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Black Pearls Community Services, Inc Sponsorship Package - Spring 2012


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Published in: Education
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Black Pearls Community Services, Inc Sponsorship Package - Spring 2012

  1. 1. Black Pearls Community Services, Inc. 2012 Sponsorship Package
  2. 2. What is Black Pearls Community Services, Inc.? Black Pearls Community Services, Inc. is committed to the advancement, development and education of the Black, West Indian and African community and the community at large in the Greater Toronto Area. Black Pearls produces community service programs focusing primarily, but not exclusively, on socioeconomic and academic concerns for Black women and girls. Black Pearls is a not-for-profit organization, currently applying for charitable status.
  3. 3. Black Pearls in the Community P Uncensored The BP Book Club evolved into BP Uncensored, a positive space where all people can come together to discuss themes in popular culture, current affairs and issues important to the Black community. BP meets quarterly to discuss the issues raised by movies, books, news events and more in a thought-provoking and fun atmosphere. aking Care of Our Roots ince December 2006, Black Pearls has donated hair care products and supplies for Black women in shelters across the GTA. Due to the increasing number of African/Caribbean-Canadians that are making use of women shelters, the need to donate hair products that would make their transition easier is also growing. Consequently, Black Pearls solicits donations of gently-used hair care supplies such as curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers, in addition to new donations of hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, relaxer, texturizer and anything a woman would need to make her feel better during a difficult time.
  4. 4. Project Be: Empowerment and Etiquette Development Program lack Pearls is committed to helping girls develop into well- rounded women. Young women in today’s society, especially young Black women, combat a unique set of issues daily. If, at a young age, girls are empowered with knowledge to understand and deconstruct their ‘role’ in society, they will have the tools to grow emotionally and mentally into stronger women. o move through social, academic and professional life, young women need to understand the importance of etiquette. Etiquette governs the expectations of social behaviour, according to the conventional norm within a society, social class or group and is usually unwritten. Project Be, a mobile, interactive program, teaches young women etiquette and how to be strong women.
  5. 5. Black T.I.E. Charity event The Black T.I.E. (Togetherness Inspiring Enhancement) Charity event is an annual black tie affair that raises money for organizations in the community. In the past, Black Pearls has raised funds for the Argos’ Stop the Violence – We Are Toronto campaign and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Awarded at the event, the organization gives scholarships to Afro- Canadian women who excel in various areas including academic achievement, community involvement, leadership and more. Since 2007, Black Pearls has awarded five scholarships to outstanding young Black female students who are continuing their post-secondary education. Supporting the Black T.I.E. Charity event is also a show of support for Black Pearls scholarships. Interested companies or individuals are welcome to sponsor scholarships.
  6. 6. What People are Saying about Black Pearls "Sometimes the difference between being able to continue your education and being stopped in your tracks is a helping hand from your community. Scholarships enable students like me to make our dreams into reality. Furthermore, contributing to a student in need is actually an investment in the future success of our community, so it works both ways.” -Ndija Anderson, McGill University law student, 2007 Black Pearl scholarship recipient “Everyone needs encouragement – all ages and all races – but I’ve taken an interest in Black women because of my own experience. I know first-hand the challenges of sexism, lack of expectations or unreasonable expectations, one-dimensional media portrayals, beauty myths and more. It is critical that these young women be infused with self-esteem, self-love, self-knowledge and self-confidence to give them a foundation. I believe strongly in the work that Black Pearls is doing as it mirrors a lot of my own philosophy and work that I’ve done with young women.” -Ebonnie Rowe, Founder of all-female company PhemPhat Entertainment Group
  7. 7. Black Pearls in the Media  Black Pearls offer inspiration, Toronto Star, November 22, 2007 (  Volunteer work that fits, Metro Toronto, November 11, 2007 (http:// work-that-fits)  Girl Power, Spring 2008 issue, Swag Magazine (  Women must operate from position of strength, SHARE News, May 28, 2009 ( news/2009/05/28/women-must-operate-position-strength- %E2%80%93-rowe)  We cant let an image eclipse reality, Toronto Star, June 6, 2009 (
  8. 8. The Benefits of Sponsorship Make a positive impact in your community and in the • lives of young people Access to a new customer base/increased business • Strengthen your brand by association with an • outstanding community organization Create positive PR for your organization and its • commitment to being involved in the community Strengthen your organization’s commitment to • diversity by supporting a multicultural organization and community Help African/Caribbean Canadian girls and women • reach their potential through BP programs and scholarships Fostering relationships with event attendees and BP • volunteers through networking opportunities
  9. 9. Black Pearls Sponsorship Packages Platinum Sponsorshiplite Sponsorship ($10,000) • Sponsor the Black T.I.E. Charity event for two (2) years$15,000) • One $1,500 scholarship (criteria determined by sponsor)xclusive title partner of the Black Pearls and the • Opportunity to sponsor a Black Pearl programBlack T.I.E. Charity event for two (2) years (i.e. BP Book Club, Taking Care of Our Roots) • Potential for internship opportunity at yourpportunity to partner with Black Pearls to create or organization to be a part of the scholarshipenhance programs throughout the year • Ten (10) tickets to the Black T.I.E. Charity eventne $2,000 scholarship (criteria determined by • Logo on all media material and program book forsponsor) each year for two years event attendees • Verbal recognition at eventotential for internship opportunity at your • Link to company website on Black Pearls websiteorganization to be a part of the scholarship • Promotional products and/or samples, brochures, coupons distributed to guestsen(10) tickets to the Black T.I.E. Charity eventeach year for two yearsogo on all media materialbbreviated company profile included in media kitand in program bookerbal recognition at event
  10. 10. Black Pearls Sponsorship Packages con’tGold Sponsorship Website sponsorship($3,000) ($10,000)• One $1,000 scholarship (criteria determined by • Sponsor the Black Pearls website for two (2) sponsor) years• Potential for internship opportunity at your • Mention of your name in the website title organization to be a part of the scholarship ( brought to you by Your• Eight (8) tickets to the Black T.I.E. Charity event Name)• Logo on all media material • Inclusion of a large logo or banner ad on the• Verbal recognition at event front page of the web site• Link to company website on Black Pearls website • Logo inclusion or company name mention in all media campaigns including print and online• Promotional products and/or samples, brochures, coupons distributed to guests Your sponsorship investment will be used to cover the yearly expenses of the Black Pearls website,Silver Sponsorship including the cost to hire a graphic designer, photographs to display on the site, new($1,500) hardware needed to maintain the site, domain• One $500 scholarship (criteria determined by name registration, web page hosting, sponsor) advertisements and labour.• Potential for internship opportunity at your organization to be a part of the scholarship• Logo on all media material• Link to company website on Black Pearls website• Verbal recognition at event• Two guest passes
  11. 11. Black Pearls Sponsorship Packages con’tlack T.I.E Charity event -Advertising sponsorshipsd Package 1 ($750) •ack page Ad (full page) •ompany name/hyperlink on Black Pearls website •cknowledgment in opening remarks at event •wo guest passesd Package 2 ($500) •ull Page Ad •ompany name/hyperlink on Black Pearls website •cknowledgment in opening remarks at event •wo guest passes
  12. 12. Helping the girls and women in our community become their best
  13. 13. To discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact: Black Pearls Community Services, Inc.Black Pearls Community Services, Inc. PO Box 1800 Sheppard Ave. East647-723-3809 Toronto, ON M2J 5B9