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Raier's Edge - Colour Training


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How to change the colors in your Raiser's Edge screens

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Raier's Edge - Colour Training

  1. 1. Take your current relationship tab from this… ~ all individuals marked “contact” appear in red ~ no true way to tell any differentiation between different contacts, present or past
  2. 2. To look like this… ~ clearly see relationships that are no longer current ~ see Account Manager at a quick glance, not to be mistaken for Previous Account Manager
  3. 3. Customising Your User Options Colour Choices in Raiser’s Edge To personalise the colour options within the Relationship tab of a constituent record: 1) While in any constituent record, choose Tools, User Options
  4. 4. 2) Within the Options menu, choose the Colour tab
  5. 5. 3) Within the Colour tab, choose Legends
  6. 6. 4) Within Legends, choose View Relationship Legend… Notice the list on the left. It shows the different qualifications that any record can have to be given a specific colour choice within a menu.
  7. 7. On the right you see the colour currently set for each as well as the other font options you may choose if you wish.
  8. 8. If you double click on the coloured box on the right hand side you’re shown the options you have to choose:
  9. 9. Perhaps you would like the Assigned Solicitor to show up in the list:
  10. 10. And perhaps you don’t need all relationships that have the contact box checked to show up in red
  11. 11. Keep in mind that the list on the left determines the order in which colour setting takes precedence. For example if the most important thing to determine is if an individual is deceased rather than knowing if they’re an employee, you will want to bring Deceased relationships to the top of the list, followed by Inactive relationships so that any relationship with an end date will then be recognized.
  12. 12. Here is what the relationship window looked like with the default settings. It is difficult to determine who is a current relationship with only a quick glance or if any of the individuals are deceased.
  13. 13. Here is what the relationship window now would look like. You can clearly see the Inactive relationships and if any of the individuals were deceased you would clearly see that at a glance as well. You can also very quickly make note of the current Account Manager. User Options are workstation specific. If you change your options, you are changing only yours. Only you will see the changes. If you log on to Raiser’s Edge from a different workstation your User Options will follow you and only you. Feel free to customise your workstations to best suit your Raiser’s Edge needs.