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Become a social media hero


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Ben Teoh, Content and Community Coordinator from not for profit organisation, Connecting Up discusses some of the basic do's and don’ts in social media.
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Become a social media hero

  1. 1. Best practices for not-for-profits
  2. 2. • Content and community coordinator at Connecting Up• Online communications specialist• Social media, content creation, blogging, copy writing, community building, communications, e- newsletters, HTML & CSS, SEO, web design… and all that jazz…•• @hellobenteoh
  3. 3. • What we’ll fly through: • Getting buy-in for social media use • Using social media effectively and making every post count • Using social media efficiently with time saving tips • Growing your social media audience • A quick look at “what’s next” in social media for not-for- profits
  4. 4. Getting buy-in for social media in your NFP
  5. 5. • Why should we be using social media? • “Because everyone else is” • “If we don’t we’ll get left behind” • “It’s free” • “All the cool kids are doing it”
  6. 6. • Why should we be using social media? • “Because everyone else is” • “If we don’t we’ll get left behind” • “It’s free” • “All the cool kids are doing it” Let’s try that again!
  7. 7. Social media is just another tool to achieve your organisation’s outcomes. How you use it is up to you.
  8. 8. • Online fundraising • Increase membership• Community • Listening to your engagement audience• Raise awareness • Impact policy• Outreach • Contact influencers• Engage new • Gathering data for demographics decision making• Advocacy • Customer service• Increase registrations
  9. 9. • SMART goals • Specific: What are we trying to achieve? • Measurable: What can we use to measure IT? • Achievable: Do we have the resources and skill? • Relevant: Does it relate to our core purpose? • Timely: What is an appropriate time frame? “Increase traffic from social media to our online services by 5% in 3 months”
  10. 10. • Start at the top (board, CEO, COO)• Involve other staff in the decision making process• Equip those who will be involved/responsible
  11. 11. Stakeholders are on-boardStrategy is defined with clear SMART goalsPolicies are in place for internal useA good stockpile of cat photos
  12. 12. 4 ways to use social media effectively
  13. 13. • Read the Terms and Conditions• Every social media platform is different• Know how you’re meant to use each ones• Know where your community spends their time• Don’t feel like you need to be everywhere
  14. 14. • Social media takes effort on your part• If you build it, they probably won’t come – you need to go to them.• Get out there and interact with other organisations, peak bodies, your community etc• Interacting publically raises your visibility
  15. 15. • The more visible your social media channels, the more likely you will grow your audience• Promote your social media channels everywhere• Cross-promote your social channels• Offer unique content on your social pages• Give the community the content they’re looking for and they’ll share it.
  16. 16. Don’t create content for your organisation, create it for your community• Content is king – create ‘shareables’• What does it mean for them?• What do they want to share with their friends?• Photos and videos are strong performers• Get the right balance
  17. 17. Volume Timing Tone Content Themes
  18. 18. Volume Timing Tone Content Themes
  19. 19. Volume Timing Tone Content Themes
  20. 20. Volume Timing Tone Content Themes
  21. 21. Volume Timing Tone Content Themes
  22. 22. Volume Timing Tone Content Themes
  23. 23. Four time saving tips for using social media efficiently
  24. 24. • Be realistic• Try themed days• Find content ‘gold mines’• Allow for the unexpected
  25. 25. • All things in moderation!• Balance with interaction and timely posts
  26. 26. • Know what tools and platforms you want to use• Create shortcuts• Use apps• Use a social media dashboard (e.g. HootSuite)• Set up your notifications
  27. 27. • Filter your feeds• Turn off unimportant notifications• Prioritise your responses
  28. 28. 3 hot topics for what’s coming next
  29. 29. • How does this impact our online presence?• Who’s using mobile?• What are people sharing?
  30. 30. • How can we use online tools to work better?• How can we tap into larger networks (e.g. crowdfunding)?• What can we do now that we couldn’t do before?
  31. 31. • How do we manage the data we have access to?• How do we make sense of the data?• How safe is our data?
  32. 32. Connecting Up Connecting Up Conference 2013 Learning Centre• Beth Kanter • Social media articles• Social media stream • Recorded webinars