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Brasil I PPS by Sonia Medeiros


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This PPS tries to show a bit of Brazil, his people, always happy, a Brazil without war, a Brazil to be loved.

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Brasil I PPS by Sonia Medeiros

  1. 1. CLIC
  2. 10. The country is home to approximately 20% of animal species on the planet
  3. 11. Happy people Pessoas felizes
  4. 13. hotels that are within the forest
  5. 16. The Amazon river has over a thousand tributaries Riverside Population
  6. 17. Beautiful Women
  7. 19. the poet Cora Coralina
  8. 20. the writer Rachel de Queiroz da escritora Raquel de Queiroz
  9. 21. Brazil Carnival
  10. 23. of samba dancers
  11. 27. Women who love their children das mulheres que amam seus filhos
  12. 32. a people who make fun of everything de um povo que de tudo faz piada
  13. 33. know the differences and not have to be conflicting
  14. 34. a country that lives by faith um país que vive da fé
  15. 43. <ul><li>More than 8000 kilometers of beaches where the sun shines all year. </li></ul>
  16. 44. Fortaleza - Ceará