Brand Identity (Q Joseph Kent)


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Brand Identity (Q Joseph Kent)

  1. 1. Brand Identity Project By Q Joseph Kent
  2. 2. Cq Entertainment The strengths of this name… • DESCRIPTIVE: The name tells what the company is about. • PROTECTABLE: No trademarks have been made for the name. • UNIQUE: The lowercase “q” makes the name stand out
  3. 3. Cq Entertainment BACKSTORY This name was created in 2004 when in applying for a publisher membership, ASCAP chose this as the company name out of 3 overall choices. The name represents a “partnership” between Christ (“C”) and myself (Q Joseph – “q”) in an effort to create positive mainstream music.
  4. 4. Logo SYMBOLISM The alternate colors not only help the logo stand out, but also shows separation in the letters. The “q” was made represent an eighth note representing music. “Entertainment” is plain, yet regal in a Trajan Pro font. The ripple effect is reminiscent of water, which brings to mind peace and tranquility…the emotions sought after when looking for entertainment. COLORS BLUE: symbolizes stability, tranquility, peace…the feelings you want when listening to music BLACK: symbolizes luxury…the feeling we want for anyone using our services
  5. 5. Logo Competition Logos – Big 4 Publishing Companies The competition has general logos being owned by bigger corporations who handle more than music publishing. Our logo, as it stands, shows that we are all about music and the entertainment surrounding it. It is simple, but still attractive. It is effective enough to be put on cd artwork packaging. It can be seen as a letterform or emblem (“Cq”) or a wordmark (whole logo).
  6. 6. Vision Our vision at CqE is to create positive music that will inspire and uplift listeners. The belief is that no matter the state of the economy or the country itself, there will always be a need and desire for music. CqE will be there to provide that music.
  7. 7. Company Objectives • We commit to creating and providing music with a purpose • We commit to spreading music to every corner of the world we can • We commit to uplifting and inspiring our listeners with music
  8. 8. Objectives Fulfilled CqE will not only write and produce various songs about life situations (e.g. love, relationships, current events, etc), we will also create music in an effort to affect change (i.e. “We Are the World”) to help raise money for charities. CqE will also support organizations that help music programs like VH1’s Save the Music.
  9. 9. Mission Statement The mission of Cq Entertainment is to employ in, educate in, and revitalize the mainstream art of music. Our vision is that through music we can inspire and uplift the community and its youth with integrity, success, and positivity. The mission statement is directed to investors, consumers, and employees alike. It is meant to remind us why we do what we do and who we do it for. The statement will be posted in our office/studio and on our website.
  10. 10. Tag Line …your entertainment We want the consumer to feel like when they need musical entertainment, they can come to CqE for their music fix. The tag is short, simple, and positive. The tagline borders on being descriptive and provocative in the sense it tells you what we are to you, and makes you think about exactly what all that could mean.