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Blake Lapthorn green breakfast with guest speaker Gin Tidridge - engaging colleagues in sustainability


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Blake Lapthorn solicitors' Climate Change team held a green breakfast on engaging colleagues in sustainability on 30 October 2012. The guest speaker was Gin Tidridge, B&Q's One Planet Home Range Manager.

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Blake Lapthorn green breakfast with guest speaker Gin Tidridge - engaging colleagues in sustainability

  1. 1. B&Q – What We Are Established over 40 years ago & leads the home improvement market in the UK & Ireland 350 DIY stores Over 30,000 employees in the UK & Ireland – Over 1,000 at B&Q House in Chandlers Ford – Many part time colleagues, many over 60 Part of the Kingfisher Group along with: – Castorama (France, Poland, Russia) – Brico Depot (France, Spain) – Screwfix (UK) – Koctas (Turkey) – B&Q China
  2. 2. A brief history of socialresponsibility at B&Q part 1 1989: B&Q Macclesfield opens, staffed entirely by over 50s 1991: first timber policy published 1991: QUEST commences 1993: founding partner of Forest Stewardship Council 1998: B&Q pushes industry to adopt VOC labelling 1999: Centralalised recycling begins 2001: Organic garden chemicals launched 2007: One Planet Home begins with sustainability charity Bioregional – 10 plans put in place, cutting across all areas of the business – Step change to helping customers to engage with sustainability – Regular independent tracking of how we are doing vs objectives
  3. 3. A brief history of socialresponsibility at B&Q part 2 2008: Patio Heaters and 100% peat bales discontinued 2011: 67 homes in Sutton eco retrofitted for PAYS 2011: 100% compliance with timber policy 2011: Biogas truck trial – powered by methane from landfill 2011: Swindon Distribution Centre opens 2011: Eco retrofit com By 2012, we had – Reduced our carbon emmissions by 29% in absolute terms compared to 2006 – Reduced our carbon emmissions from transport by 28% in absolute terms compared to 2006 – Reduced waste to landfill by 86% with a 76% recycling rate – Trained over 11,000 colleagues in One Planet Home with 192 completing City & Guilds eco sales qualification
  4. 4. By 2050, 85% of the homes we willbe living in have already been builtWe have the oldest housing stock in the developedworld: 1 in 5 were built before 1918 source: BRE 35% of homes with a loft still don’t have loft insulation source: DECC 32% of homes with cavity walls still don’t have cavity wall insulation source: DECC 98% of homes with solid walls don’t have wall insulation source: DECCUK Energy prices on the rise in real terms: UK households gas bills have gone up by 27% & electricity bills by 13% between 2007 & 2011 UK households gas bills have gone up by 6.7% & electricity bills by 6.3% between 2010 & 2011
  5. 5. Flooding & Water Homes at risk from flooding as weather patterns change One in six homes in England is at risk of flooding. Over 2.4 million properties at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea in England, of which nearly half a million are at significant risk. One million of these are also vulnerable to surface water flooding with a further 2.8 million properties susceptible to surface water flooding alone. Source: Environment Agency 40% of British homes are now on water meters, with some water companies making them compulsory.
  6. 6. Lifestyle Trends Homes are getting smaller Where do we store waste ready for recycling? Where do we keep increasing amounts of stuff? Return of the extended family – as well as rise of single person households Gadgets & technology on the rise 24% of us already grow some of our own food Which 2011 Nature: – RSPB: over 1 million members and over ½ million people participate in annual Big Garden Birdwatch survey – Countryfile: average 5.5M viewers per week
  7. 7. What were doing at the moment Launched Energy Shops in 5 stores – New products and services that deliver major energy saving to customers homes Fitting LED lighting systems to all stores Start Prince of Wales’ charities’ initiative to encourage positive thinking about sustainability Presence at festivals & shows talking to customers – and prospective customers – about sustainability Circular Economy: – Youth Board – Revisiting our business proposition
  8. 8. Why engaging our colleaguesmatters Generating sales in an area our customers find important but confusing – 30,000 sales generators, 30,000 customers, 30,000 advocates – Feedback from customers via colleagues is essential – especially for innovative products Performance – New initiatives only succeed if colleagues get behind them – New behaviours like turning off lights and avoiding waste need people to engage Retention & Recruitment – Pride in B&Q ensures we keep & develop good people – Graduate recruitment – sustainability matters
  9. 9. 2010: Driving Advocacy CERT enabled us to offer to all colleagues: – Penny a roll loft insulation – Free electricity saving packs Online launch of : – Submit your Eco Ideas & win prizes – Nominate a colleague as an Eco Hero Media plan tailored to colleagues: – Website could be accessed from work, from home – or from smartphone – Backed up with comms in staff magazine & posters in canteen 6,000 active participants 4.54 Gallup Score
  10. 10. 2011:Continuing to Develop Website re-launched – Register & get free access to Kew Gardens – 250 won tickets to afternoon tea event at Clarence House for Start – 3 prizes of £1,000 to spend at Center Parcs – Eco Ideas & Eco Heroes – repeated – Photography Competition Less successful: – No offline promotion due to reduction in paper communications – Kew not as accessible a draw as penny a roll insulation! 1,500 active participants 4.38 Gallup Score
  11. 11. 2011: B&Q House Opens
  12. 12. 2012: Back to Paper One Planet Home Times – 16 page newspaper – Launched November 2011 at event at NEC – Given out to store managers – Sent to store HR contacts to place in the canteen – Desk dropped at B&Q House Showcases what our colleagues are doing – every story has the person who’s driven the change featured “I didn’t realise B&Q did all of this” Will continue in 2013 – but with an online version too
  13. 13. Eco House – See What We Can Do 1890s end terrace eco retrofitted to achieve: – 68% reduction in carbon emmisssions – 80% reduction in energy bills Tours for store managers: – As part of a 2 day visit to B&Q House that helps them to understand the business – and to contribute ideas and feedback – Understanding why B&Q is helping customers to save energy – and demonstrating the scale of opportunity – Great feedback – even from colleagues who describe themselve as eco sceptic
  14. 14. The Ultimate Commute Raise awareness of smarter business travel & raise money for Children in Need 16 Cyclists from B&Q & Kingfisher Cycled from B&Q House to Paddington, to Dover, to Lille Over 230 miles cycled Over £6,000 raised for Children in Need
  15. 15. Lessons weve learned Work with colleague behaviour - make it easy to take part Incentives for all work better than competitions! Stories work – and hold up the business’ champions as heroes