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Website presentation from Vector Minima Inc and World of Modular full

METALOQ from Vector Minima Inc is a disruptive solution for modular builders and cold formed steel providers to enter this highest growth industry.

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Website presentation from Vector Minima Inc and World of Modular full

  1. 1. VECTORMINIMA Your Source for Efficient Modular Construction Technology Copyright VectorMeta 2020
  2. 2. Hybrid Kit Frames for Modular Builders Patent Pending METALOQ
  3. 3. • LSF / CSF Definitions and Context • Introduction to the METALOQ System • The Kit of Parts • Component Production Methods • The IP Roadmap • The R&D model “Tell them what you will be telling them…” VECTORMINIMA
  4. 4. Light Steel Framing = LSF = “sheet metal studs” = almost always roll formed from Galvanized Steel Cold Formed Steel = CFS = sections rolled or brake formed from Hot Rolled Mild Steel (HRMS) HRPO (Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled) or Galvanized Steel Hybrid = A mix of both LSF / CFS / Hybrid VECTORMINIMA
  5. 5. The completion of 461 Dean by FCModular, followed by the increasing NA presence of EU players, has stimulated rapid evolution in the North American steel-framed volumetric modular industry. VECTORMINIMA
  6. 6. VECTORMINIMA LSF is a low- cost option for volumetric frame production FRAMECAD
  7. 7. VECTORMINIMA The availability of automated LSF rolling machines made by Howick, FrameCAD and others has dramatically increased the use of panelized LSF components worldwide
  8. 8. LSF is a well- established technology for the production of panelized components for buildings of any height VECTORMINIMA
  9. 9. VECTORMINIMA LSF is also the material of choice for infill applications in buildings of all types
  10. 10. VECTORMINIMA LSF is increasingly used for most of the vertical structure of buildings up to 10 stories
  11. 11. VECTORMINIMA LSF is widely used for the frames of small volumetric modular structures such as bathroom pods Module 200
  12. 12. VECTORMINIMA LSF is also used to produce full- sized load- bearing, volumetric module frames AYREFRAME
  13. 13. VECTORMINIMA Due to the low edge and connection strength of LSF structures, large volumetric frames that must be handled complete with drywall and finishes are often supported with HRMS or HSS base frames Modular Building Systems Hoisting point on base frame
  14. 14. How are LSF members typically joined? LFS panels and module frames are assembled using a variety of methods: • Screws or rivets • Crimping or clinching • Spot welding • Welding (usually MIG) VECTORMINIMA
  15. 15. Dimpling and spot welding join light sections with high fixity VECTORMINIMA
  16. 16. VECTORMINIMA Because of the large moments and loads on volumetric module frames, a mechanically- fastened LSF structural frame requires a large number of point- loaded fasteners
  17. 17. VECTORMINIMA Because point- loaded fasteners are inherently weak, LSF structural frames are often welded. The standard most widely referenced is AWS B2.1-1-011:2002- AMD1(R2013)
  18. 18. VECTORMINIMA In practice, the welding of galvanized steel sections generates toxic zinc oxide fumes, damages the corrosion protection, and beads are seldom consistent
  19. 19. Module frames built with LSF have many advantages: • Least steel used per square foot of built space • Almost zero scrap, if studs and channels are made in a continuous process from coil stock • Accurate details are easily added by automated equipment with material in flat or formed condition • Drywall and cementitious floor panels are easily fastened to LSF joists and infill studs with SDST screws VECTORMINIMA
  20. 20. …and some disadvantages: • Bearing capacity of stud assemblies is limited • Bearing columns require multiple nested sections or structural steel members • Connections between joist and rim beams is flexible • Bottom edges of LSF floor assemblies are weak • Lack of compression-resistant members and connections suited to load collection limits use of brace cores • Overall stiffness and point-load strength challenging for hoisting • Welding (if used) is often poorly done VECTORMINIMA
  21. 21. VECTORMINIMA has developed a low-cost, robust hybrid structural frame built with a mix of CFS and LSF The new frame design is intended to capture a significant portion of the multi-billion dollar global market for steel volumetric module frames VECTORMINIMA
  22. 22. We call our hybrid structural modular frame system: METALOQ Patent Pending VECTORMINIMA
  23. 23. METALOQ hybrid frames consist of CFS sections with pre-welded connections joined to LSF via proprietary bolted connections, providing ease of fabrication, speed of assembly, high fixity and material efficiency VECTORMINIMA Cold Formed Steel Light Steel Framing
  24. 24. METALOQ frames ship as kits that can be assembled in a few hours on a flat floor by a small crew with hand-held power tools. The set-up cost for METALOQ Kit Frame users is negligible. VECTORMINIMA
  25. 25. VECTORMINIMALet’s take a closer look…
  26. 26. VECTORMINIMATypical array
  27. 27. Separate hallways and room modules VECTORMINIMA
  28. 28. VECTORMINIMA Precision alignment features
  29. 29. VECTORMINIMA Precision alignment features
  30. 30. VECTORMINIMA Precision alignment features double as primary vertical tension connectors…
  31. 31. ….and perform triple duty as hoisting connectors! VECTORMINIMA
  32. 32. VECTORMINIMA Inside access to connection is provided by access covers located in the floor / ceiling joist spaces Connection access covers
  33. 33. VECTORMINIMA High- capacity horizontal connection High-strength steel interconnector Machined pocket
  34. 34. VECTORMINIMA Typical mid- span module interconnector MEP bypass zone
  35. 35. VECTORMINIMA Typical outer wall module interconnector
  36. 36. VECTORMINIMA NB: Assembled layers of modules have flat tops, facilitating in- process rain proofing and roofing of the top floor
  37. 37. VECTORMINIMA High vertical and horizontal fixity with high precision in a tight connection zone Tapered sides of interconnector provide clamping action to column caps
  38. 38. VECTORMINIMA Flush-top interconnector allows contact along edges of rim beams, creating load-bearing walls that add to bearing capacity, diaphragm action and seismic capacity. Can be further augmented by bolting
  39. 39. VECTORMINIMA Outer wall moment frame
  40. 40. Floor system VECTORMINIMA
  41. 41. VECTORMINIMA LSF joists are efficient and easy to produce, but typical LSF connections are not adequate to brace rim joists and exterior load bearing walls against movement
  42. 42. VECTORMINIMA METALOQ Proprietary joist connection clamp delivers moment capacity while bracing the rim joists, eliminating weak connections and / or the need for welding to galvanized steel
  43. 43. VECTORMINIMA Typical structural rim joists brake formed from ¼” material with LASER-cut features
  44. 44. Lets dig in….. VECTORMINIMA METALOQ LSF joists with stamped “Dimple” or “Bead” formed in web engages a high-fixity clamp on rim joist
  45. 45. Lets dig in….. VECTORMINIMA Fixed clamps welded to rim joist Positive clamping action provided by flange bolt and nut engages dimple on joist web Weld is made to projecting tab
  46. 46. VECTORMINIMA Roll-formed joists incorporating customized, in- line punched and flanged openings facilitate the circulation of MEP
  47. 47. VECTORMINIMA “Tolerance Notch” ensures fit of structural rim beams on shear tab connections
  48. 48. VECTORMINIMA How do we do hallways?
  49. 49. VECTORMINIMA LSF / CSF hallway assemblies connect parallel module arrays over the length of the hallway rim beams through the high-fixity clamped joist connections
  50. 50. VECTORMINIMA Primary hallway support bracket is an extension of the horizontal inter-connection component Secondary hallway connections are made with tabs on the end rim beam
  51. 51. Lets dig in….. VECTORMINIMATypical hallway ceilings
  52. 52. “The Kit of Parts” VECTORMINIMA
  53. 53. VECTORMINIMA Fixture-fabricated column assemblies provide accurate location of frame members and control FF to FF height
  54. 54. Lets dig in….. VECTORMINIMA Typical 4 x 4 column end details Water-jet cut and machined component
  55. 55. VECTORMINIMA Typical 4 x 12 column end details
  56. 56. VECTORMINIMA 4” x 6” and 4” x 8” columns are all part of the same family of details
  57. 57. VECTORMINIMA Connection component family Tapered sides provide clamping action during building assembly
  58. 58. VECTORMINIMA Options for offline fabricated subassemblies and SKU reduction
  59. 59. VECTORMINIMAEG: One-piece portal frame
  60. 60. VECTORMINIMAEG 1: Portal frame subassembly 16 + shear tabs and miscellaneous parts can be eliminated
  61. 61. How high can you go with a METALOQ frame? A standard METALOQ frame with no long member thicker than ¼” (!) delivers a lot of blue at 10 stories! VECTORMINIMA
  62. 62. What is a METALOQ frame made from? The raw material input to the supply chain is mostly steel in coil form VECTORMINIMA
  63. 63. Hot rolled steel coil is one of the least expensive sources of steel VECTORMINIMA
  64. 64. VECTORMINIMA Galvanized steel coil is also widely traded and readily available HRMS coil $580-$590 / ton Galvanized coil $600 - $650 / ton Long product $700-$750 / ton
  65. 65. How do you make the “Kit of Parts”? 1. Rim joists and columns: Blanking, LASER detailing, brake-forming, fixture-controlled welding 2. Column caps: LASER or waterjet cutting, CNC machining 3. Joists: Rolling with integrated or secondary detail stamping, bolt-on dimpling station VECTORMINIMA
  66. 66. Roll-forming machines with built-in detailing and cut- to-length stations are commonly used for the high-volume production of Light Steel Framing
  67. 67. The LSF rolling process is fast and leaves the galvanizing largely undamaged VECTORMINIMA 14 nested joists, enough for the floor of a 350 sq ft module
  68. 68. Sure-Span is a typical roll-formed floor joist with flanged web openings VECTORMINIMA
  69. 69. VECTORMINIMA Prior to brake-forming rim joists and columns, details are cut in to blanks with long-bed LASERS
  70. 70. Heavy press brakes are used for forming long members from steel blanks over 1/8” thick VECTORMINIMA
  71. 71. VECTORMINIMA Tandem and Tridem press brakes are a lower- cost option for forming long channels
  72. 72. VECTORMINIMA Robotic welding cells and fixtures are used to join components to create subassemblies RENTAPEN
  73. 73. Summary of METALOQ Key Features • Easy to make, easy to assemble • No new or expensive technology required for component production or module assembly • Top picked structural modules with high stiffness, point load capacity and edge strength • Dual-purpose precision locating features • CFS structure delivers diaphragm action, braced bays • LSF delivers light weight (350 sq ft frame weighs ~ 4200 lbs) • Meets UL and CSA standards similar to UL H501 VECTORMINIMA
  74. 74. Roadmap Technologies VECTORMINIMA has a robust roadmap of cost- saving IP in development that will continuously expand applications of the METALOQ system, reduce costs and keep system users at the leading edge of the modular industry VECTORMINIMA
  75. 75. VECTORMINIMA Cast column caps (when we have it right and we are ready to lock in)
  76. 76. Load bearing walls for taller stacking in brace- core applications VECTORMINIMA
  77. 77. VECTORMINIMA Multiple continuous vertical load paths horizontally braced by tension-capable floor joist connection
  78. 78. VECTORMINIMA Bolted connections and full structural continuity through rim joists
  79. 79. VECTORMINIMA Installing shim packs converts METALOQ structures to point- loaded mode for spanning applications (lobbies, cafeterias, common areas etc.)
  80. 80. VECTORMINIMA MEP interface components eliminate labour required for site connection of water, sewer, power and data
  81. 81. VECTORMINIMA Lower face of MEP connection bay
  82. 82. VECTORMINIMA Upper face of MEP connection bay
  83. 83. VECTORMINIMA 4000N / 900 lb powered actuators connect and release modules from the hoisting means and lock modules to the completed structure faster and at a lower cost than rigging crews working at heights Semi- autonomous building assembly Patent Pending
  84. 84. VECTORMINIMA Live-at-set MEP provides power to set modules for all critical buildings system, including fire alarms, actuators and position sensors that relay locking pin status to the crane operator through a wireless link Access cover allows visual status verification
  85. 85. Easy-to-make, easy-to-assemble Kit Frames = Access to the market for steel-framed modular construction that is a mile wide and an inch deep Semi-Autonomous Building Assembly = The Crane Operator Assembles the Building
  86. 86. Design Subassemblies Module Assembly Transport & Crane work Onsite installation 86 Value Chain
  87. 87. Drilling down: New frame impacts whole 87 Design Subassemblies Module Assembly Transport & Crane work Onsite installation Model for architectural design. Design tuned for manufacturing. Object design, automatic BOM Simple steel frame design. CFS and HRS, parts to spec. Knocked down easy transport. Inventory raw metal. No welding No complicated jigs and tooling, build on flat floor. Greatly reduced CAPEX. Greater safety. Less labour. Lower cost labour. Rigid design leads to top lifting. Automated halo. Simple connection, much less labour. Flush design, no vertical space lost. Greatly reduced labour force onsite. Automatic interconnect of modules; no welding. Greater safety. Value Chain
  88. 88. VectorMinima - IP, Patents - Knowhow - Consulting Value Value Value Value Expectations ➢ Builders are not competitors ➢ Open sharing amalgamates best ideas ➢ VMIN reserves right to select clients ➢ Steel fabricators also license IP and make kits Mod Builder #1 Mod Builder #N Mod Builder #3 Mod Builder #2 Value Chain
  89. 89. Modular Builder #1 Higher buildings, lower costs, faster supply chains, more modular components, continual improvement etc 2020 2021 2022 2023 Auto- actuator module connection Improvements on first gen Semi- Autonomous HoistingDesign model Online configuration Core following construction Auto electricity and water/waste Multiple vertical load paths for taller buildings Your variable cost R&D Department, keeping you in leadership position IP Roadmap
  90. 90. 90 Advanced frame design leads to an increasingly total modular approach Traditional construction processes % Modular construction processes % Roadmap adoption Costtobuild Roadmap Impacts
  91. 91. Modular Builder: What are you buying?An outsourced R&D and IP provider to Modular Builders. By becoming a client you can license the IP we have and continually create, improve and innovate, meaning you get access to the latest technology for modular construction. ● In addition VMIN is facilitating a steel fabrication value chain; the steel parts will be available for you from multiple suppliers from a partnership with the fabricator. ● VMIN will provide services to assist you in adopting the roadmap. ● VMIN will in certain circumstances provide services assisting you in a building project. 91 Business Model
  92. 92. 92 Engagement Fee_________ ● First tranche of IP focused on Frame design ● VMIN facilitates steel fabricators from which you will buy parts, from partnership of VMIN and fabricator. Includes relationship establishment (one in place already), equipment specifications, purchasing process. ● Adoption consulting fees US$ / hour + Expenses Additional Tranches of IP Expected in 2020; Pricing per tranche TBD. ● Price / value; much lower cost than if you did the work yourself ● Design model for architecture engagement ● Specification of modular factory and labour force training. Expect first modules off lines in mid 2020. ● Example of future IP: Semi-Autonomous Building Assembly Modular Builder: How are you buying? Deliverables
  93. 93. Want to become a fabricator or end user? Email: Phone: 416 575 1630 Location / ime Zone: Toronto, GMT-5 (EST)