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Health check presentation goldsmith


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Health check presentation goldsmith

  1. 1. Blackbaud Health Check
  2. 2. RAH Research Fund Overview Fundraising Office - RAH & Hanson Institute Focus on research Donor trend over last 24 months towards patient amenities – Event based. Fundraising Programs  Direct mail, bequests, regular giving, payroll giving, special events, memorial giving, online giving and challenge events Active Dbase 8,000 Average gift $58
  3. 3. RAH Research Fund Organisational Chart Fundraising Manager ASO6 Coordinator Community & Secretary Food Services Lavender Bequest Officer Special Events Dbase Officer Memorial Officer Fundraising Officer Newsagency Manager Admin Manager RAH Auxiliary Manager Lads & Ladies ASO4 Officer ASO2 ASO2 .6fte ASO4 ASO5 AS05 ASO1 ASO4 ASO3 ASO3 .6fteAssistant Coordinator Newsagency Assistant Lavender Kiosk Staff ASO1 x 4 Lads & Ladies OPS1 x 5 ASO1 Volunteers Volunteers (140) (100)
  4. 4. RAH Research Fund Income Fundraising Income  Last 5 yrs $26Million  Yearly income $5.3Million Commercial Income (net)  Kiosk $400,000  Newsagency $85,000  Leases $70,000
  5. 5. RAH Research Fund Key Challenges Donor Acquisition Donor Retention Data Accuracy New Income Streams Donor Stewardship Allocation of Resources Governance Arrangements
  6. 6. Why a Health Check? Suzanna said I had to ! Help address key challenges  Acquisition/Retention, Stewardship, Accuracy, Queries, Limited Resources Improve functionality of The Raisers Edge Ensure best practise Review structure of Dbase  Migrated a number of dbases over period of time
  7. 7. Health Check Outcomes• Transformed the manner in which we use The Raiser’s Edge e.g. Deceased data, security levels, use of attributes use of campaigns• Decided to focus a significant portion of FTE attention on oversight of CRM• Cleansed of Code Tables and Attributes• Streamlined campaigns, funds and appeals• Actioned policies and procedures• Streamlined of business processes• Trained staff across the office
  8. 8. Health Check Outcomes• Performed data hygiene on data file to recapture, reactivate and re-engage lost constituents• Integrated The Raiser’s Edge with Microsoft Outlook• Changed office philosophy to embrace The Raiser’s Edge as the single source of truth• Low cost of Health Check is an investment that we hope will pay a high return on investment
  9. 9. Key Learnings• Use your account manager• Invest $ into maintaining The Raiser Edge• Invest $ for address verification software• Educate your staff on an ongoing basis• Rubbish in rubbish out• Network with users