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Responsibility process


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Some years ago I met Christopher Avery (PhD, on Agile conference and listened to one of his talks about the Responsibility Process.

Through thousands of years human brain have been trained to avoid responsibility, we have build an subconscious and automatic process to guard us against it. It´s always somebody else´s fault, right? It´s the circumstances :), not us, right?

In this talk, I´ll try to present The Responsibility Process (TM) itself as well as my personal experiences about its practical usage. I´ll show you a way to become more responsible!

Responsibility process

  1. 1. The responsibility process
  2. 2. Sergey Dmitriev Agile coach since 2005
  3. 3. Christopher • Proponent of The Responsibility Process TM • PhD • More than 20 years of research on responsibility • Speaker, author, and mentor •
  4. 4. Who ruined my garden wall?
  5. 5. When something goes wrong
  6. 6. Responsibility avoided
  7. 7. Lay blame
  8. 8. Lay blame Responsibility avoided
  9. 9. Justify I´m blond What´s your excuse?
  10. 10. Responsibility avoided Justify I´m blond What´s your excuse?
  11. 11. Shame
  12. 12. Shame Responsibility avoided
  13. 13. Obligation Do not press the red button
  14. 14. Obligation Responsibility avoided Do not press the red button
  15. 15. Daily usage cents dimes
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  17. 17. Credits • Flickr: Shadowgate • Martin Bolchover