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  1. 1. Blackbaud Training The Raiser’s Edge® 7: Essentials Part IThe Raiser’s Edge 7: Essentials Part I The Raiser’s Edge: Essentials Part I is a two-day course that introduces participants to basic functionality in The Raisers Edge. Through instructor-led scenarios, class discussion, and hands-on practice in the sample data, participants learn to perform basic data entry and maintenance tasks in The Raisers Edge. After taking this class, you will be able to navigate in The Raisers Edge, enter and maintain constituent information, enter and manage gift information, enter multiple gifts in batches, and access configuration options. Course Objectives • Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: • Log in to and navigate in The Raisers Edge • Enter and manage constituent information for individuals and organisations • Enter and manage gift information • Enter multiple records through batch entry • Describe configuration settings that influence constituent and gift entry Prerequisites and Advanced Preparation This course is designed for those responsible for entering and maintaining constituent and gift information in The Raisers Edge. Users with little to no experience will benefit from this course. Before attending this class, you should be comfortable working in a Microsoft® Windows® environment. Course Content Navigation • Categorise major functional areas as data entry or data processing and analysis tasks • Log in to and out of The Raisers Edge • Navigate to key functional areas in The Raisers Edge • Add links to major functions to your Home page • Locate Blackbaud Help resources in The Raisers Edge and online • Describe the relationships among constituents, gifts, and other records © April 2011 | 189 Miller St, North2000 Daniel Island Drive, Charleston, SC 8986 6000 E. W. © February 2002 | Sydney, Australia 2060 T. +61 2 29492 T 800.443.9441 E W
  2. 2. Blackbaud Training The Raiser’s Edge® 7: Essentials Part IManaging Constituent Information• Describe the types of data stored on a constituent record• Search for constituent records• Create constituent records for individuals and organisations• Create and view relationships on constituent records• Describe the user options that are available for constituent recordsManaging Gift Information• Describe the data stored on a gift record• Describe the relationship between campaign, fund, appeal, and gift records• Define the gift types used in The Raisers Edge• Enter gifts records• Manage gifts using adjustment, amendment, rescheduling, and write-off functionsEntering Records Using Batch• Describe the batch process• Create a batch• Enter multiple gifts in a batch• Validate and commit a gift batch• Access and describe batch reports• Describe user options that govern the use of BatchIntroduction to Configuration• Navigate the Configuration page in The Raisers Edge• Access the General options to review your organisation information• Describe how fields, tables, and attributes are used in the database• Describe how addressee and salutation templates are used on constituent records• Describe how financial institution records relate to constituent records• Describe how business rules affect the operation of the program• Describe how custom views are used with constituent records Get started today. Contact your account representative or email © April 2011 | 189 Miller St, North Sydney, Australia 2060 T. +61 2 8986 6000 E. W. © February 2002 | 2000 Daniel Island Drive, Charleston, SC 29492 T 800.443.9441 E W