Meet Today's Active Learner


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A collaborative project by Blackboard and JESS3. To read more about the Active Learner visit:

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Meet Today's Active Learner

  1. Meet Today’sActive Learner
  2. Do you recognize me?
  3. Very soon, I will be your student.
  4. But I will not always sit in your classroom.
  5. I will not take out a pencil.
  6. Or open a textbook.
  7. You grew up with books.
  8. I read from a laptop.
  9. An iPad.
  10. A smartphone.
  11. I use a keyboard more than a pen.
  12. I’m a “digital native.” An active learner.
  13. Why carry just a textbookwhen my iPad connects me to the world?
  14. I want to know things all the time. And right away.
  15. Maybe the best price for cool shoes.
  16. Or where to hike the Himalayas.
  17. To learn, I look online.
  18. Because the classroom isn’t enough for me.
  19. Not when I can see faces, hear voices,
  20. and chat with peopleon the other side of the world.
  21. I want to learn about Chinese history
  22. from someone in Beijing.
  23. My school has to keep up with me.
  24. Not the other way around.
  25. I have more and more choices.
  26. When you were my age,no one had heard of a charter school.
  27. No one could imagine a virtual school.
  28. But it’s projected that by 2019,half of all high school courses will take place online.
  29. I use
  30. mobile devices to connect
  31. with friends, classmates, and teachers. And when I’m more connected, I’m more interested.
  32. I don’t buy music at a store. Or movies, or books.
  33. I get them instantly, online.
  34. And when they excite me,
  35. I share with friends.
  36. That’s how I want my education to be.
  37. I need a degree.
  38. Even more than my parents.
  39. I know it and so do my friends.
  40. But will I be prepared?
  41. Public grade schools areunder huge budget pressures.
  42. And traditional college is increasingly unaffordable. I don’t want crushing debt.
  43. If I can Google the best choice for cool shoes,rest assured I’ll find the best choice of education.
  44. Like two-year institutions.And online courses. Where students like me have grown to be 6 million strong.
  45. And when I’m older, I want to keep learning.
  46. Do you recognize me?
  47. Very soon I will be changing the world. But I need you.
  48. If you’re ready to help me,
  49. I’ll find you.
  50. But it’s your challenge to keep up with me.
  51. I’m a “digital native.” An active learner.
  52. Listen to me.
  53. Help me.
  54. Together we can create the future.
  55. To hear more, Visit theBlackboard Blog