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Virtual architecture and the time machine — Feder Boitsov (Pixelated Realities, Tech Stage)


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One of Pixelated Realities objectives is to provide an opportunity to view 1:1 scale projects of the new buildings, to assess them in real environment and to prevent distortion of the city appearence. A contest may be reviewed by invited prominent architects and the opportunity to hear public opinion will make the city development plan more flexible and humane.

Currently the project lacks helping hands to digitize the city - so Fedor invites students to cooperate. This is an opportunity for learning: students will be able to learn 3D-modeling, create locations for their own diploma and leave off their work for the next generations.

Published in: Technology
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Virtual architecture and the time machine — Feder Boitsov (Pixelated Realities, Tech Stage)

  1. 1. Problem New advertizing media Poor quality restoration/reconstruction Poor quality range of souvenirs for tourism and recreation. The lack of programs for the digitization of cultural heritage.
  2. 2. Mobile VR platform for 3d-scanned scenes with personalized ads Digital manufacturing of real-world objects in multiple materials Digital restoration of historical heritage and architecture Solution
  3. 3. Metodology What is common for all of these? Photogrammetry
  4. 4. Community Photographers, architects, 3d-modelers, 360- video creators, UAV drones owners get the ability to convert their skills and efforts into cultural heritage digital database and become a part of fast growning VR community.
  5. 5. USP To be engaged in a project you need Index Finger Photocamera (or whatever) Internet connection
  6. 6. People with cardboard
  7. 7. SaaS Advertizing B2G projects DLC and souvenirs Revenue Model
  8. 8. Marketing Strategy and early Project stages Launch - Cultural projects and crowdfunding - We get community and first database of content Minimal Viable Product - Mobile Apps with VR content - Big brands advertizing as a proof of concept Start of operation - Web platform starts to convert photos into 3d-models - Maker community viral growth - Mobile Apps production with monthly subscription for advertizers
  9. 9. Competition Alt Space - Vr social network High Fidelity - Vr social open sourced network - Vr cultural preservation / archeology Vrchat - Vr events and DLC marketplace Janus Vr - open sourced Vr internet
  10. 10. Investment Looking for Pre Seed investment Team of 10 people For technical supply, server costs and marketing.
  11. 11. Dmytro Dokunov Photogrammetry Ninja Egor Shevchenko Creative Producer Fedir Boitsov Vr enthusiast 3D printing expert
  12. 12. Andrii Malenko Technical Advisor Senior Researcher at Institute of Cybernetics NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv. Iana Iukhymenko Marketing Geek Social Media Manager at Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine