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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  1. 1. “Blackglass and Digicon – Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Technology” <br />
  2. 2. Blackglass Who We Are / What We Do<br />Blackglass is the lead Interactive Communications Agency specialising in Targeted Online Marketing and Implementation for the IPMG Group of Companies. IPMG is one of Australia’s largest Print & Digital marketing services groups consisting of 29 companies which:<br />Employs 250+ passionate digital specialists in locations spanning Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and Europe, <br />Servicing over 1,500 clients across a multitude of markets, categories and industries.<br />Blackglass provides interactive solutions to assist organisations to optimise their online presence and to drive this medium to its full potential. Blackglass focuses on “localised and targeted marketing”.<br />Blackglass provides fully online integrated campaigns including but not limited too:<br />Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation Strategies<br />Social Marketing<br />Dedicated and Targeted Email Campaigns<br />Viral and Word of Mouth Strategies<br />Its all about results and measurement and ongoing analysis and optimisation which ultimately drives success.<br />
  3. 3. IPMG Group - Trusted by Blue Chip Brands.<br />
  4. 4. Blackglass Model <br />
  5. 5. Search Marketing<br />
  6. 6. Australian Search Engine Market Share<br />
  7. 7. Definition of Search Marketing<br />Search Marketing is broken down into 2 categories:<br />Search Engine Marketing, - (SEM, PPC (Pay per Click) or Paid traffic). <br />Advertisers are paying for each click they receive from their ad.<br />Search Engine Optimisation, - (SEO, Organic and Unpaid traffic).<br />Those are the results in the grey section of the screenshot on the right hand side. There is no way for websites to buy their way into this section. Performance is based on how a search engine such as Google chooses to rank them based on their Content, Architecture and Links.<br />A balanced approach to marketing on search engines will include both paid traffic (PPC) and organic traffic (SEO) campaigns. The key to any search engine marketing strategy is continual optimisation.<br />
  8. 8. Search Engine Marketing<br />Pay per Click - (PPC)<br />
  9. 9. Pay per Click<br /><ul><li>Advertisers pay only for clicks on an ad.
  10. 10. Platforms are based on a bidding/auction system
  11. 11. Highest bidder may not always win the auction
  12. 12. There are other factors that determine ad position
  13. 13. Relevancy is key</li></li></ul><li>PPC Factors<br />
  14. 14. Keywords<br /><ul><li>Users will type in keywords to find services/products
  15. 15. Make them relevant to products and services
  16. 16. Conduct extensive keyword research
  17. 17. Don’t forget about similar terms (trainers, tennis shoes, sneakers)
  18. 18. Misspellings
  19. 19. Long Tail Keywords
  20. 20. Low volume but high converting
  21. 21. Usually 3 or more words
  22. 22. Negative Keywords
  23. 23. Avoid any irrelevant clicks
  24. 24. e.g. if you only sell </li></li></ul><li>Ad Creative<br /><ul><li>The ad creative is initial selling point of a campaign
  25. 25. Make the ads relevant to products and services that the user has searched for
  26. 26. Include the keywords in the ads
  27. 27. Include a strong call to action
  28. 28. Where possible include a selling point (%discount, save $10, free sample etc)
  29. 29. Create multiple ads and split test them</li></li></ul><li>Landing Page<br />A visitor will assess a landing page in under 5 seconds. Make an impression!<br /><ul><li>Factors of a good landing page
  30. 30. The headline and copy correspond to the ad that triggered the page.
  31. 31. The focus is on getting visitors to take one specific action. (buy a product, download an eBook, fill in a registration form etc)
  32. 32. There are no distracting navigational links – only include links that will actually aid the decision making process (link to reviews or similar products)
  33. 33. The copy is short and concise.
  34. 34. Make use of strong sub headings to break up content
  35. 35. Use bullet points to make content easy to read
  36. 36. There is a prominent subscription form or checkout option.</li></li></ul><li>Track, Report and Monitor<br /><ul><li>Understand what is happening in your PPC account
  37. 37. How much are you spending?
  38. 38. What's the average CPC, CTR?
  39. 39. What are the best keywords?
  40. 40. Which keywords are resulting in the desired action?
  41. 41. Which keywords are just attracting clicks but no conversions?
  42. 42. How can I further improve on the keyword list?
  43. 43. What is your keyword and ad CTR?
  44. 44. Insert conversion tracking codes to understand which keywords result in a lead, enquiry, sale etc
  45. 45. Link Google Analytics to further understand how visitors to the landing page interact with the website</li></li></ul><li>Pay Per Click (PPC) tools – Google Adwords<br />Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing:<br />Strongly keyword based<br />Capture an actively targeted audience – target people as they are actively searching<br />Extend reach via Google Display Network<br />Google Adwords<br />
  46. 46. Benefits of PPC<br /><ul><li>Immediate Results
  47. 47. Ads are visible on search engine result pages a few minutes after starting a campaign
  48. 48. Within a few hours you can start driving traffic to the website
  49. 49. Within a few days you can start to assess the best/poorly performing keywords
  50. 50. You can see keywords resulting in a positive/negative ROI
  51. 51. Cost Control
  52. 52. Only pay for a click to the ad
  53. 53. Set daily budget caps (spend as little as $10/day)
  54. 54. Identify best performing days/ times and only run ads at this time
  55. 55. Targeting Options
  56. 56. Target audience geographically
  57. 57. Tracking and Monitoring
  58. 58. Everything can be tracked for effectiveness and ROI</li></li></ul><li>Facebook Pay per Click Advertising<br />More advertisers are starting to use Facebook PPC ads as the targeting options allows them to finely target their key audiences.<br /><ul><li>Target audiences based on
  59. 59. location,
  60. 60. gender,
  61. 61. relationship status,
  62. 62. Interests
  63. 63. Their connections within Facebook
  64. 64. Offers greater personalisation</li></li></ul><li>LinkedIn Pay per Click Advertising<br /><ul><li>Target audiences based on
  65. 65. Location
  66. 66. Gender
  67. 67. Job title
  68. 68. Industry
  69. 69. Seniority
  70. 70. Job Function
  71. 71. Company Size
  72. 72. Great for B2B websites – present an audience with an targeted to their industry.</li></li></ul><li>What is SEO – (Search Engine Optimisation)?<br />
  73. 73. Definition of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)<br /><ul><li>SEO describes activities/techniques used by website owners to help improve the visibility of their web pages in the search engines
  74. 74. Websites can be optimised to appear in the search engine rankings for certain keywords
  75. 75. By following the correct SEO techniques, selecting the correct keywords and following SEO guidelines across your website you can ensure that
  76. 76. Your site is accessible to be crawled and indexed by search engine spiders
  77. 77. Pages within your website will be viewed as relevant by search engines
  78. 78. As a result will start ranking in the search engine result pages for target keywords</li></li></ul><li>Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)<br /><ul><li>Benefits of SEO:
  79. 79. If done well it is a “free” way to get targeted traffic.
  80. 80. Increase visibility across all search engines.
  81. 81. Always reach users at the exact time that they are searching for a product.
  82. 82. Google is undoubtedly the biggest potential source of traffic.
  83. 83. Some Challenges with SEO:
  84. 84. Depending on keyword competition it takes time to see major impact in terms of rankings
  85. 85. It is an ongoing process as Google updates its algorithm regularly
  86. 86. SEO needs to be included as part of the overall ongoing online marketing in order to maintain the top positions.</li></li></ul><li>Factors Contributing to Rankings<br />
  87. 87. On Page Factors of SEO<br />Website Architecture<br /><ul><li>Easy to follow website directory structures
  88. 88. Avoid flash, JavaScript , frames
  89. 89. Use HTML
  90. 90. Fix all broken links</li></ul>URL Structures<br /><ul><li>Search UN-Friendly –
  91. 91. Search Friendly –
  92. 92. Use keywords in the URL’s – all URL’s must reflect the service/product on the page
  93. 93. Avoid subdomains</li></ul>Meta Tags<br /><ul><li>Titles tags are most important – keep them unique across all pages
  94. 94. Meta Description – mainly to increase CTR in the search results
  95. 95. Keywords tags – not a key ranking factor</li></ul>Internal Linking <br /><ul><li>Search spiders will find internal pages by following HTML links
  96. 96. Keep links keyword rich and relevant to the page they are referring to</li></li></ul><li>Off Page SEO – Definition on Page Rank<br />Page Rank is the measure of importance of a page based on the incoming links.<br /> i.e. the more relevant your web page is, the more links you will get, the higher the page rank allocation and the higher your rankings in Google!<br />
  97. 97. On Page SEO – Link Building<br />Focus on indentifying high quality websites that will link back to your website<br /><ul><li>Page rank of 4 or higher
  98. 98. Websites that offer relevant content (if you sell tennis shoes, a link from a car dealership is not relevant)</li></ul>Focus on quality vs. quantity<br />Where possible use keywords to link back <br /><ul><li>Use your primary keywords instead of linking back with . Keywords pass on more relevancy</li></ul>Link Building Ideas<br /><ul><li>Provide quality, interesting content on your website that people will naturally link to
  99. 99. Aim to become an ‘authority’ or expert in your field
  100. 100. Create ‘Link Bait’ – anything interesting that will get other websites excited (and link back)
  101. 101. Make use of partner sites
  102. 102. Press releases are great opportunity to build links
  103. 103. Article syndication
  104. 104. Online review sites</li></li></ul><li>Localised SEO – Google Places<br />Reach new customers on Google Maps and<br />Local customers are already searching for the products and services you offer. Make it easy for them to find you on Google search and on Google Maps? <br />Works great for businesses of any size. Whether you run a single dentist's office or dozens of coffee shops, manage all your listings from a single account.<br />Update your listing at any time<br />
  105. 105. Localised SEO – Google Places (Case Study)<br />We created and uploaded a data feed in mid August 2010 for all Curves Gyms in Australia for Google Places<br />
  106. 106. Localised SEO – Google Places (Case Study)<br />Traffic and Impressions jumped for highly relevant converting keywords<br />Localized traffic increased organic traffic by 370%<br />
  107. 107. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tools<br /><ul><li>Advanced Web Rankings
  108. 108. Great for benchmarking
  109. 109. Track rankings compared to competitors
  110. 110. Track keywords movement over time
  111. 111. Interleado
  112. 112. Full website analysis
  113. 113. Competitor Analysis
  114. 114. Link building intelligence
  115. 115. Progress reports for your site and competitor sites</li></li></ul><li>Web Analysis – Conversion Optimisation<br />The key to any successful campaign is measuring / analysing and optimising.<br />Apart from the reporting tools for each channel discussed previously Web Analytics is another important tool. Web Analytics allows you to measure on site analytics to evaluate:<br />The success of your online and offline advertising efforts. <br />Uncover trends and patterns<br />Almost everything is measurable!<br />Easy to implement <br />Reports are simply created<br />A/B Split Testing<br />Multi-Variate Testing<br />Increase conversion rates<br />
  116. 116. Direct Connect Australia's Number 1 Connection Service Company assisting people moving homes <br />Services<br /><ul><li>Manage Pay Per Click (PPC) account
  117. 117. Manage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): audit and ongoing recommendations
  118. 118. Provide Email Marketing Tool and support</li></ul>Key Outcomes<br /><ul><li>Blackglass reduced the CPC by 48%
  119. 119. Organic traffic increased by 84% and is continuing to grow month by month.
  120. 120. Direct connect has secured top 10 positions for main traffic driving terms (focusing on gas and electricity connections).
  121. 121. Direct Connect appointed Blackglass as Online Marketing Manager for another of their websites:</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Since Jan 2010 manage all online marketing strategy and implementation for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Manage England & Wales since July 2010. Over 500 clubs in total.<br />The purpose of these campaigns is to capture new leads online.<br />Fully integrated campaign: PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Affiliate…<br />Key Outcomes<br />Within a few months Blackglass managed to reduce the CPL from $64 to $10 and is consistently decreasing.<br />Feedback from franchisees has been extremely positive, both in terms of the quantity and quality of leads coming through.<br />Created and curated Curves’ Facebook Community with over 2,000<br />Key Case Studies — Curves [World’s leader in women’s fitness]<br />
  122. 122. The Knot Wedding portal<br />Services<br /><ul><li>Manage Pay Per Click (PPC) account
  123. 123. Manage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): audit and ongoing recommendations</li></ul>Key Outcomes<br /><ul><li>Within the first month of the PPC campaign Blackglass achieved a CPC 60% below initial objectives and is consistently reducing since
  124. 124. Received over 7,700 visits from search engines in its second month of activities.
  125. 125. Blackglass was appointed to manage the PPC and SEO for 2 of the other websites managed by this client.</li></li></ul><li>Savill Hicks Corporation National Construction Insurance Broker<br />Services<br /><ul><li>Manage all online marketing activities: PPC, SEO, Email Marketing
  126. 126. Prepare all online communications to the membership database
  127. 127. Provide regular reporting on all online activities
  128. 128. Identify and present ongoing strategic recommendations</li></ul>Key Outcomes<br /><ul><li>CPC has decreased by 20%
  129. 129. Number of leads coming - in 30 per month
  130. 130. ROI up 900%
  131. 131. The client has now shifted all its budget previously spent on the Yellow Pages to online marketing.</li></li></ul><li>