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MA Bottle Bill Campaign


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For MK 302: Media Planning, the final assignment was to create a media plan to increase awareness and support for the Massachusetts Bottle Bill update.

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MA Bottle Bill Campaign

  1. 1. Massachusetts Bottle BillMK 302-01 April 25,2012
  2. 2. Team: Blue Skies Communication  Sue Hua  JumaInniss  Blair Mosberg  Kayla Pinto
  3. 3. Discovery Recycling and litter prevention program first passed in 1983 Instituted a nickel deposit on beverage containers Over 30 Billion containers have been redeemed under MA Bottle Bill Bottle Bill expansion sought to include “new age” drinks like non-carbonated waters, iced tea, juice, and sports drinks
  4. 4. Strengths Sierra Club and the  Increases recycling Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection  Saves energy, saves oil are the major supporters of the Bottle Bill  Creates green jobs Strong public support  Keeps current with consumer habits The Bottle Bill has an existing support network of  Allows small stores to opt out supporters and a strong  Supports the Redemption foundation Centers Decrease landfill use
  5. 5. Weaknesses Price of beverages will increase for consumers “Real Recycling for Massachusetts” coalition formed
  6. 6. Opportunities A number of other states have revised their redemption laws Generate funds to support state programs and defray the cost of waste cleanup MA size is small enough for it to have impact 77% of Massachusetts residents favor an updated Bottle Bill Could generate up to $37 million in state aid Chance to educate publics on Bottle Bill and its effect on consumers and industries Consumer can earn money
  7. 7. Threats Restaurants may choose food suppliers in NH and CT instead of MA suppliers Restaurants and stores may pull certain product lines because they don’t want to charge a higher price for the products to compensate Confusion within publics about which bottles are recyclable and about potential benefits Consumers may change buying habits to avoid price increases
  8. 8. Target Audience Parents of young children  According to  18-34 years old MediaMark…  Teach/encourage their  Newspapers (144) children to recycle  Radio (128)  TV (152) Youth-connected adults  Facebook (145)  Teachers  Twitter (238)  Advisors/Administrators  Coaches
  9. 9. Emily Browne Northwestern U  Uses social media to keep grad, 2000, in in touch with friends and English, Administrative family Assistant (part-time) at Boston law firm  Mommy blogs Lives in Brookline with  Reads home, food, and husband, 5 yr. old son, 3 lifestyle magazines yr. old daughter  Reads local newspapers Hobbies include yoga, cooking, socializing,  She and her husband PTA both have iPhones
  10. 10. Emily Browne
  11. 11. Ted Ruben Principal at a high school in  His two children (7 year old Worcester. boy and 12 year old girl) have grown up in the school He has only been in this role system and always looks to for two years and is looking instill the importance of a to strengthen the unity within strong community. the student body.  In his free time, he enjoys He is in good relations with spending the weekend with the surrounding schools and his family on small always seeks day, educational day trips. fun, engaging, community building projects for his school.
  12. 12. Ted Ruben
  13. 13. Bill Stevenson President of Babson College  Sustainable student groups for the last 14 years now. and local activists have been pressuring him to enact and He has been getting a lot of enforce environmental interest in pushing a "green" friendly policies at Babson. program at the school and is slowing working with the  He has a high income that board to make sustainable he mostly spends on his real changes on campus. estate: a summer home on the Cape, a $7 million apartment walking distance to Babson and a 2011 BMW.
  14. 14. Bill Stevenson
  15. 15. Objectives Public awareness of the need to update the Bottle Bill  Mobilize Massachusetts residents to lobby lawmakers to vote for the Massachusetts Bottle Bill Expansion
  16. 16. Campaign Strategy Build awareness around Bottle Bill legislation among Massachusetts parents. Motivate school aged children to urge their parents to ensure the Bill’s passing
  17. 17. Media Strategies Print Ads in local publications Billboard Ads on Local Primetime News stations Blogs  Social Media @MABottleBillComp Radio WFCR-FM (Amherst) WANF-FM (Newburyport) WFPB-FW (Falmouth) WBPR-FM (Worcester)
  18. 18. Promotional Strategies All ages school recycling competition
  19. 19. The Competition The purpose of implementing the Bottle Bill Competitions in Elementary schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, and Colleges across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is to generate interest for the Bottle Bill legislation. Through targeting and engaging children and young adults in this competition, we hope to simultaneously reach their parents who will be able to throw their support behind the legislation. Winners will be announced in December (2012) and reward events will be hosted in May (2013)
  20. 20. Elementary School School throughout MA that can recycle the most bottles per student Students are encouraged to recycle all types of bottles that would be covered by the expansion All the money from bottle returns go to the school Winner gets a Carnival Day with a bouncy bounce, clowns, and carnival games
  21. 21. Middle School School throughout MA that can recycle the most bottles per student Students are encouraged to recycle all types of bottles that would be covered by the expansion All the money from bottle returns go to the school Winner gets a JADA concert for their school (a girl band from MA)
  22. 22. High School Think of an innovative recycling and fundraising program in your school Put the plan into action Team/School with the most impact wins Winning club/team wins tickets to a Red Sox game and $2,000 for their club to continue the program
  23. 23. College Campaign with an environmental lobbyist in your area Implement the campaign Team or school able to generate the most support for the Bottle Bill wins (support meaning signatures or recruits to the cause) Winning club/team wins tickets to a Red Sox game and $2,000 for their club to continue the program
  24. 24. Timeline
  25. 25. Budget
  26. 26. Evaluation Send out evaluation forms to  Google Analytics schools and parents with questions about the Bottle  Track social media, i.e. Bill and their opinions on the Crowdbooster competitions and legislation  How many new followers Calculate overall  What influential followers impressions  How many likes, etc. How many schools  Mock voting participated? How many students were involved?