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Growing Online Programs with Personalized Experiences

Going online is only step one. Next, your institution is challenged with growing online programs to attract new students. Learn how personalization can power the three critical steps in the student lifecycle: recruitment & enrollment, teaching & learning, and outcomes & retention.

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Growing Online Programs with Personalized Experiences

  1. 1. Growing Online with Personalized Experiences Darcy Hardy Christina Fleming
  2. 2. Meet the experts Darcy Hardy, Ph.D. AVP, Enterprise Consulting Blackboard Inc. Christina Fleming Sr. Director, Marketing & Enrollment Services Blackboard Inc.
  3. 3. Defining Personalization Recruitment and Enrollment Teaching and Learning Outcomes and Retention Growing Online and Personalized Experiences
  4. 4. Marketing and Enrollment Challenges Student Retention and Outcomes Shifting student demographics Increased budget pressures Tremendous competition for same students
  5. 5. Defining Personalization Online Learners today choose WHERE, HOW, and WHEN to get their education
  6. 6. Tech savvy & mobile Seek many course & degree options Attentive to skills & competencies Value & outcomes focused Students as the Consumer
  7. 7. Personalized Targeted App-based Custom Messaging Multi-Institution Outcomes Investment One-Size Fits All Broadcast Portal-based Brand Messaging Single Institution Degree Completion Tuition Challenge – Making the Connection
  8. 8. Consumers of Data/Info Engage with Apps Skills & Competencies Employers Peer Connections Partner Institutions Personalized Model
  9. 9. 9 Recruitment Enrollment Teaching and Learning Retention and Outcomes Personalizing the Student Journey
  10. 10. Recruitment
  11. 11. Understanding online student preferences Sounding unique and different Getting prospective students to take action Finding cost-efficient marketing channels Common Recruitment Challenges
  12. 12. About Target Audiences WHO is our best target student? WHAT are their needs and preferences? WHERE will we find them? HOW will we reach them?
  13. 13. 74% < $40K Average Household Income 29 Average Age 20% Hold a Bachelor’s Degree 48% Live in a suburban community Employed full-time, 50% Employed part-time, 15% Not employed, 25% Retired, 2% Other, 8% 47% 25% 21% 3% 1% 3% African-American Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander Native American Other Background Caucasian 65% FEMALE 35% MALE 55% Married/ Partnered 33% Not Married 12% Divorced Online Learner Demographics
  14. 14. Identify both successful and underserved audiences Gain an understanding beyond demographics Understand the triggers for enrollment Obtain targeted, relevant messaging Highly effective, geo-targeted media outreach by preferred channels Audience Segmentation
  15. 15. CAREER CLIMBERS Seek a degree or specific competency in order to fulfill requirements for promotion or advancement in their career. Working full or part time. DEGREE COMPLETERS Previously attended a 2 year or 4 year school but did not complete their degree due to life events. Mostly likely work full-time and have families. INDUSTRY CHANGERS Individuals who have a degree and have been in the workforce. Now seeking an advanced degree in order to pursue a new career in a different industry. Sample Online Learner Profiles
  16. 16. 29-45 29-45 years of age Successful and extremely motivated Employed full-time. Need to balance family, work and classes. Degree is needed for career advancement Have some college experience or a bachelor’s degree I really need my Master’s degree in this industry to get ahead but I can’t quit my job and afford school too. I have a family so I’m juggling a lot. I want to take courses online and I want to finish as fast as I can. “ “ Meet the Career Climbers
  17. 17. Triggers • Understand ROI of earning their degree • Clear degree path and plan to completion • Flexibility with course schedule • Evidence of success • Employer/Supervisor • Family • Friends • Co-workers • Faculty Influencers Making the Decision
  18. 18. Career Climbers: Most interested in hearing about program options, career outcomes and salaries, employer partnerships, peer success stories, cost and flexibility. Characteristics Motivation/ Need Message Suggested Communication Resource Plan to continue in the workforce immediately after graduation Job/Career advancement Monument University graduates secure the credentials they need to advance in their careers. Peer Student Stories Online Webinar Need to complete education as quickly as possible Speed to complete Complete your Master’s degree in less than 2 years while enjoying the flexibility you need. Stats on time to complete Website Cost sensitive and seeking a return on investment Affordability Undergraduate student tuition is offered at affordable rates, regardless of residency status, with no additional fees. Comparison Rates Graphic Seeking flexibility in order to juggle job and family Flexibility – schedule/ degree options With courses offered in the evenings and weekends online, you are sure to find the time for your education. Online Program dates/hours Video Message Mapping by Segment
  19. 19. LOW HIGH Internet Social Media Radio Television Print Media Outdoor MEDIA CONSUMPTION Reaching this Audience
  20. 20. Geographic Targeting by Profile
  21. 21. Enrollment
  22. 22. Leads Reregistered Applications Enrolled Moving Prospects Through the Funnel
  23. 23. EXPRESS INTENT CONSIDERATION ACTIONAWARENESS FINANCIAL AID ENROLLREGISTER ACTIVE LEARNING POST-COURSEPRE-COURSE COMMIT TO HOURS HOURS COMPLETE 3-6 Online students are long-term, impulse buyers. After they decide to act, 85-95% enroll within 3-6 monthsMONTHS Online Student Journey
  24. 24. Resources Required Successfully guiding students through critical enrollment and engagement steps requires proactive communication.
  25. 25. Moving Students Forward Students often get stuck in the process, sometimes over steps that require only a quick touch point.
  26. 26. Proactive Outreach Proactive personalized outreach helps bring more students through the door and onto enrollment.
  27. 27. Target Segment Day 1 Day 4 Day 7 Day 11 Day 15 Day 20 Day 25 Career Climbers Segment * Career Outcomes * Affordability * Student Success Story - Job Outcomes and Career Services * Invite - Meet Your Advisor Webinar * Small Class Sizes and Student Life * Flexible/Multiple Locations * Flexible Outcomes Returning Students Segment * Transferring Credits * Affordability * Student Success Story - Link to Video * Student Success Story - Academic Support * Small Class Sizes/Personal Attention * Flexible/Multiple Locations * Job Outcomes/Career Services Industry Changers Segment * Program Options * Affordability * Flexible Outcomes * Invite - Meet Your Advisor Webinar * Student Success Story - Earning Potential – Blog Post * Flexible and Convenience * Job Outcomes/Career Services 27 Post-inquiry communications continue well beyond initial inquiry Interactive elements like video and social media resonate with prospects • Communication calendar by segment • Messaging is crafted to the audience ensuring relevance • Proactive outreach can be augmented by other modalities such as calling or texting Proactive outreach with specific messaging by audience need Email Communication Schematic
  28. 28. 28 Bold, visual CTA located above the fold with call to action. Incorporate program-relevant visuals to capture audience attention Secondary CTAs at throughout the email such as Apply Now and phone number to call. Use responsive design for increased mobile- friendliness Strong, compelling headline Testimonials from enrolled or graduated students from same audience segment Getting Personal with Creative
  29. 29. Helpful Tools 29 Stores and tracks students through the enrollment lifecycle: Lead Sources, Targets Audiences, Enrollment Stages, and Reporting Facilitates email communication and targeted outreach based on lifecycle milestones Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Marketing Automation
  30. 30. Teaching and Learning
  31. 31. When faculty are left on their own Faculty training Getting buy-in True meaning of “support” Institutional message – Go Big or Go Home What does faculty support really mean?
  32. 32. Student Experience Quality Standards ADA requirements Uniformity Content/Outcomes Messaging Course Development
  33. 33. Taking Personalization Even Further Stackable Credentials Competency Based Education Prior Learning Assessments
  34. 34. Ensuring learners possess competencies, knowledge and skills needed to advance in the workplace. Employability Competencies clear to employers Replacing grades with demonstrated mastery of a defined set of competencies. Accountability Value clear to learners Decoupling learning from a time-bracketed system. Affordability Lower costs for learners Using technology to address challenges attending synchronous or face-to-face classes. Accessibility Accessible learner options Providing a better way to serve post-traditional learners. Why Institutions Pursue CBE
  35. 35. Achievement Minimal Attainment Master Competency Pace Toward Completion Term-to-Term Learning Flexible Pace Differences between Traditional Education and CBE
  36. 36. 36 Shifting from synchronous to more asynchronous delivery Offering pay-as-you-go options rather than billing by credit hours Focusing on mastery of competencies rather than grades and credits Disaggregating instructional roles to customize student guidance Regardless of time or place Regardless of pace Demonstration of mastery Personalized learning CBE as Ultimate Personalized Experience
  37. 37. Retention
  38. 38. 38 Understanding risk factors by student profile1 Effectively communicating based on targeted needs2 Leveraging advanced data techniques3 Using proactive outreach to nudge and guide4 Improving Retention through Personalization
  39. 39. Career Climbers: Worried about juggling school, family and work. Distracted by outside influences, travel and commitments. Concerned about success and ability to complete course work quickly. Characteristics Risk Factor Message Suggested Communication Currently in the workforce while also enrolled in courses. Demands of the job Take advantage of online courses that allow you to juggle work and school. Orientation session Need to complete education as quickly as possible Waylaid due to schedule demands Complete your Master’s degree in less than 2 years while enjoying the flexibility you need. Advisor outreach on degree requirements and pacing Cost sensitive and seeking a return on investment Affordability Undergraduate student tuition is offered at affordable rates, regardless of residency status, with no additional fees. Help with career placement and counseling Seeking flexibility in order to juggle job and family Flexibility – schedule/ degree options With courses offered in the evenings and weekends online, you are sure to find the time for your education. Proactive outreach regarding online course scheduling. Risk Mapping by Segment
  40. 40. Advanced Techniques to Leveraging Data Possible “Red Flags” Unmet financial requirements Part-time enrollment status Late application Low GPA and test scores Enrolled in < 12 credits Working full time Withdrew from any courses • Complete predictive modeling • Identify at-risk attributes • Run new student data through model • Flag, group and score • Create personalized comm plans by student group • Launch campaigns and activities
  41. 41. Proactive Outreach Campaigns Sample Campaigns • Re-enrollment • Welcome Outreach • Orientation Scheduling • Advisor Appointments • Incomplete Transcripts • Prior Enrollment Survey • FA Awarded, Not Registered TIMELY RELEVANT SPECIFIC
  42. 42. 42 Students feel more connected to the learning experience Communications are customized based on individual needs Teaching and Learning becomes more dynamic Outcomes are improved through meaningful guidance Powerful Results
  43. 43. Learn More Strategy Recruitment Enrollment Learn more about Blackboard’s Enterprise Consulting and Enrollment Solutions: