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A Wise Approach to a Social Consumer Oriented Practice


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Social media has made it easier for companies to find customers at their point of need. While social media is just another channel of communication, not a looming mysterious force, it still requires its own methods and approach.

Every brand today should look at itself not just as a company but as a publisher of content. Today your company’s content and engagement methods are key. Reaching out to provide service on social media is the most public approach you will ever do as a company. The best companies today are creating frameworks for themselves and their employees. They provide clear and easy to follow protocol on how to engage with customers in social networks.

Social Media Consultant Blake Landau will lead this session to help you better understand new Consumer Care tactics using Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, YouTube, blogs, and forums – platforms that you can’t afford to ignore. We’ll provide guidance on creating a results-oriented system that works for you.

Questions we’ll address in this session:

How does customer service take a collaborative and cross-departmental approach to social media and how to help build a case for incorporating customer service into the corporate social strategy?
What is the difference between ROI and ROE (Return on Engagement) and how can I set metrics in place that make sense for my company?
What social customer service case studies can I look to for best practices?

About our Presenter:

Blake Landau

Blake has worked with a variety of brands ranging from big brand Verizon Wireless to Bay Area favorites like Sukhis Indian Foods on their social media programs
She's a writer and blogger and has published articles with Forbes, CMSWire, Women 2.0, Direct Marketing News and more
She has built her own business leveraging social media resulting in clients, press, and other speaking opportunities.
Presented at a variety of conferences including Customer Engagement Technology World, CRM Evolution, Facebook 201 (for nonprofits) and Social Media Week.
Passionate about supporting local small business community.

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A Wise Approach to a Social Consumer Oriented Practice

  1. 1. a Wise approach to a social consumer oriented practice NW SOCAP * Artemis September 2012
  2. 2. Who is blake?
  3. 3. Client List
  4. 4. Let’s get started
  5. 5. This isn’t any of you but....
  6. 6. Why Are We Here?• consumers “cut the line,” gravitating to social channels• Customer service is now responsible for the most public messaging the company will ever do• Social media provides a big opportunity for customer Care
  7. 7. Can you relate to this?We have some support, but how do we get more buy-in from leadership?Once we have the technology, how do we do a betterjob of getting it set up past the pilot phase?Where do I start with metrics for my reps on social?
  8. 8. Are you answering the door?
  9. 9. Do you have the Executive support to staff up for social?
  10. 10. the new customer service reality
  11. 11. Challenge or Opportunity?
  12. 12. sharing best practices
  13. 13. Filtering and prioritizing posts for agentsWith a limited number of contact center resources, itbecomes increasingly important to determine whichposts require a response
  14. 14. Improving your KloutEffectiveness metrics such as influence and kloutcan help prioritize posts
  15. 15. Be aware that….You want to attend to influential customers without alienating everyone else
  16. 16. Routing the right post to the right agentUse sentiment analysis or keyword filtering todetermine which posts need to be routed to whichgroup
  17. 17. KPIs1. Service measures2. Quality measures3. Effectiveness measures
  18. 18. Service measures ‘Service level’ is one of the more important indicators of success for social care platforms A strong service level for social is around 85%. answering tweets within 15 minutes, and FB posts within a couple of hours.
  19. 19. abandonment rate•measure the percentage of posts that are never responded to or looked at by thesocial media team.•high ‘abandon rate’ means the volume is too high for agents to handle and usuallyoccurs after an issue or big event.
  20. 20. Quality MeasuresEvaluating the written ‘quality of response’ given by an agent. Thisshould be evaluated using a customer survey or an outside qualityteam at your company
  21. 21. First post resolutionIf an issue is addressed on the first response thenthe advice given was clear and on point.
  22. 22. Channel redirections?Channel redirection occurs when a customer asks aquestion on a channel that is not able to support anappropriate response.
  23. 23. effectiveness measuresSocial care conversations affect the overall perceptionof the brand.‘Post sentiment’ to judge the attitude, opinion oremotion communicated through customers’ socialposts
  24. 24. ReachCalculate ‘Reach’ of the agent’s response by calculating the number ofpeople who are following (for Twitter) or are friends with (forFacebook) the individual that’s having a public conversation with anagent
  25. 25. ChannelsBlogsTwitterFacebookLinkedInGoogle+YoutubeQuora
  26. 26. Owned versus Earned MediaOwned social media includes the channels you control such as the Facebook page,twitter and Slideshare. Earned social media includes content off of your owned pages,such as external blogs, videos, and forums. you don’t control this.
  27. 27. customer service blogWrite 1-2 blogs per week. Market the blogs on your social channelsRespond to commentsTrack engagement via traffic, comments, RTs, tweets, Likes, Shares andmore.
  28. 28. TwitterTweet content that directs customers to the right informationIf responding to a tweet, post initials. Anything specific--not sent out as a pieceof news--should have initials (-BL or –MS).Tweet in the morning and at night notifying when you’re “open” for businessand “closed” for businessParticipate in tweetchats such as #custserv tuesdays at 6pm pt every weekinclude faces with profiles for social customer care team--makes it more humantake conversations offline as needed
  29. 29. Twitter
  30. 30. Facebook PageHighlight customers of the week, or customer creations Answer customer inquiries when it has to do withsomething actionable don’t always respond to venting. there’s nothing cs cando about customer anger collaborate with other teams (PR, Marketing) to ensurestreamlined approach
  31. 31. Google+ Content Helps SEO More Than Twitter
  32. 32. YoutubeUpload “how to” contentCreate videos with your customersCreate videos with your customer service team
  33. 33. QuoraCreate a profileFollow relevant influencers in your industryUsing tags Search for your brand, and answerquestions on quora
  34. 34. in conclusionStart where you areDo what works for your particular organizationMake the most with what you haveBe brave to fight for the resourcesyou needBe patientDust yourself off and get back up when things go badly
  35. 35. Simplify social
  36. 36. Questions?Blake Landau, Consultant, Artemis347.907.0968Blake @ Artemis
  37. 37. citations Center Times