Ims rental vehicle intelligence rev. 1 april 18, 2012


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This presentation outlines the services that Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) offers to Rental Vehicle companies.

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Ims rental vehicle intelligence rev. 1 april 18, 2012

  1. 1. IMS Rental Vehicle IntelligenceImproving the Profits of Rental Vehicle ProvidersApril 2012
  2. 2. Purpose• To demonstrate how IMS Rental Vehicle Intelligence can improve the profitability of your vehicle rentals – Summary of benefits – Business building opportunities – Reasons to partner with IMS
  3. 3. Summary of Benefits
  4. 4. Benefits for Rental Vehicle Companies1. Portfolio of safer, smarter, greener, & more loyal, drivers2. Increased revenue streams3. Enhanced customer experience4. Higher resale value of vehicles5. Reduced damage done to cars6. Better preventative maintenance7. Contract violation enforcement
  5. 5. Benefits to Vehicle Renters1. Faster “in-out” service2. Enhanced emergency response service3. Rewards and recognition for good driving behavior - Vehicle upgrades - Lower prices - Ranking & recognition for good driving behavior - Membership priviledges
  6. 6. IMS Solutions for Improving Profit• IMS has a range of solutions to empower the car-rental partner to: 1. Enhance current services in terms of profitability and customer experience 2. Introduce new business opportunities 3. Improve asset maintenance and valuation 4. Promote and influence positive customer behavior IMS M2M = Better drivers = Better profitability 5. Provide efficient road assistance services
  7. 7. Business Building Opportunities
  8. 8. Opportunity #1: “Pay-as-you-go” as an alternate Business Model- Not all drivers are alike-Discounts for good drivingbehavior- IMS helps identifygreat drivers
  9. 9. PAYG and Vehicle Rental• PAYG is an auto insurance term also known a “Mile- based” auto insurance or “Usage based insurance”• Auto rental companies can adapt PAYG to measured time, distance, and place.• Possible via IMS M2M technology
  10. 10. PAYG Game-Changer in Vehicle RentalMarket conventions-All customers are treated Vision the same -Better book of drivers -No differentiation for - Better risk-return ratios usage/driving skill Disruption -PAYG -Use IMS M2M technology -“Adverse selection” - Benefits to low risk driver
  11. 11. #2: Improve driving behavior throughexisting or new Rewards & Recognition programs
  12. 12. Reward & Recognition• Rewards and/or Member recognition program can Card improve driving behavior Status• Behavior impacts profitability Points• Promote this program Upgrades or cost externally as a reason reduction why there is better resale value for your vehicles
  13. 13. #3: Car sharing program as an alternative business segment• New business segment• Offer competitive entry in Car Sharing business in key urban markets• Offer hourly rates• 24x7 access to vehicles• Book online and drive
  14. 14. #4. Young Drivers as a new segment• Young drivers present higher risks to rental vehicles• IMS M2M telematics can draw from our Young Drivers Intelligence to reduce risk and potentially expand this market
  15. 15. #5: Premium Roadside Assistance (RSA)• Roadside assistance is important because drivers who rent vehicles are not always familiar with their surroundings – Automatic vehicle location – Roadside assistance exchange – Vehicle diagnostics• Offer Premium RSA to generate added revenue & enhanced customer loyalty
  16. 16. #6: Remote & Automatic Vehicle diagnostics• IMS Rental Vehicle Intelligence tracks key diagnostics & issues reports – Event-Triggered vehicle health reports – Periodical vehicle health reports – On-demand vehicle reports – End-of-use vehicle health reports• Powerful feature: asset value maximization, responsive customer care, cost effective vehicle services
  17. 17. #7: Automatic vehicle location (AVL)• AVL can automatically determine the geographic location of the vehicle coupled with the ability to transmit that info to a requester.• AVL is useful for renters who are not familiar with the vehicle and often its surroundings• AVL is a potential revenue generator
  18. 18. #8: Remote Real-time Fuel Detection can generate more revenue• The rental car company can remotely access fuel levels with precision to charge extra for the difference between • Perceived fuel level • Actual fuel level
  19. 19. #9: Improve Asset Value via evidence based usage reports• Track driving metrics over the lifetime of the vehicle – Automatic tracking and documentation of vehicle usage and maintenance – Information can augment “Blue Book” data
  20. 20. #10: Certified “Pre-owned” program• Ensure that only “Certified” drivers in the program use specific vehicles – Develop non-actuarial scoring system for vehicles based on usage – Third party endorsement by Big Four accounting firm – Consider licensing this scoring system to “Blue Book”
  21. 21. #11: Employ Interactive Alerts to encourage better driving• Awareness of Telematics helps encourage good driving• Generate alerts of vehicle abuse to call center• Customer care sends driver a “Better-Driver” warning or reminder• Introduce Extra charges could be levied for abuse
  22. 22. #11: Enforce contract violations• IMS can capture events beyond those covered in the contract• Location based Example: Driving beyond the geo-fence• Additional charges can be levied for contract violations e.g., extra insurance for driving to Canada or Mexico
  23. 23. #13: Severe Event detection & reporting to roadside assistance• Transmission of data trail data in response to severe vehicle motion events so that the appropriate roadside support can be deployed.• Pre and post event data are recorded and transmitted
  24. 24. Reasons to Partner with IMS
  25. 25. Key elements• All IMS Rental Vehicle Solutions have 4 key components Component Possible solution Device IMS DriveSync with GPS, Accelermoter Large memory, GSM Interface Communication link Short range e.g., WiFi, RFID, Bluetooth Software Application for Tablet and/or Mobile Back-end support/deployment Unique device shipped to Car Rental company for self install. System integration and Portal for Company and Alerts for Customer
  26. 26. IMS at a Glance • Founded in 1999. • HQ in Canada. Sales offices in US. • Strong links with University of Waterloo • More than 100 patents & patents pending • ISO 9001/14000 certifiedIMS Inc. Confidential & Proprietary Waterloo HQ
  27. 27. IMS expertise• IMS has deployed fully integrated programs in the Automotive Aftermarket for – UBI Programs – 8 of the top 25 US auto insurance companies . (We are permitted to talk only about Travelers.) – Young Driver Programs – 1 leading US financial institution
  28. 28. Usage-based insurance solution• UBI – Auto Insurance companies have demographics – IMS UBI Intelligence provides behavior data – More complete driver picture with • Speeding • Rapid acceleration • Harsh braking • Idling time • Greenhouse gas emissions
  29. 29. Recognition for IMS• IMS has received many awards for our technology solutions – Machine to machine (M2M) technology – Human machine interface (HMI) technology – Usage based insurance (UBI) telematics IMS Inc. Proprietary and Confidential 29
  30. 30. Young Drivers Intelligence Solution• YDI – Coaching tool for Parents and Young Drivers – Measures key variables • Length of trip • Speeding • Rapid acceleration • Harsh braking • Time of day • Geofence violation – Ranks Young Driver on 5 Star scale across variables
  31. 31. Summary – key benefits1. Portfolio of safer, smarter, greener & more loyal drivers2. Increased revenue streams3. Enhanced customer experience4. Higher resale value of vehicles5. Reduced damage done to cars6. Better preventative maintenance7. Contract violation enforcement
  32. 32. IMS Opportunities to improve profit• Better drivers will • Support Car Sharing as a improve profit new business segment• Test “Pay as you go” as a • Premium Services will business model extension generate additional to increase profit revenue• Improve driver behavior – Roadside assistance through Rewards and – Remove vehicle diagnostics Recognition – Automatic vehicle locator • Fuel level intelligence can generate added revenue
  33. 33. IMS Opportunities cont’d.• Increase resale value of • Severe event detection & Rental vehicles through reporting to roadside evidential usage reports assistance• Employ interactive alerts • Preventative maintenance to encourage better improvement driving• Contract violation support
  34. 34. Contract• For more information on IMS|Rental Vehicle Intelligence please contact Blair Currie, VP Marketing at or call at 519.745.8887