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KB SEEDA presentation


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KB SEEDA presentation

  1. 1. Keith Blackey 15 Benefits to the UK from Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) 22 Benefits to Locating in the UK
  2. 2. 15 Benefits to the UK from Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  3. 3. Why FDI • Nations are increasingly competing against each other to attract strategic global investments that support economic growth & fund economic transformation. • Competition for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is intense & success is increasingly determined by the ability of a country to develop & implement a range of policies, regulations & standards that create a superior business & investment climate.
  4. 4. UK FDI Benefits 1. Increased capital 2. Increased employment 3. Infrastructure investment 4. Increased productivity – 1 % rise in output of foreign firms in a particular industry will raise technical progress by 0.53 % in domestic firms in that industry. • Hubert & Pain (2000), ‘Inward Investment and Technical Progress in the UK Manufacturing Sector’, National Institute of Economic and Social Research. Available at:
  5. 5. UK FDI Benefits 5. ‘Clean’—service sector 60 % of FDI 6. Access to ‘Best Practices’ – 3/4 of FDI in the UK comes from EU, USA or Japan 7. Increased local market competition 8. Increased technology transfer.
  6. 6. UK FDI Benefits 9. Increased employee training 10.Increased corporate tax revenues 11.More stable that FPI – “Bolted down and cannot leave easily at first sign of trouble.”
  7. 7. UK FDI Benefits 12.Faster growth – FDI growing faster than world GDP 12.Increased market for SEE products 13.Limits ability of governments to pursue bad policies.
  8. 8. UK FDI Benefits 15. ‘Fast track’ to priority industries: • ICT • Business Services • Life Sciences (bio/pharma) • Environmental Technology • Media • Women-owned • High-Tech Engineering: – Automotive – Aeronautical – Marine.
  9. 9. 22 Benefits to Locating in South East England
  10. 10. SEE Location Benefits 1. Common language 2. Reduced financial risk—diversified lending & investment. 3. Be part of a dynamic business climate • By 2012, SEE will be one of top 15 regions in the world in terms of labor productivity, competitiveness and employment rates.
  11. 11. SEE Location Benefits 4. European-centric time zone 5. Rapid/easy access to EU, Middle East & African markets • Highest rate for exporting in the UK—£28 billion exported annually • Heathrow (largest traffic volume international airport in Europe) & Gatwick • Dover, Southampton, Portsmouth • Channel Tunnel.
  12. 12. SEE Location Benefits 6. Reduced manufacturing & distribution risks 7. Access highly skilled, motivated workers • 88% of working age population holds some form of qualification • 73,000 new graduates per year.
  13. 13. SEE Location Benefits 8. Sell to a thriving local market • 22nd largest economic region in the world • Largest population of any UK region, with approximately 8 million residents 9. Be part of 2012 Olympic Games festivities & economic boom 10.Access global capital—London is EU financial center
  14. 14. SEE Location Benefits 11. Free, confidential re-/location advice 12. Grow your R&D edge • Partner w/ 24 universities including Oxford • Region gets 25 % of national R&D expenditure 11. Take advantage of flexible employment regulations.
  15. 15. SEE Location Benefits 14. Take advantage of Enterprise Hubs & Global Regions programs 15. Low utility costs 16. Attract employees: • Ideal living environment • Moderate living costs • Easy access to London, major towns, rural and coastal areas.
  16. 16. SEE Location Benefits 17. Connect to the world w/ advanced telecommunications infrastructure 18. Take advantage of attractive business climate • Government-focused economic & social growth area.
  17. 17. SEE Location Benefits 19. Join industry leaders • ICT: 2nd highest Information & Communication Technology (HW, SW, e- commerce, telecom, electronics) market growth in Europe • Lifesciences: • World’s top 12 pharmaceutical companies • 2nd to USA in developing new medication • Aerospace: 2nd largest in world.
  18. 18. SEE Location Benefits 20. Similar business culture 21. Positive attitude & affinity to US 22. Follow the leaders—UK is largest recipient of US investment in Europe for over 36 years.
  19. 19. 22 Benefits to Locating in South East England Questions?
  20. 20. Keith Blackey • 15 Reasons why the UK Benefits from Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) • 22 Benefits to Locating in South East England