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How to Create Customer Evangelists Who Help You Build Your Brand, Followers and Sales


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Are you ready to convert your customers into influential ambassadors who will help you build your brand and bottom line? This instructive event will show you how leading brands have improved customer experience online and off by developing what “Creating Customer Evangelists” authors Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba call evangelism marketing strategies and programs. Not only will one of the visionaries behind this insightful book reveal research and best practices from some of the nation’s most beloved brands, but this expert will be joined by leading customer experience executives tasked with sharing proven techniques for building powerful word-of-mouth networks and empowering your customers. If you want to strengthen customer relationships that will help you grow your brand, followers and sales, then this is one event you can’t afford to miss.


• How social media can create customer evangelists
• Case studies: Remarkable examples and lessons of how major brands have empowered customers online and off
• Why “customer experience” is a growing discipline—and how PR and communications fit into the customer experience marketing matrix
• New tips and trends in evangelism marketing
• How to lead the charge for creating customer evangelists at your organization
• Feedback First: Tools and tips for continuously gathering customer feedback
• Building the right culture: How to share knowledge freely to encourage customer evangelism
• Building Buzz: How to build word of mouth networks—on social media and beyond
• Creating Community: How to create and manage communities—online and off—to find, engage and leverage brand fans or evangelists]
• Creating a Cause: How to focus on making the world, your industry or your clients’ lives better to give customers and brand fans a cause to rally behind
• Missteps and roadblocks companies make when pursuing customer evangelism or experience programs—and how to avoid making the same mistakes
• Measurement: How to measure customer evangelism to track and prove the value of these efforts

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How to Create Customer Evangelists Who Help You Build Your Brand, Followers and Sales

  1. 1. Build Your Own Customer Evangelism Movement Blake Landau, Artemis
  2. 2. If you want your customers to like you, youneed to like them first
  3. 3. Customers Who Are In Love Will Become Brand EvangelistsHow do you get Customers to fall in love with yourbrand?
  4. 4. Let’s Give them something to talk about (and a place to do it)
  5. 5. Take a page from Gaga’s book• Name your customers• Give them a cause to rally behind• Give them a forum to meet each other
  6. 6. Customer communitiesCustomer support, social marketing & customer feedback
  7. 7. Verizon Wireless :