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FnF Presentatin
FnF is the best for earn money from online..
Created By= Blackstreet Boy Tajbir
info= www.fnfltd.com.bd

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FnF Presentation

  1. 1. Love People care People Created by Blackstreet Boy Tajbir
  2. 2. With honesty, integrity & the commitment to excellence,FnF strives to be the best global e-Commerce network marketing company by providing opportunities, creating employment facilities & to improve the quality of living standard.
  3. 3. Name Price PointsOpen Business Account 800 BDT 8 PointsClassic Business Account 4000 BDT 40 Points
  4. 4. How to make money with 1. FNF Ads visit & Like 2. Daily deals 3. Network Marketing © Unaico 2010. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5.  Like & Comment is a program of Ads Home that is directly linked with FnF. After joining FnF, every member will receive some advertisement on his / her online account from FnF. These ads refer to some products & services of local & multinational company. All the members have to like & comment every Advertise otherwise he / she will miss value for every missing like. Created by Blackstreet Boy Tajbir
  6. 6.  15 Ad per day 15 X 5tk = 75 tk per day 5 days a week = 375 tk (sun- Thus) Per month = 1500 Tk Every Ad you have to see Up to 1 min Created by
  7. 7.  Daily lottery Weekly lottery Monthly Lottery
  8. 8.  When you Earn money form like/ Comment ADS in a week 375 tk . your ad balance will be saved in MANDOTORY account. With this 375 Tk you have to submit for lottery on FRIDAY . The next day SATURDAY Weekly Lottery result comes out. If you win in lottery than Print/save page and collect your gift. Or your 375 will be add with your ONELINE ACCOUNT and you will able to make it cash.
  9. 9.  The HOTTEST market in the street……! It’s a FACT……No-one likes paying full price for something that they wants to get for free or deeply discounted! FnF discounted things leveraged the power of “social affiliate marketing” to gather with the exclusive growth of daily deals fantastic products buys that everyone wants. Of course, this combination has created a money making opportunity community, which is BOOMING for today market place. It’s SIMPLE…………If you like SPENDING LESS & GETTING MORE, then you will love FnF Community.
  10. 10.  E-Learning Online Shopping Mall Online Game Online Job And So on…..
  11. 11. Daily Deals Online My Lotto shopping mall Opportunity Community Ads GamesHome E- Online Learning Jobs Created by Tajbir
  12. 12. Any product or service that is sold on C@IRDSOLUTIONS or on FnF has a Point value.Points quoted in the comp. plan is value 1points=100BDT . You L/T 10 % Recruitment Bonus You can sign up on fnfltd.com.bd as a representative. R/T
  13. 13. EXAMPLE LEFT YOU RIGHT TEAM A B TEAM6,00 Total Point in 5,00 Total Point in a week a weekEach Point in FNF 1 Point = 1oo Tk10% lesser leg Network 5000 Taka perteam bonus week © Unaico 2010. All Rights Reserved.
  14. 14. Income potentialW U X 3 1 4 B You AY V Z 5 2 6 Duplication – key to success
  15. 15. Exponential growth and so on …..Use FNF to build yournetwork by sponsoring 50,0005 friendsIf you sponsored 5 5,000friends than youraccount will be up 500graded 50 5
  16. 16. Rank Requirement (points in Gift lesser team)Group Coordinator 5000 points Resort tourGroup Leader 15000 points Tablet PCExecutive 30000 points Foreign tourManager 75000 points Latest smart phoneDirector 250000 points Stylist MotorcycleExecutive Director 500000 points Executive CarMarketing Advisor 2000000 points FlatCompany Advisor 5000000 points Luxury Villa
  17. 17. Rank Monthly Life style BenefitManager 10,000 BDTDirector 15,000 BDTExecutive Director 50,000 BDTMarketing Advisor 1,00,000 BDTCompany Advisor 1,50,000 BDTNB - From the date of achievement 6 month onward OnlyCompany Advisor contract will be for 1 year.
  18. 18. Our Slogan is “Love people Care People”Accidental health benefit up to 50000 BDT From Manager Position.
  19. 19. Your road to success with FnF?Decision – Register NOW onlineWhy? – Set goals (Dreams)Name list (at least 100). Start with > 15 namesContact people – meetings/online-presentationsTalk about the opportunity – Send your link to people Participate in trainings and Events. Have fun!!!