless otherwise specified by contract 56 QUESTIONS?
  21. 21. Dr. Sunny Handa Partner, Montréal Office Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Direct 514-982-4008 Facsimile 514-982-4099 sunny.handa@blakes.comProfileSunny Handa is a Partner and co-head of both the Firms Information Technology (IT) Group and theFirms India Practice Group. Sunny has a substantial practice in mergers and acquisitions of technologycompanies and also deals with information technology, intellectual property, communications(telecommunications and broadcasting) and electronic commerce matters, and a range ofcorporate/commercial matters relating to technology and communications businesses. In the 2011 editionof Chambers Global: The Worlds Leading Lawyers for Business, the widely respected international legalranking publication, the Blakes IT Group was recognized as "A great practice that can support any type oftransaction."Sunny also has an active life sciences/health law practice and has worked extensively for some of theworlds largest pharmaceutical companies on a wide array of operational drug-related as well as corporateand commercial matters.As co-head of the Firms India Practice Group, Sunny represents a number of Indian companies doingbusiness in Canada, as well as Canadian companies doing business in India. He travels to Indiafrequently and was invited to attend the Province of Quebecs last five trade missions to India in 2006,2007, 2010 and 2011.Sunny has received the following awards and recognitions: • Named consistently as one of Canadas leading Computer and IT lawyers and as one of Canadas leading Technology lawyers by The Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory • Recognized as a leading lawyer in the categories of Information Technology Law and Technology Law in The Best Lawyers in Canada 2011 (also recognized in the 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2006 editions); also named Best Lawyers Montréal Information Technology Lawyer of the Year 2010 • Recognized as a leading lawyer in the category of Information Technology (Band 2 ranking) in Chambers Global: The Guide to the Worlds Leading Lawyers for Business in 2011 (also recognized in 2010 and 2009) • Nominated as being among the worlds pre-eminent Regulatory Communications Lawyers in Law Business Researchs The International Whos Who of Regulatory Communications Lawyers 2011 • Nominated as being among the worlds pre-eminent Internet, E-Commerce & Data Protection lawyers in Law Business Researchs The International Whos Who of Internet, E-Commerce and Data Protection Lawyers 2010 • Recognized in Law Business Researchs Whos Who Legal: Canada 2010 as a leading practitioner in Internet & E-Commerce and Communications Regulatory Law
  22. 22. • Acknowledged as one of Canadas leading practitioner in the category of Technology in The Lexpert/American Lawyer Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada in 2010 (also acknowledged in 2009) • Nominated as being among the worlds pre-eminent Internet and E-commerce lawyers in The International Whos Who of Internet and E-Commerce Lawyers and in The International Whos Who of Business Lawyers 2009 (also recognized in the 2008 edition) • Acknowledged as a well-regarded practitioner in the category of Information Technology and recognized in the category of Outsourcing in PLC Which Lawyer? Yearbook 2009 (in the areas of information technology and e-commerce in 2008) • Named one of the "Corporate Lawyers to Watch" in The 2008 Lexpert Guide to the Leading US/Canada Cross-Border Corporate Lawyers in Canada • Named a "Lexpert Rising Star," honouring Canadas leading lawyers under 40 in 2007 • Included in the Canadian Whos Who directory since 2005 • Voted as one of Canadas "Top 40: 40 and Under 40" in the November/December 2004 issue of Lexpert magazineOther ActivitiesSunny is a professor of law (adj.) at McGill University, where he has been teaching since 1994/95. Hecurrently teaches courses on communications law and complex legal transactions (e.g., advancedcorporate law), and has taught information technology law, copyright and trade-mark theory, copyright andinformation technology law, and mergers and acquisitions law in the recent past. He also overseesgraduate students writing in the fields of intellectual property, information technology and communicationslaw.Sunny has published widely in legal literature and has also authored and co-authored a number of bookson information technology, communications law, copyright law and business, including Halsburys Laws ofCanada -Communications, LexisNexis Canada Inc., Toronto, Canada (2010 reissue), as well as CanadianForms and Precedents: Commercial Transactions - Intellectual Property, LexisNexis Canada Inc., Toronto,Canada (2007), Halsburys Laws of Canada - Communications, LexisNexis Canada Inc., Toronto, Canada(2007), Fundamentals of Information Technology, LexisNexis Canada Inc., Toronto, Canada (2004); E-Commerce Legislation and Materials in Canada, LexisNexis Canada Inc., Toronto, Canada (2002, 2005and 2008 editions); Copyright Law in Canada, LexisNexis Canada Inc., Toronto, Canada (2002);Communications Law in Canada (loose-leaf serial), LexisNexis Canada Inc. (2000); Venturing Offshore,Stoddart Publishing, Toronto, Canada (2000); CyberLaw: A Guide for South Africans Doing BusinessOnline, Ampersand Press, South Africa (1999); Cyberlaw, Stoddart Publishing, Toronto, Canada (1997),also published by Pelanduk, Malaysia (1998); and Getting Canada On-Line: Understanding theInformation Highway, Stoddart Publishing, Toronto, Canada (1995). Sunny is also the creator and generaleditor of the IT Law book series for LexisNexis, which has to date launched six titles. (View books bySunny Handa: http://www.blakes.com/english/people/bookshanda.asp). Sunnys writings have beenquoted and cited with approval by courts across Canada, including by the Supreme Court of Canada.
  23. 23. Representative ExperienceSunny advises clients on a wide range of issues including:Corporate/Commercial • Mergers and acquisitions • Financing companies from start-ups to mature players • Complex commercial agreements, as well as intellectual property licensing schemes • Franchising agreements • A broad range of operational and corporate/commercial-related matters affecting technology companiesCommunications Law • Broadcasting and convergence/new media issues, and regulatory matters, including licensing matters • Telecommunications issues and regulatory matters, including advising foreign entities on entry into the Canadian market • Radiocommunications licences/clearancesInformation Technology and Intellectual Property • Outsourcing arrangements and procurement • Intellectual property protection matters in general (patents, trade-marks, copyrights, etc.) • Online copyright clearance issues and copyright board matters • Advising IT industry players, such as the video gaming industry, on a range of issues • The structuring of offshore operations especially with respect to e-commerce and intellectual property-based businesses • E-commerce matters, including online set-ups and related agreements • Privacy (data protection) issues • Data retention and data handlingLife Sciences/Health/Biotech • Clinical trial agreements • The appropriate handling of patient and subject information • Contracting with government and hospitals • Developing of a number of key standard operating policies relating to privacy and the handling of information
  24. 24. • Handling complex contracting arrangements, including manufacturing agreements and other pharmaceutical arrangements (e.g., distribution and wholesale arrangements) • Intellectual property issues • Pharmaceutical, health and regulatory adviceRecent PublicationsCo-author - "Amendments to the Copyright Act: Another Attempt", Blakes Bulletin on Intellectual Property,October 2011.Cited - "Nicholas v. Environmental Systems (International) Limited", 2010 FC 741 at par. 95, CopyrightLaw in Canada, (Markham, Ont: Butterworths, 2002).Co-author - "Cultural Sovereignty and the Internet: Containable Threat or End Game", paper presented to18th International Telecommunications Society Biennial Conference in Association with the 27th AnnualConference of the Japan Society of Information and Communication Research, Waseda University, Tokyo,June 27-30, 2010.Co-author - "Amendments to the Copyright Act: Is Your Business Ready?", Blakes Bulletin on IntellectualProperty, June 2010.Co-author - "Telecoms and Media 2009 - An Overview of Regulation in 52 Jurisdictions Worldwide",Chapter on Canada, p. 71, May 2009.Author - "Telecoms and Media 2008 - An Overview of Regulation in 48 Jurisdictions Worldwide", Chapter9 (Canada), p. 68, May 2008.Recent Professional ActivitiesSpeaker - "Creation from Destruction - Leveraging Digital Business Models", Digital Theory / CanadianWomen in Communications - Digital Convergence Executive Program, Toronto, Ontario, October 12,2011.Participant - "How Technology is Transforming the Way We Learn", Roundtable Discussion: MicrosoftRoundtable and Discussion, Montreal, Quebec, October 7, 2011.Speaker - "Doing Business in India", Quebec-Asia Law and Business Association (QALBA) incollaboration with the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC), Rising India in the Globalized World,Montreal, October 3, 2011.Speaker - "Software Copyright", McGill University / The Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC),The Business of Copyright, Montreal, August 11, 2010; also on August 10, 2011.Co-speaker - "Doing Business and Project Financing in India", Blakes Presentation to Export DevelopmentCorporation, Ottawa, Ontario, August 12, 2011.
  25. 25. Speaker - "Doing Business in India", West Island Presidents Club Lunch Seminar, Montréal, Quebec,June 9, 2011.Speaker - "Managing the Risks of Social Media", Association of Canadian General Counsel (ACGC)Meeting, Montréal, Quebec, May 28, 2010; also Canadian Bar Association - Quebec Branch, InternationalSection, Montréal, Quebec, April 19, 2011.Speaker - "Recent Developments in Technology Law", Ontario Ministry of Government Services -Technology Group Seminar, Toronto, Ontario, April 7, 2011.Speaker - "Commercial and Intellectual Property Law in India", Université Laval - Missions Commerciales,Quebec, Quebec, April 9, 2010; also on April 1, 2011.Panel Moderator - "CRTC Forum: Shaping Regulatory Approaches for the Future", Ottawa, Ontario, March23-24, 2011.Speaker - "Corporate Law Advantages and Intellectual Property Protection When Investing In Quebec",Blakes / Deloitte / Investissement Québec / Quebec Delegation, Chicago, Investing and Succeeding inQuebec Seminar, Chicago, Illinois, March 16, 2011.Panellist - "Social Media", Montreal Web Video 2011, Montréal, Quebec, February 24, 2011.Speaker - "Legal Issues When Producing Video for the Web", Montreal Web Video 2011, Montréal,Quebec, February 24, 2011.Speaker - "ICT Sector in Quebec", ICT Seminar on Collaborative R&D and Investment Opportunities inQuebec - Benefits and Prospects for Indian Corporations, Investissement Québec, Mumbai, India,February 1, 2011.Participant - "Quebec / India Trade Mission led by Minister Clément Gignac", Mumbai and Delhi, January30 - February 5, 2011.Speaker - "Intellectual Property Issues in Social Media", Blakes Technology Group Business ClassSeminar, Montréal, Quebec, November 24, 2010.Co-speaker - "Anatomy of an M&A Deal: Cautionary Tales and War Stories", 2nd Montreal M&A Forum,Montréal, Quebec, November 18, 2010.Speaker - "Technological Protection Measures and Rights Management Information Under CanadianCopyright Law", Osgoode Hall Law School, Understanding Bill C-32: Copyright Modernization ActConference, Toronto, Ontario, November 17, 2010.Speaker - "Legal Aspects - Doing Business in India", Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal / WorldTrade Centre Montreal, Take Advantage of the Phenomenal Economic Growth in India Conference,Montréal, Quebec, November 5, 2010.Panellist - "The Legal Perspective", BDO Client Seminar - Perspectives on Intellectual Property, Montréal,Quebec, November 3, 2010.
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  33. 33. EducationDoctorate (D.C.L.), McGill University – 1998Admitted to the Ontario Bar – 1995LL.M., McGill University – 1995LL.B., University of Toronto – 1992B.Comm., McGill University – 1989
  34. 34. Marie-Hélène Constantin Partner, Montréal Office Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Direct 514-982-4031 Facsimile 514-982-4099 mariehelene.constantin@blakes.comProfileMarie-Hélène Constantin practises commercial law in the field of technology and intellectual property andadvises clients in a variety of industries, including information technology, pharmaceutical andbiotechnology companies.Marie-Hélènes practice primarily involves: • Drafting and negotiation of technology-related commercial agreements • Providing advice in relation to intellectual property, Internet, e-commerce, health, pharmacy and privacy matters • Advising on large technology-related corporate transactions • Complex arrangements relating to the research and development, use, licensing, distribution, commercialization and transfer of technology • Advising clients on matters related to scientific research, privacy, intellectual property and general commercial mattersMarie-Hélènes drafting experience includes licence, maintenance and support, outsourcing,manufacturing, distribution, assignment and other technology and general commercial agreements. Beforedeveloping her corporate/commercial technology practice, she practised in the area of employment law fora number of years and developed an expertise in employment matters related to the ownership ofintellectual property rights in creations or inventions and issues of restrictions on the disclosure ofconfidential information and competition.Recent data protection and personal information matters Marie-Hélène has handled include reviewinginsurance and financial services application to identify privacy issues and draft adequate data protectionlanguage, conducting a privacy audit for a large Canadian directory services provider and advising anumber of clients on data transfer issues in the context of large corporate transactions (including patientinformation, customer information or employee information).Marie-Hélène practises and lectures in both English and French and was president of the Information,Intellectual Property and Telecommunications Section of the Canadian Bar Association (Quebec Chapter)from 2007 to 2009.
  35. 35. Recent Professional ActivitiesCo-speaker - "Quebec: French Language, Trade-Mark Exception and Consumer Protection Act Changes",Blakes Annual Seminar on Hot-Button Topics in Intellectual Property Law, Toronto, Ontario, February 16,2011.Speaker - "Click Here to Accept", Electronic Documents and Signatures, Blakes Technology SeminarSeries, Montréal, Québec, November 24, 2010.Speaker - "Comparative IT Law: Civil Code vs. Common Law", The Fourteenth Annual Canadian IT LawAssociation Conference, Montréal, Québec, October 28-29, 2010.Co-speaker - "Managing Your International Business", 8th Annual Full Day Conference, New JerseyCorporate Counsel Association, New Jersey, September 24, 2010.Speaker - "Cross-Border Technology Transactions", Lex Mundi Institute, Monterey, California, July 24-30,2010.Speaker - "Data Breach Notification", Blakes Technology Seminar Series, Montréal, Québec, June 3,2010.Speaker - "Twenty Drafting Tips for Cross-Jurisdictional Contracts and Electronic Contracts", CCCA 2010National Spring Conference, Montréal, Québec, April 11, 2010.Speaker - "Developing your Companys Social Networking Policy", Blakes Technology Seminar Series,Montréal, Québec, December 10, 2009.Speaker - "Online Contracts and Legal Compliance in the Age of Mobile Computing", The ThirteenthAnnual Canadian IT Law Association Conference, Toronto, Ontario, October 22-23, 2009.Speaker - "Managing your Electronic Documents", Blakes Technology Seminar Series, Montréal, Québec,May 27, 2009.Speaker - "Fundamental Drafting Issues for Corporate Counsel", CCCA 2009 Spring Training Camp of2009 National Spring Conference, Montréal, Québec, April 20, 2009.Speaker - "Twenty Drafting Tips for Cross-Jurisdictional Contracts and Electronic Contracts", CCCA 2009National Spring Conference, Montréal, Québec, April 5-7, 2009.Presenter - "Conference Series on Information, Intellectual Property and Telecommunications", CanadianBar Association, Montréal, Québec, 2007-2009.Speaker - "Communication of Personal Health Information in the Employment Relationship", InsightConference on Personal Information, Montréal, Québec, December 4-5, 2007.
  36. 36. Recent Media AppearancesQuoted - "Une révolution pour le marketing électronique", Article by Michel Munger, Journal de Montréal,August 17, 2011.Quoted - "La loi antipourriel plus catholique que le pape?", Article by Michel Munger, Argent Web site,August 16, 2011.Interviewed - "The New Anti Spam Law", Interview by Georges Pothier during the Argent Maintenant showon Canal Argent, August 16, 2011.Quoted - "Health-Care Checkup", Article by Julius Melnitzer, p. 55, Lexpert, April 2010.EducationAdmitted to the Quebec Bar - 1996B.C.L., McGill University - 1995LL.B., McGill University - 1995B.Mus., McGill University – 1990
  37. 37. Hélène Deschamps Marquis Experte-conseil, bureau de Montréal Blake, Cassels & Graydon S.E.N.C.R.L./s.r.l. Ligne directe : 514-982-4042 Téléc. : 514-982-4099 helene.deschampsmarquis@blakes.comProfilHélène Deschamps Marquis est membre des groupes de droit des affaires et des technologies delinformation. Elle aide ses clients à négocier et gérer des opérations complexes ayant trait auxtechnologies en prodiguant des conseils portant sur la conduite dopérations dimpartition, de ventedentreprises technologiques et la rédaction de contrats commerciaux. Lexpérience en fusions etacquisitions quelle a acquise dans des cabinets davocat de premier plan de Montréal jumelée à sesconnaissances des questions complexes en matière de technologies de linformation et de propriétéintellectuelle aide ses client à gérer efficacement leur croissance tout en réduisant les risquescommerciaux. Me Deschamps Marquis est titulaire dune maîtrise en droit informatique de lUniversitéMcGill, et elle est souvent sollicitée pour prononcer des conférences sur des questions touchant les défisliés aux négociations et la gestion des risques dans les opérations de TI.Me Deschamps Marquis est membre du Centre for Outsourcing Research and Education (CORE). Enoutre, elle siège au conseil dadministration de lAssociation canadienne du droit des technologies delinformation (IT.CAN) et à celui de lAssociation du Barreau canadien - division Québec. De 2003 à 2005,elle a été présidente de la division de linformation, de la propriété intellectuelle et des communications(section Québec) de lAssociation du Barreau canadien, alors quelle a été la plus jeune personne àexercer ces fonctions.Parlant couramment le français et langlais, Me Deschamps Marquis prodigue des conseils à des clientsinternationaux en Amérique du Nord et en Europe et les aide à naviguer dans les systèmes de commonlaw et de droit civil.Mandats représentatifs • A aidé une banque canadienne à organiser et à effectuer une demande de propositions visant limpartition dune partie importante de son infrastructure des TI. • A aidé une grande société technologique à répondre à une importante demande de propositions en France. • A aidé Microsoft Corporation à accroître son portefeuille de propriété intellectuelle par lacquisition dune société québécoise spécialisée dans le développement de logiciels pour la sécurité des réseaux. • A conseillé, à titre davocate principale, xwave, division de Bell Aliant, lors de longues négociations avec le gouvernement du Québec et ses partenaires concernant des ententes liées au Dossier de santé électronique interopérable du Québec, et a aidé xwave à gérer les risques liés à cette opération complexe.
  38. 38. • A aidé, à titre davocate principale, une entreprise française dans le cadre de son achat dune des plus grandes maisons de consultation en R&D au Québec, lui permettant ainsi daccroître son marché nord-américain. • A conseillé un grand intervenant du secteur des logiciels dans le cadre de la négociation dententes de distribution en Europe et aux États-Unis, laidant à sassurer dune solide distribution de ses produits dans le monde. • A aidé un important détaillant de vêtements à gérer ses relations commerciales au Canada. • A aidé, à titre davocate principale, une entreprise forestière de lOntario dans le cadre de lacquisition de scieries et dautres actifs au Québec. • A prêté assistance à lAgence des partenariats public-privé du Québec relativement aux aspects liés à la propriété intellectuelle de la conception, de la construction, de lexploitation et de lentretien dune nouvelle salle de concert pour lOrchestre symphonique de Montréal. • A aidé des institutions financières et des sociétés dassurance à gérer diverses questions ayant trait au commerce électronique.Activités professionnellesCoconférencière - "Table ronde: nouveaux développements québécois en droit des technologies delinformation", présentation à lAssociation canadienne du droit des technologies de linformation, Toronto,du 26 au 28 octobre 2011.Conférencière - "Les clauses de limitation de responsabilité : enjeux et négociations", Séminaire ClasseAffaires de Blakes sur les technologies de linformation, Hôtel Place dArmes, Montréal, le 23 février 2011.Conférencière - "Does Copyright Reform Go Far Enough? Owners Rights in Copyright Reform", BlakesAnnual Seminar on Hot-Button Topics in Intellectual Property Law, Toronto, 16 février 2011.Conférencière - "La pratique en technologie chez Blakes", présentation à BNI, Montréal, 24 septembre2010.Conférencière - "Les Questions de PI/TI dans un contexte transactionnel", présentation chez Blakes àMontréal, 22 septembre 2010.Coconférencière - "Selected Recent Developments in Canadian Law", présentation à Bell Aliant, Halifax,16 juin 2010.Coconférencière - "Le logiciel en tant que service : les enjeux juridiques", présentation à la BanqueNationale du Canada, Montréal, 13 mai 2010.Conférencière - "Ce quil faut savoir avant de signer sa première convention entre actionnaires - What youshould know before signing your First Shareholders Agreement", Série de séminaires de Blakes sur latechnologie, Montréal, 11 mars 2010.Coconférencière - "Les contrats de licence de logiciel : Conseils pour une négociation gagnante",présentation à la Banque Nationale du Canada, Montréal, 27 janvier 2010.
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  41. 41. Joanna Myszka Associate, Montréal Office Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Direct 514-982-5093 Facsimile 514-982-4099 joanna.myszka@blakes.comProfileJoanna Myszka is an Associate in the Business Group. Her practice focuses primarily on domestic andcross-border mergers and acquisitions, share and asset sale transactions, and general corporate matters.Joanna has participated in a wide range of transactions in various sectors, including the manufacturingand services, information technology, and pharmaceutical industries. She takes part in several aspects ofthe process, from due diligence to transaction closing, and assists in the drafting and reviewing of thepurchase agreement and related documents.Joanna also advises domestic and international companies on a range of Canadian regulatory matters,including privacy, French language, intellectual property, marketing and advertising, as well astelecommunications matters.Prior to joining Blakes, Joanna worked in the IT department of a major aerospace company in Quebec, ona part-time basis. She also served as a page in the House of Commons while completing the first year ofher undergraduate studies at the University of Ottawa.Joanna is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Quebec Bar Association and the Lord ReadingLaw Society. She is fluent in French and English and has a functional knowledge of Hebrew.Recent PublicationsCo-author - "Sustainability and the Courts: A Snapshot of Canada in 2009", Sustainable Development Law& Policy, Fall 2009.Recent Professional ActivitiesSpeaker - "Forum on Privacy and the Internet", Éducaloi Law Symposium, McGill University, Faculty ofLaw, May 7, 2010.EducationAdmitted to the Quebec Bar - 2010B.C.L./LL.B., McGill University - 2009B.A., McGill University - 2005