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  1. 1. Complete Direct Marketing for Nonprofits Blackbaud Direct Marketing™Blackbaud Direct Marketing™: A CompleteDirect Marketing Solution Want more control over your direct marketing campaigns? Need better access to your data? Want to improve your constituent experience and strengthen your brand? Blackbaud Direct Marketing, an integrated component of Blackbaud Enterprise CRM™ and built on Blackbaud’s new Infinity technology platform, helps you manage complex, multi-channel campaigns and constituent list segmentations, enabling you to save time and money and achieve more control over your total constituent experience. Our solution provides the crucial elements for successful direct marketing — from campaign planning and budgeting to creating your segmentations and reporting on performance and trend analyses. And by integrating Blackbaud Direct Marketing with Blackbaud Enterprise CRM or The Raiser’s Edge® , you can maximise the success of your campaigns by combining major giving programs with your direct marketing campaigns. With Blackbaud Direct Marketing, you can: Increase control over your total constituent experience: • Achieve multi-channel integration: » Plan both online and offline campaigns at the same time, giving you more control over who gets what and when. » Compare cost and performance on cross-channel marketing efforts. • Better integrate marketing across your whole organisation » Provide access to groups across your organisation to plan campaigns and communications all in one place. » Compare direct marketing touches, mailings, appeals, and campaigns across the organisation to ensure more consistent and frequent communication to constituents. © April 2011 | 189 Miller St, North2000 Daniel Island Drive, Charleston, SC 8986 6000 E. W. © February 2002 | Sydney, Australia 2060 T. +61 2 29492 T 800.443.9441 E W
  2. 2. Blackbaud Direct Marketing™ Complete Direct Marketing for NonprofitsReduce your overall direct marketing costs.• Plan, manage, and budget all of your direct marketing campaigns: » Track all of your expenses in one place for easy and accurate return on investment (ROI) calculations. » De-duplicate lists from separate internal sources. » Upload all relevant documents (contracts, proposals, graphics, copy, etc.) and attach them to campaigns. » Better manage your vendors and expenses. » Build multiple custom source code templates and automatically apply them across mailings. » Assign roles and tasks to an individual or group, internal or external to your organisation.Reduce the time, cost, and complexity of managing lists for your campaigns.• Create unlimited segments for your mailings using simple drag-and-drop tools: » Automatically generate multiple segments using grouping and auto calculating features. » Leverage multiple RFMs (recency, frequency, and monetary), calculating complex items through a friendly interface. » Globally update selections, segments, and mailings.• Manage external lists by keeping them separate from your constituent data: » Segment and exclude internal imported lists. » Create and manage finder files and match back information.• Save time on reporting — all the data lives in one place:Track ROI for a campaign or for an individual.• Track and report on campaign performance against your budget. » Monitor ROI, retention, and performance of vendors, packages, and segments. » Have a basis for calculating lifetime value (LTV) for individuals. Get started today. Contact your account representative or email © April 2011 | 189 Miller St, North Sydney, Australia 2060 T. +61 2 8986 6000 E. W. © February 2002 | 2000 Daniel Island Drive, Charleston, SC 29492 T 800.443.9441 E W