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Top Five Predictions Around The Future Of Customer Experience


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2016 brought its share of customer experience innovation. We saw brands like 1-800 Flowers launch chatbots with Facebook messenger, broadening their reach with customers. We saw more stories about artificial intelligence like Pepper the robot being used in Pizza Huts in Asia to take customer orders, payment and provide nutritional information. Meanwhile use of social networks like Snapchat and WhatsApp have ballooned, and some brands are starting to insert themselves in these 1:1 conversations. All of these things will continue to gain traction in 2017 and much more. Are your strategies considering modern trends such as these? In this webinar you will learn the top five trends for customer experience in 2017. We will look at growing trends such as how customer experience has taken a front seat at the leadership level for organizations, advanced social customer service, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and chatbots, and improved CRM capabilities. All of these things will affect your 2017 customer strategies - so gear up by tuning into this must-see webinar.

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